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“Haha wow im so forgetful i would leave my head somewhere if it werent attatched to my body!!!!!11!!!!1!!!1” you joke as i stare into the void, reminded of all the times i lost my robotic replacement of a critical organ for basic body functions because it was not atratched to my body

oh my god, okay. for a few months now I have been hunting for a copy of this pop punk band’s cover of “my boyfriend’s back.” they’re a p. prolific california minor pop punk band that has always been almost pretty good and I was really trying to make it work with them. I REALLY wanted a pop punk dude cover of that song for this mix I’m working on and I thought this would truly bring this band into my heart. I knew it existed on discogs but I was struggling to get my hands on it for a long time. SO I finally get it into my hands and, not only is a bad perfect-copy cover, but

they brought in an outside female vocalist to sing it. so that it wouldn’t be gay.

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Dad! I forgot to mention that I was cast in our school play! We're doing Our Town this year, and I got cast as Mrs. Webb. Also, have you ever seen Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movies? (They're SO GOOD.) Well, my friend and I are going to our marching band Halloween party as Alice and the Mad Hatter from that! I'm being Alice- I'm excited, because my mom's looking up swing style dresses for it and I always wanted one in that style! We have another band comp. today... it will be warm! Bye Dad!

Ooooh!! That’s super exciting!
You’re gonna do such an amazing joooob!!!

I’ve seen the first one and loved it, but never got the chance to see the second. Maybe if it ever goes into Netflix ~
You’re gonna look freakin’ adorable omg

Robert Downey Jr. supporting his son Indio’s band last night in Madison, Wisconsin (June 4, 2016)

IN SHORT:  This video is a compilation of the RDJ bits from all of the videos uploaded on his Facebook last night (of which there were nine).

Nothing is more terrifying than when you’re out on the field and you look down to see your pants sticking out from under your bibs (marching band pants) especially when it’s a comp and you can get points off for it 

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Lance and marching band (I know technically it's two words but maybe you could still do it?)

You and Lance were an unlikely couple. He was the jock. You were the nerd. He was captain of the gymnastics team. You were band major in the school’s marching band.

No one understood how you two worked out. But it didn’t matter to either of you. You guys cared so deeply about one another.

During band comps and halftime shows, Lance was always there to cheer you on. During his tournaments, you were always there at the edge of the mat ready to be there if he were to ever hurt himself.

Everyone on campus could tell that you both had a lot of love for each other. And it was something that made your high school years unforgettable.

For Mental Health Day

This is literally just a post to recognize the people I love for helping me through so much.

I have three friends who are all friends with each other. Each of them helps me cope and are great to go to in any situation, but each one also seems to know what to do with a specific issue. 

A specializes in anxiety. I had an issue and a band comp that left me in a state of high anxiety, and she immediately gave me something to do with my hands and got everyone who was aggravating me away. She knows how to be gentle, and not overwhelm. She encourages me in big and small ways, and she reminds me that I never need to be perfect. She comforts without complaining, and tells me that’s what I deserve. I love her very much.

B specializes in sensory stuff and dissociation. She knows that too much can break me down faster than anything else, and she knows what tone of voice to use when that happens. She knows when I need someone, and she’ll stay if she thinks I need it. She knows how I dissociate, she she never leaves me alone when I do. She reminds me to eat and to drink. She takes care of me, and tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to. I love her very much.

K specializes in depression. They know what happens when I get too low and they are always willing to help me get back up. They make me think of soft sweet things and don’t let me dwell in my lil pit of sadness for too long. They understand that depression isn’t just sadness, and never get mad when I lack motivation or I’m too tired to function properly. They’re always understanding. I love them very much.

They all deal with their own lives, but they always have time to help me deal with mine. If you’re one of my three best friends, thank you.