band boys

So I’m doing a sketch for @brittbrat2017 and I was thinking I couldn’t do that good of a sketch with the time allotted, but I think she really wants one, so here is the very first one I did. Isn’t it nice?

“You can’t draw dogs”
“Excuse me then how do u explain this ☝”


James Corden singing & dancing with the Backstreet Boys

(Bonus- dig at Niall and the rest of One Direction)


the signs as songs from American Beauty / American Psycho

Aries: Novocaine

Taurus: The Kids Aren’t Alright

Gemini: Fourth of July 

Cancer: Jet Pack Blues

Leo: Irresistible 

Virgo: Uma Thurman 

Libra: Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC) 

Scorpio: AB/AP 

Sagittarius and Capricorn: Immortals

Aquarius: Centuries

Pisces: Favorite Record
BWW Interview: Actor Ian Hallard On Reviving THE BOYS IN THE BAND
Actor Ian Hallard has done a range of work, from musicals and Shakespeare to phone-hacking play Great Britain at the National Theatre and TV staples like Doctor Who and Poirot. He also co-wrote a Poirot episode with his husband Mark Gatiss, and the pair are now starring together in a revival of Matt Crowley's seminal play The Boys in the Band, which changed the landscape of gay theatre on its Off Broadway premiere in 1968. It begins previews tomorrow at Park Theatre, where it plays until 30 October, and will then tour to Manchester, Brighton and Leeds
By Marianka Swain