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Band Camp Survival Guide

Essential Items:


I recommend a jug because they hold enough water to keep you hydrated all day without refilling (most of the time) and it keeps cold but anything works. You will need water.


This may seem obvious because you’re going to out in the sun all day but there is always that one person who doesn’t put on sunscreen and is miserable. Don’t be that guy and please protect your skin.


I personally never wore a hat but you definitely should. One time I was 8 hours into a 12 hour rehearsal without a hat or sunglasses and my eyes were literally stinging and burning because I wasn’t protecting them. Learn from my mistake.

-Lanyard/Fanny Pack

This is for your dot book, different people have different preferences but I personally used a lanyard. Adding onto that…


Pencil. Not a pen. PENCIL. Your dots will change and nobody likes a messy dot book.

-Comfortable Athletic Shoes

Vans and Converse won’t cut it, especially if you’re going to be marching on a turf field, on a hot day your feet will burn through the bottom of your shoes. Also in my band we had to run if we didn’t have proper shoes so save yourself the effort.

-Athletic Clothes

Marching in jeans is so fun in any kind of weather, this one is kinda obvious too.

The following are not essential but highly recommended:

-Hand sanitizer/wipes


-Bug spray (if you live in a buggy area)

-Spare reeds (@woodwinds)

-People with periods, I recommend tampons over pads but if you’d rather wear a pad I recommend the memory foam ones because they’re super flexible and not sweaty


-Hair ties

-And a positive attitude!

Good luck and have fun at band camp! 

OneRepublic – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA – November 29, 2016

OneRepublic played at The Fillmore on Tuesday, November 29 and did not disappoint. I grew up listening to the bands’ progress and I’ve seen them come up with some hits and some not so popular songs. Now, the band is back and better than ever with a new album and a new sound. Here are some of my observations form the concert…

Music is rarely live anymore

It feels like nowadays it is hard to get a genuinely good band to play live and put their soul into their performance. To my surprise, Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic’s lead singer holds many talents. Not only does my new man crush hit all the high notes but he rocks a tambourine and plays his heart out on the piano. Brent Kutzle, the bands’ cellist, began to play Secrets and the crowd went wild. It’s live music and talent like theirs that has guided this bands’ success over the years.

The Crowd

Unfortunately, the turnout at the Fillmore was disappointing, taking into consideration it was a Tuesday night and the show was a special promotion by American Airlines and MasterCard. However, everyone that did attend danced and sang along as if there was a full house. It is rare to get good energy from the entire crowd nowadays. Because the turnout was not huge, the concert felt a lot more personal, which added to the vitality of the night.

Ryan Tedder should be a Comedian

Intermittently throughout the amazing performance put on by the band, Tedder would intervene with hilarious words of wisdom and jokes. The band did an excellent job keeping the crowd’s interest throughout the night.

Their New Sound

OneRepublic released their latest album on October 7, 2016, almost two years after their last album. The sound is completely new, but definitely did not disappoint. The new album features other guest artists like Peter Gabriel and Santigold, which Tedder was very excited about. They played one of their new songs “A.I.,” saying “we know it’s a weird song.” The new songs stayed true to the bands’ iconic sound, but in a way that was new and reinvented.

The Classic Hits

I can’t forget about the songs that put OneRepublic where they are today; they played them all! I admit, there may have been a few tears during “Good Life,” which was to be expected with Tedder’s long-drawn high notes and soulful performance. Overall, my experience covering the concert will not be forgotten and I can say that I have re-discovered my love for OneRepublic.

Hannah Rose Pittel

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Things I love about Berserk

  • Casca
  • Casca is a woman. She doesn’t feel less like a woman for doing a “masculine” job. She doesn’t renounce to her feminity because it isn’t a weakness.
  • Everyone in the Band of the Hawk respects Casca, not only as an equal but as a superior.
  • Like literally they recognize her authority and strenght and the fact that she’s a woman doesn’t mean jackshit to them. She could slap them and they’d thank her.
  • In many occasions they remind you that the only one better than Casca at fighting is Griffith before Guts show up 
  • Casca
  • Not only they respect her but also they appreciate her and care about her 
  • Casca never belittles other women. She doesn’t feel the need to talk shit about other women at any time because they’re more feminine than she is, even when the man she loves is literally banging one of those women
  • Casca gets shit done even at her worst moments-when she loses Griffith AND Guts she STILL fights and guides her band of soldiers to safety.
  • Casca

I’ve seen quite a few of these “How to get into” charts for popular, acclaimed artists like David Bowie, Radiohead, Bjork, Animal Collective etc. So here’s someone you may never have heard of.

Jenny Owen Youngs is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and Batten The Hatches is one of my favourite albums. Here’s my guide to discovering and enjoying her discography, but you can do things in whatever order you want. If you like Regina Spektor, Florence + The Machine, and/or First Aid Kit, you’ll probably like Jenny Owen Youngs as well.

How to Survive Bandcamp

Listen up kids, imma learn u a thing. Seriously though, if this is your first year, you may wanna read. I know I would’ve liked this freshman year.

Step 1: Hydrate and get plenty of sleep before. If you feel shitty at the beginning of the day, its just gonna drag you down.

Step 2: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EAT BREAKFAST. I never eat breakfast, and that caused a lot of lightheadedness and blurry vision last year. Seriously. Take care of yourself.

Step 3: If you need it, leave reminders for yourself. You don’t wanna forget your instrument or music.

Step 4: Bring food. A lunch, some granola bars, poptarts- whatever you may need to keep up your energy.

Step 5: Pack a water bottle. Staying hydrated is hard without a water bottle. Just do it.

Step 6: Wear a LOT of sunscreen, unless you wanna burn. Especially if you’re really pale, because it can hurt a lot later on.

Step 7: Wear appropriate clothes. Baggy shirts and basketball pants are good. Trust me, no ones gonna care how pretty your outfit is when its making you dizzy. I made this mistake once. Wear clothes that let your body breathe.

Step 8: Shower after practice and wear deodorant every day. The people beside you will appreciate it.

Step 9: If you need help, for the love of God, ask someone for help! It will be a lot better than constantly messing up, trust me.

And most importantly, try to make this as stress free as you can, especially for your instructors, because they’re probably pretty stressed out already. Lastly, try to have fun. It’s something you’ll only experience a few times.