band map

43. We’re not allowed to throw a surprise birthday party during class for Remus. Especially when it’s not even his birthday.

I will admit. I was surprised. - RL

No one appreciates true friendship anymore. - JP

The balloons … The streamers … the live band … the Merlin Impersonator … It truly was a masterpiece. - SB

I like our mandatory gift giving rule. Seeing people scramble to find a gift was hilarious. And you got some pretty good stuff too. - PP

It was the best non-birthday I have ever had. - RL

i was bored, so i made a map of the hometowns of alt rock bands from North America. If I didn’t include a band, either there wasn’t enough room (so many bands from LA x-x), i don’t know about them, or i forgot. 

enjoy c: