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1984. Ample Destruction

is the first album released by band Jag Panzer, released in August .  it received poor marketing from the label, and thus became only an underground hit amongst the metal community, and was bootlegged repeatedly.

Jag Panzer were formed in 1981 in Colorado, by Harry Conklin, Mark Briody, John Tetley, and Rick Hilyard. They were originally called Tyrant, but when California based record labels became interested, they realized that there already was a band called Tyrant in California. Seeking inspiration from a book of World War II German armour in the library, they decided to rename themselves after a slightly easier-to-pronounce version of the “Jagdpanzer” (Jagd = hunt) tank.

Unfortunately, Jag Panzer would miss their chance at a bigger heyday. The band didn’t release another record until 1993 with Dissident Alliance, nearly ten years after their debut. Even then it was an almost completely different line-up and style, and the album is generally panned by all metal fans alike. However, the remaining original member Mark Brody did manage to pull the rest of the original band together for another 13 years of almost-as-awesome material, remaining in the same holy unlight of the underground until calling it quits this year. If you’re looking for a ballsy, ’80s as hell metal record that is abrasive as it is melodic, Seeing how this is 30+ years old it is a testament to classic American speed metal bands in general. The overall direction and destruction of this release is quite powerful and offers a very enjoyable listen many times over. “Ample Destruction” is an apt description and this is hard to beat.

     Harry Conklin   Mark Briody    Joey Tafolla    John Tetley     Rick Hilyard

People keep reblogging that video of Jason singing and adding “wow he needs to sing more, he should start a band, I wanna hear him sing!!” in the tags and I just gotta say:
- he does have a band
- it’s called California
- he’s the lead singer
- they have an album
- here it is