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  • Protect "fake fans"
  • Protect new fans that only just
  • discovered the band
  • Protect new fans that still only know the band's biggest hits
  • Protect new fans that love the band's music, but don't know anything about the band members
  • Protect new fans that love songs, but can't remember the names of them
  • Protect new fans that love all their songs, but don't know all the words
  • Protect new fans that only know the newest album
  • Protect new fans that haven't been to a concert yet
  • Protect new fans that have only discovered the band recently, but are already falling in love with their music.
  • Protect new fans that are quickly falling in love with the band, but are pushed out of the fanbase for being "fake fans".

i finished my drawing of twenty one pilots! if you guys don’t mind, can you mention the boys on my twitter post here? i really want them to notice my art so it would mean a lot if you helped me out!

twentyonepilots stillstreet

One common response I’ve noted for a long time about the 1D situation and the climate of abuse that has always prevailed is for fans to blame Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam, as if they themselves decide to fuck with fans (like fans being encouraged to stalk the boys and then the boys not liking being stalked). And while on the one hand that’s better than a servile attitude I see of being self-abnegating, it’s always about the boys let’s do it for the boys we don’t matter we are nothing–which is an awful attitude–it still helps to see how abusive Modest/Syco has always been to both fandom and band. I still remember the attitude of ‘if I notice what the boys do on camera then they will be punished and I will be responsible for their being punished’.

1DHQ has always been abusive, period.


if you play guitar and want to be in a pop punk band and are serious about music please email with a video/audio of you playing !!! we are an all girl pop punk band based in Atlanta Georgia but you don’t have to live there to be in our band !!! our influences are the pretty reckless, Bmth, pvris all time low, Mallory Knox, and issues to name a few !! we are extremely serious about this and want this band to be our career. we are all 16-18 years old and are currently writing and looking for a place to record our ep !!! if you are interested please email us !!!

There you have it. Major props to Shaun for standing up for not only himself/the band’s work, but the fans, as well. People are bitter because they made a mistake. This wouldn’t be a problem if you just apologized. Shaun’s completely in the right for saying all of this. And really, he’s handling it with much more poise and professionalism than they deserve.

I’m never going to stop supporting all of the band, they deserve every bit of credit and success that they get and more.

sooo @vincent-vangogurt let me finish that awesome panic station sketch of theirs! it’s mainly their work, so most of credit goes to them! i did the coloring and shading and that is basically it.
dom’s cap was the worst thing to draw ever i don’t want to do it ever again. EVER.
anyways, this was fun. such a cool break from my own boring style :’)