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today its been 5 years since my first atl show, 5 years since they acknowledged my tiny country’s existence, 5 years since i held jack’s hand for 0.03 seconds and 5 years since ive become a full time fan i guess wow time flies


so i actually got to meet frank and give him a copy of my work and he signed a copy for me to keep!! honestly one of the best nights ever, and i got to meet the man who has inspired me since i was 9 years old!!! plus fiatp’s set absolutely ruled and are easily one of the best bands i have ever seen live (and also one of my favourite bands ever too)

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why do you like THE 1975

because they came into my life at a time i needed a distraction. their music caters to so many of my emotions. i find each member of the band really interesting in their own way. they’re one of the best bands i’ve ever seen live. i like what they stand for. i have travelled because of this band. i have made life long friends because of this band. their music has helped me in ways other music hasn’t. x

This time two weeks ago I hadn’t seen my favorite band on live yet. Live concerts have been the most important thing for me as long as I remember. I started going to abroad to see bands in 2013 when I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars to London and Dublin. There’s nothing better than seeing new countries and meeting new people around the world. But this spring was my first trip on my own when I went to see Ed Sheeran to Sweden. So going to Paris alone was a really big deal to me - my second trip on my own. I don’t have many friends and none of them wanted to go with me (=we don’t share many favorite bands) so I had to choose stay home or go alone. You know which one I chose.

Two weeks ago I was sitting in the airport and I had tears in my eyes. It happened every time when I thought that I’m going to see Coldplay. This is happening. I can do this. And when I finally was on the plane I started crying. I’m going to see the guys who changed my life. I have tried to learn to be happy (loneliness is one big reason why I haven’t been) and I was overwhelmed of feeling it so strong. Because that is what they give me - happiness. I’m still learning but I’m on my way there. I fell in love with Coldplay really fast and somehow it was special connection from the beginning. Then so many things happened in Paris I would have never imagined.

Now two weeks later, I’m still happy, I’m still thankful. Most of people are already tired of hearing about this band but I don’t wanna be quiet if I wanna share something important for me. I don’t know why I wrote this but I wanted to share this beautiful photo I got from Cornelia on Twitter. Me and the boys. And now I’m here.

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Umm Versailles? Idk if you listen to them?

oh man nothing better than some dramatic Kamijo wih my morning tea

5 Favourite songs: Gekkakou, Serenade, The Revenant Choir, Forbidden Gate, Rhapsody of the Darkness, Ascendad Master
Favourite album: Jubilee
Have I ever seen them live: yasssssssss
Favourite band member: Teru
First song I heard by them:  Aristocrat’s Symphony for sure i couldn’t forget Kamijo’s dramatic ass for days 
How much I like them (0-10): 7

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Dir en grey

5 Favourite songs: Mushi, The Blossoming Beelzebub, Vinushka,  Clever Sleazoid, Jessica (i mean can you really have top 5 of diru songs i dont think so)
Favourite album: Uroboros for studio version, Dum Spiro Spero when it comes to performances
Have I ever seen them live: yes 
Favourite band member: the only one truly dead inside [Kaoru]
First song I heard by them: probably Obscure
How much I like them (0-10): man solid 10

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5 Favourite songs: cherry pie, i will be your friend, jezebel, when am i going to make a living, hang on to your love
Favourite album: i’ve only listened a couple of her albums so far but i really love diamond life?
Have I ever seen them live: no
Favourite band member: sade adu
First song I heard by them: cliché perhaps but probs either smooth operator or by your side 😂 they’re wonderful songs though 

how much i like them (0-10): 10/10 for sure because of the gorgeous vocals & instrumentals, & i’ve fallen in love with every song i’ve listened to of theirs so far

I lived in Paris in ‘97 & ‘98. Made lifelong friends. Had a lovely Muslim gf who would take me to L'institut du monde arabe to drink mint tea.
Now I visit whenever I can. Happened to be there on 9/11. People were so kind to me in the following days when they learned I was American, offering their condolences and prayers and solidarity.
Went there once with my wife before we had kids and returned recently with two kids on the outside of her body and and a third on the inside. (She was pregnant, not smuggling babies).
We just shot an episode of Catastrophe there too, which was a dream.
Those are just thoughts that are coming up right now. I also happen to be a big Eagles of Death Metal and Dave Catching fan. I listen to (one of the many) albums Dave Catching is on most days and much of the desert rock I listen to every day was recorded at his Rancho de la Luna studios in California. What an animal he is. And his whole life is about spreading joy through music. How many times have I seen him live with various bands or danced around at home listening to him shred, holding a kid or two…Wanted to see EODM in London the night before the Paris show but I can’t do anything anymore because I have so many kids.
Back to Paris, I can’t encapsulate the city in a few words; that’s impossible. Like anywhere big and dynamic, it’s bursting at the seams with wonderful people. I know many beautiful, kind, intelligent Parisians. All I can really say is that it’s a good old place that we all love and it’ll be around long after ISIS are a sticky red memory, the cunts.


