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[whispers] soulmate au where you can steven universe style fuse with your soulmate(s)

*star eyes* Oh my gosh I love this idea!


  • Everyone is born with a gem/precious stone (or sometimes a metal or mineral that wouldn’t normally be considered a gemstone) somewhere on their body. This isn’t a full-on gemsona situation, but gemstones as this AU’s soulmark equivalent.
  • There’s a hereditary component to what gem you get, but it’s not simple inheritance. (i.e. You have a higher probability of having the same gem as one of your parents, and some family lines run relatively pure, but it’s also common to share a gem with a more distant relative, or to have something your family hasn’t seen in recent generations)
  • Gems come in “families,” so even if a certain bloodline runs pure, there’s still going to be a little variation. For example, the beryl family–beryl, emerald, aquamarine, heliodor, ect–are very closely related. Hunk’s family tends toward beryl gems.
  • On that topic:
  • Hunk has a heliodor (a stone associate with warmth and sunshine) on his chest [example of a heliodor]
  • Pidge has a malachite (associated with nature and supposedly good at preventing sensory overload) at the nape of her neck [example of malachite]
  • Matt has a goethite (associated with grief and raw emotion, often found with malachite deposits) on the inside of his wrist [example of goethite]
  • Shiro has a black opal (associated with karma and the cosmos, and often thought to bring misfortune despite also being regarded as a healing stone; the black variant is notable for the stark contrast with the blues, greens, reds, and yellows contained within) at his collarbone [example of a black opal]
  • Lance has a turquoise (associated with luck and ambition, but also unity and leadership, and said to confer protection if given to you by a friend) on the back of his left hand [example of turquoise]
  • Keith has a vein of luxite (the metal in his mother’s blade, and not something anyone on Earth recognizes) across his right palm. He wears his gloves in part to hide it.
  • Theoretically, anyone can fuse with anyone else, but the vast majority of fusions are unstable. There’s no way to tell who can form a stable fusion with whom until it happens
  • The official definition of “soulmate” is “a pair or grouping that can remain fused indefinitely.” Since it’s obviously impossible to prove that you can stay fused forever, and since most unstable fusions fall apart quickly, the cutoff is often set at five minutes. Any people who can stay fused longer than that are considered soulmates (if they choose to label themselves that way.)
  • There’s also no way to tell from gems or from the fusion itself if the bond is romantic or platonic. You’d have to ask the people involved.
  • That doesn’t stop people from coming up with a millions theories anyway. (”Romantic partners always have the same gem!” “Romantic partners NEVER have the same gem!” “Platonic partners will always have gems in the same family!” “There are romantic sets–but good luck reaching an agreement on what the sets are.”)
  • Fusions look just like regular people with a few exceptions: they’ll have 2+ gems, but depending on placement you might not be able to tell; their eyes will usually be banded the colors of members of the fusion, but you have to look closely to notice; and there will sometimes be additional markings in the colors of the gems, often forming a trail connecting the two gems.
  • Other than those minor physical differences, fusions are also notably different if you look at brain scans. They don’t generally maintain two (or more) separate consciousnesses, but they retain the knowledge, memories, and capabilities of the people involved, and they tend to have much higher levels of brain activity on any given task. Fusions who are familiar with their fused state tend to be more dexterous, have better reflexes, and be physically stronger than their unfused counterparts, and they tend to solve problems more quickly and more efficiently.

The rest of this (i.e. the Voltron ‘verse story) is going under a cut because this is already long.

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Band Members as Colors
  • Brendon Urie : Gold
  • Ryan Ross : Burgundy
  • Pete Wentz : Dark Green
  • Patrick Stump : Orangish Red you know the one
  • Billie Joe Armstrong : Teal
  • William Beckett : Red
  • Gabe Saporta : Neon Purple
  • Jon Walker : Soft Yellow
  • Spencer Smith : Lavender
  • Mike Carden : Tan
  • Sisky : Hot Pink
  • Butcher : Light Grey
  • Nate Novarro : Off White
  • Alex Suarez : Neon Orange
  • Vicky-T : Pale Blue
  • Trè Cool : The Most Green That Ever Greened
  • Mike Dirnt : Turquoise
  • Andy Hurley : Black
  • Joe Trohman : Sliver

Itll always be better to look stupid at practice to look amazing at competition.
When practicing across the floors. When working on new skills. When learning new work. When reviewing old skills. When warming up.
Dont hold back for fear of looking stupid. Itll always be easier to tone it down than to try and give more than you have all season at a competition.

Fans created the “Bandana Project”, in which fans had to wear a bandana of a certain color depending on which member of the band they prefer.
Yallow, Zayn
Red, Liam
White, Niall
Blue, Louis
Green, Harry
Harry wore a blue bandana during that day, and also during the concert.

This isn’t just any pill bottle, it’s a Pillsy pill bottle. It’s a smart pill bottle.

What does it do?
•LED light on top of bottle indicating notifications/pill has been taken (blue)/bottle is empty(red)

•Audio reminders on the lid to take your meds. For someone like me who has 3 bottles going off at 7 am and 5 bottles going off at 10 pm, it can get quite loud. There are volume settings that can be set per cap.

•Double dosing warning in the app (I have needed this already)

•Can also help track meds for family members and pets.

•4 different color bands (I use blue for pain, red for insomnia, yellow for allergy, and green for acid reflux so I know that blue and red are the ones I need to be super careful with).

•Pill tracking (granted I have been terrible about updating when I have put a new month worth of meds in the bottle).

