band cimorelli

I was tagged MY my fave Canadian sunshine @eightynineisfine, ily girly xx

1. Nicknames: Ames or aims, am and ovi
2. Gender: female
3. Star sign: Cancer
4. Height: I have no idea haha
5. Time: 9.20pm
6. Birthday: July 8th
7. Favorite bands: Little mix and cimorelli
8. Favorite solo artists: Taylor Swift, Kelsea Ballerini, Sabrina Carpenter and Megan & Liz
9. Song stuck in my head: best of both worlds haha
10. Last movie watched: HSM2
11. Last show watched: Shadowhunters
12. When did I create my blog: may 2011
13. What do I post: taylor swift, personal stuff, personal pictures, cinnamon rolls and random stuff
14. Last thing I googled: meaning of a dragon haha oh and Westmead post TBI
15. Do you have other blogs: nope
16. Do you get asks?: on the odd occasion
17. Why did you choose your url: it sounded cool at the time and reminded me that I am beautiful in my own way
18. Following: Not sure
19. Followers: i have many wonderful followers
20. Favorite colors: purple, mint green and pink
21. Average hours of sleep: 7 -8 usually, this all differs when Taylor is up to something haha
22. Lucky number: i don’t really have one
23. Instruments: i tried to teach myself to play guitar haha
24. What am I wearing: my pjs hehe
25. How many blankets I sleep with: it’s freeezing so like four
26. Dream job: working as an OT, which I am and I love it !
27. Dream trip: I really want to travel Europe, the Greek island and Canada
28. Favorite foods : cinnamon rolls, pizza, kumera and chocolate haha
29. Nationality: New Zealander aka a kiwi
30. Favorite song now: UNAPOLOGETICALLY by KELSEA ballerini duh oh and why by Sabs is a bop .

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i rlly love girl groups, honestly. like it’s crazy. i’ve never been the biggest fan of boy groups bc i don’t know… people always seem to dive head first for them because of their looks, y’know? it’s like people are so focused on looks they forget about talent. i’m not saying that boy groups like 1d or jack & jack aren’t talented, it just seems like they’re worshipped more for looks than for their actual musicality. 

girl groups, on the other hand, are AMAZING. and let me tell you why. 

  • they have some of the BEST talent i have ever seen in my life like honestly every girl group i have stumbled upon never cease to amaze me
  • they like almost never cause drama
  • they’re relatable because a majority of their fans are girls and girls can easily relate to them
  • these are just some reasons ik there are more but those are some of my faves

girl groups like fifth harmony, cimorelli, little mix, neon jungle, G.R.L, are all some AMAZING examples of women who are taking the world by storm

girl groups work SOOOO hard to get to where they are, even harder than boy bands because like i said, looks are a key factor to boy band success. 

they deserve recognition, and they deserve every bit of fame that they have.