band jewellery

some days, you get back home and you remove your shoes

other days, you get back home and you remove your shoes, your socks, your pants because fuck pants, your shirt, your other shirt, your bra (hallelujah), your hair bands, your glasses, your jewellery, and you spend the rest of the evening in your underwear, star fished on your bed, staring at the ceiling, looking for the will to plug your phone charger because the battery is at 3%

Ancient Egyptian necklace dated to the New Kingdom, or 1500-1200 BCE. It appears to be made of gold, turquoise, carnelian, banded agate, and amethyst. Found in the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

Dark liquid poured in the whitest cup.
Sunlight warm pushing through the window.
Sleepy eyes with sleepy lips meeting the edges.
It needed more.
It needed more.
The kind words ran out when the dream ran out.
I’m trying to bring back the reality.
How I wish the bleak band of jewellery would fly away.
Nothing right until I add the sugar of the day.
These small grains.
One after another.
I’m here trying to add just enough
to get off my butt.
I have the power to welcome a new day.
—  The day after Bad

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First: Heart shaped labradorite wrapped in square german style silver wire

Second: Free form rose quartz cabochon wrapped in gold plated wire

Third: Clear quartz wrapped in gold plated and black wire

Fourth: Teardrop deep purple amethyst wrapped in square german style silver wire set with prongs

Fifth: Teardrop banded amethyst wrapped in silver plated wire

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