Granted, they are pricy bottles. I managed to buy them in bulk during the preorder period and I got refunded for some of them through my local autism fund because executive dysfunction is a common trait of autism and these are helping me take my meds better than before. For those with executive dysfunction causing serious interference with medication (examples: ADHD meds, anti anxiety meds, other psych meds, pain meds), and you have the ability to save up, it might be worth the investment for those critical medications.


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Here are some examples: the time of twenty one pilots, on a ledge, vessel songs as moments of loneliness.

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This and this got me thinking about a high school band AU!

Roxanne is obviously an angry color guard member. Megamind is in love. Minion and Wayne are…concerned. (also, Wayne plays the xylophone LOL)

Based on my own experiences as a colorguard member with a bunch of FLAG STEALERS OMG. STOP STEALING MY FLAG AND LEAVING ME WITHOUT A FLAG !! NOW I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT !! WHEN REALLY !! THE IDIOT !! IS YOU !!!


Roxanne is wearing the costume that we wore the year our performance theme was, and I’m not even close to kidding…


it was the weirdest theme ever and they didn’t want to spend any money on the show so we had homemade flags. Made out of stiff canvas and wobbly plastic pipes. They were TERRIBLE.

The worst of the terrible flags were white, hand painted with what was meant to be corn stalks but DEFINITELY HARDCORE LOOKED LIKE MARIJUANA.

They tried to make us re-use those flags the next year, but we hid them and pretend they’d been stolen.

And that was also the year we didn’t have a coach.


(…you can see where Roxanne’s bitterness comes from LOL)

Types in a football game

ENFP - mascot. or selling beer/snacks in the stands

ENFJ - reporter on the field

ENTP - placing bets on the final score

ENTJ - head coach

ESFP - announcers

ESFJ - cheerleaders

ESTP - wide receiver

ESTJ - salutes to military members before game/during halftime

INFJ - defensive tackle/lineman

INFP - sings national anthem before game

INTJ - defensive coordinator

INTP - marching band member

ISFP - fan decked head to toe in team colors

ISFJ - medical team on the field

ISTJ - referee

ISTP - quarterback

Originally posted by gif87a-com

You always see people dressed up as KISS at Expo’s, Shows & Conventions….How cool would it be for a group of Cosplayers to add a Fifth member, and come as THE COLORFORMS, including the “off-color band member schemes” with the plus one dressed as “The Mad Rock Promoter”?
Guaranteed to be the hit of the event.
Someone needs to do this…

Soulmates AU (5)

Links Last Checked: August 19th, 2017

part onepart twopart threepart four

Because I Adore You So -  stylinshaw

Summary: Soulmate AU where the identifying mark is a lyric from your soulmate’s favorite song that changes as their favorite song changes. (Or, a Dan and Phil + Muse appreciation fic)

But It Takes Someone To Come Around To Show You How - phantastically

Summary:  Dan is born mute into a world where once in everyone’s life your soulmate will say the specific words that are tattooed onto your body, and bring you together. These words will save your life in more ways than imaginable. Whilst Dan resigns himself to the fact he will never have a soulmate, fate has different ideas…

Chin Up Sunshine - fringegapphil

Summary:  Phil never looked up, and that was a problem in a world where you can see all the colors of the rainbow except the color of your soulmates eyes until you meet their eyes.

Collar Full - amazingjordonisnotonfire

Summary: Soulmate AU where you see in Black and while until you touch your soulmate, and Dan starts seeing in colour the morning after a huge concert and’s freaking out because he touched his fave band member.

Colors - thriftedlilac

Summary:  Soulmate AU, in which you can’t see the color of your soulmate’s eyes until you look into them for the first time. Dan is just starting Manchester University, but has a strange encounter when he meets one of his professors, Mr. Lester.

Daniella Jane - philingdan

Summary:  Phil almost finds his soulmate and then he does.

I Hope You Never Find Me - crescendohowell

Summary: When people meet their soulmates they see colour, fall in love and get married.  But Dan’s terrified of the colours and being a disappointment to his soulmate. (or where Dan is ace and doesn’t want to be forced into anything)

I’m Right - phancy-schmancy

Summary: There’s this boy who wears black, including a ring on the middle finger of his right hand, and he’s starting to grow tired because all his friends and family talk about is him meeting his soulmate. What they don’t know is that he’s never going to be able to love his soulmate like they want him to.

Make Believe, It’s Hyper Real - dweebhowell

Summary: The first time they Skype, Dan is just ever so slightly disappointed. But that sounds bad, so let’s start from the beginning.

One Hour Before - internetakeover

Summary: In a universe with soul marks, Dan and Phil have known each other for months, but have never met before tonight.

Permanence - thespianhowell

Summary: Everyone has marks from all of their loves, but there’s one mark that matters most. Phil desperately wants Dan to be that mark.

Sparkle Mates - dont-tell-them-i-write-phan

Summary: Dan’s been waiting years to meet whoever is responsible for the scribble on his skin though the opening act of his unexpected partner might not be quite the movie scene he was hoping for.

The Way it’s Supposed to Be - crescendohowell

Summary: Soulmate AU where the name of your soulmate is written on your wrist from birth.  Phil’s has always said Danielle Howell, but one day that changes.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. - phandommother

Summary:  Phil’s clock starts and he wants nothing more than for the soulmate to be Dan. 2009!Phan

Where - cactuslester

Summary: Everyone is born with a tattoo of where they will meet their soulmate. Phil Lester was born with “library” inscribed on his right shoulder blade.

Who Needs a Color? - jilliancares

Summary:  Dan Howell had decided to stop caring if he ever finds his soulmate, and he most certainly does not care if he ever sees the color blue.