band boys

top ten most relatable fob lyrics

  • “i never really feel a thing”
  • “..waking up with pants on at four in the afternoon”
  • “good god i wish i was tall”
  • “have you ever wanted to disappear”
  • “i don’t care”
  • “i smell like alcohol”
  • “of all my miscalculations, you have got to be my all-time favourite”
  • “i fell outta bed”
  • “i’m the kinda kid that can’t let anything go”
  • “i can’t sleep”

pete wentz gives off that “cool uncle that tries a little too hard but it doesn’t rly matter bc you like him anyway” vibe 99% of the time, to me

like, you only ever see him on holidays bc your parents think he’s a bad influence and every time you see him he does some terrifying but cool shit to get on your good side like he’s like “hey kid wanna see me jump off the roof into the pool” and you’re like “uncle- uncle pete no that’s not-“ but it’s way too late. way too late.