First and foremost, I am a tattooed and pierced 27 year old straight male with a bushy beard. I am not a directioner. I am at best a cadual fan. I am mostly a metal head. Like really heavy stuff. But I love all music. Especially live music. I have been to probably 300 concerts in my life. I have seen everything from techno to metal to classical to pop to punk to rap to mariachi to eastern European folk. I went to my first One Direction last night with my girlfriend Amanda. Initially in February I was not happy about the show at all because of the ticket price. I know now that was wrong of me. As I said before I have been to many MANY concerts in my life. Never have I been to one with as much energy as you directioners give off. I am going to talk about that first. The crowd was absolutely insane. It had all the hype of a metal festival, the friendliness and openness of a DCI show, and the deafening energy of a rave. It was so intense before either group had played I just couldn’t comprehend it. Then the dads started dancing. And the fans went nuts. And then the waves started and didn’t stop! I will never understand how people have that much energy to use and still have enough to be as loud as it was during the performances. Let’s move to the musical pert of the performance. Honestly one of the best shows musically I have ever seen. Which is not something I say lightly. I am super critical about performance for some reason, not entirely sure why I just always have been. The instruments were flawless. The voices were perfect. There was one maybe two time the speakers cracked a bit, but to have to play over that loud of a crowd I expect nothing less. I have been to quite a few show where the artist plays a song for the first time live, never have I seen a band play brand new material as well as they did Drag Me Down. Last I want to talk about the boys themselves and their stage presence. Literally the only time I have seen an artist smile that much on stage was when I saw Slipknot in 2009 for the tenth anniversary of their first album. On the same stage they released it ten years to the day later. I thought that was the happiest I would ever see anyone on stage. Then they came out last night and even from section 242 I could see how happy they were to be there doing what they love. They all have such a genuine love for the music and the fans. And for each other. It was also fun ti see them all goofing with eachother and just having fun on stage. All in all it was easily one of the top 10 shows I have ever been to. If they come back to indy, I will be there again without question.

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Honestly what’s the problem with One Direction? Because today I sat in a class and the teacher asked if anyone wanted to ADMIT that they were a fan of 1D and honestly it irritates me that people seem to automatically have this stereotypical boy band view on the boys. They have good voices and can perform live better than most other bands I have seen. Their music might not be for everyone but why is it a major deal if someone does like them. And the even more annoying thing is that I was the only one in room to ‘admit’ to being a fan and yet everyone laughed at me because I happen to really fucking like that said boyband. Such a great way to feel welcomed when I get judged on my choice of music.


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Vans Warped Tour on 7/31/14 was honestly one of the best days of my life. I meet some super rad people and had the best time. Plague Vendor was the first band I saw that day and they rock. I told the lead singer that they were the first band I have seen live (Warped was my first concert) and he said “Fuck yeah that’s awesome” and we took a picture. I waited about 1 ½ in line to meet the youtubers. It was well worth it. When it was my turn I walked up to Bryan and practically started crying. He gave me a hug and I apologized for my voice sounding stupid due to the fact I was emotional. I had him sign some printed off tweets of his (when he replied to me, twice) and he told me that it was cool and then I have him a letter I wrote him. When I meet Cyr I hugged him immediately and gave him my letter. I told him “This is gonna sound stupid but seeing you is like ‘wow he’s real’ because I’m so used to just watching videos” and he laughed and I felt great that I made him laugh. When I meet Damon I gave him my letter and a big hug. I told him that I’ve been watching him since about 2011 and he looked so happy and said “Aww thank you so much.” When I meet Johnnie I gave him a hug and went to take a selfie but the camera was facing the other way. He screamed “IT’S FACING THE WRONG WAY AHH!!” And it was the cutest thing. Beartooth is my favorite band. Ever. Before their set, I saw Kamron Bradbury (guitarist) and Brandon Mullins (drummer) by the stage. I walked up to them and Kamron shook my hand and said “Hi I’m Kamron.” I said “Yeah I know. I’m Kelsi.” Then I said “Oh my god I’m gonna cry” because I felt like I was about to and Kamron told me “No crying, okay?” I said “Okay. You guys are my favorite band” and he told that that meant a lot. Then I went to get a good spot at the barrier for their set. And I did. In between songs Kamron saw me and smiled and waved. I of course waved and smiled back. During my favorite song of theirs, Pick Your Poison, Kamron crowd surfed a bit then walked up to me in front of the barrier and gave me his guitar pick. It made my year. Later at their signing, when it was my turn, I handed Brandon my 'Disgusting’ cd of theirs and he gave me a high five and so did Kamron after saying “Hey! What’s up?” I couldn’t believe they recognized me so fast.