band fanart


Jenny Lee Lindberg - Warpaint Bassist - Digital Drawing.

 (idk if i like the backgrounds or not so posting all 3)


Speed Drawing of twentyonepilots |-/ ✌🏼️

for @twentyonepilots

“I’ve got two faces, Blurry’s the one I’m not." 

 Never a bad moment for a Blurryface fanart. Pretty happy with how it turned out, really enjoyed making this one after failing at painting this afternoon.

Companion piece: (x)


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a prompt i couldn’t resist. First Aid Kit is my favorite 21st century musical group by far. i adore their music, their concerts, their harmonies, their faces, everything. i’m a sucker for folk music, what can i say?

oh wow a background look at that, so much progress orz