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Sleep Playlist
  1. Big Eyes - Matt Corby
  2. Cherbourg - Beirut
  3. Moon - Foals
  4. How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
  5. Asleep - The Smiths
  6. All Alright - Sigur Rós
  7. Sweet Elizabeth - Farewell J.R
  8. No More Losing The War - Half Moon Run
  9. It’s Been Too Long - Pete Roe
  10. Fake Empire - The National
  11. The Funeral - Band of Horses
  12. Within the Rose - Matthew and the Atlas

June 15, 2016 — Monday morning, as we were all absorbing the horrors of the Pulse attack in Orlando — the deadliest mass public shooting in modern U.S. history — Mashrou’ Leila arrived to play a Tiny Desk concert. For this band from Beirut, Lebanon, the full weight of the tragedy hung heavily, and its members wanted to begin their set by addressing the Pulse shootings. 

“All the boys become men / Soldiers in the capital of the night,” Sinno sings. “Shoop, shoop, shot you down … We were just all together, painting the town / Where’d you disappear?" 


I’ve only been on interrail for 5 days and I’ve already seen 4 concerts, been to Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, was invited to a concert by one of my fav bands (which is Beirut), got some cute Californian guys to play at my friends venue in Vienna, accidentally been backstage at the Mac Demarco show, met lots of really cool travelers and had so many moments where I thought ‘I’m going to remember this forever’ and I hope you all are as good as I am right now bc my journey is insane !!

Lostcauses Fic: Cardamom - Best Laid Plans

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Erwin bides his time, waiting until he and Levi settle back into some kind of cautious equilibrium. Levi remains subdued but Erwin optimistically puts it down to the extra work he’s been shouldering for the last month.  Whenever Erwin Skypes he’s either at work, going to work, or coming back from work.  In addition to his shifts in the café, Levi takes on tutoring duties at the university and picks up odd bits and pieces of fieldwork whenever he can, all the while trying to keep his own research ticking over. It’s no surprise that he looks permanently exhausted. Erwin’s resolve strengthens as he watches the shadows darken under Levi’s eyes.

He picks his moment carefully, a relatively quiet Saturday in Amman, Levi has taken a rare afternoon off from the café to work on his thesis and, though Erwin feels guilty for interrupting his precious writing time, he knows this is the best opportunity he’s going to get.

Levi is sitting at his desk at home when he answers Erwin’s call.  His hair is tied up and he’s wearing glasses and a faded t-shirt that appears to say something about a cat.  The glasses surprise Erwin, distracting him momentarily.

“Levi,” Erwin shifts uncomfortably, trying to ignore the inconvenient heat growing in his lap. “I didn’t know you wore glasses.”

Levi removes the glasses and rubs his eyes.

“Yeah, just for writing sometimes. Eyesight’s going to balls. What you up to?”

“Not much,” Erwin lies, “just wanted to say hello.  What does your shirt say?”

Levi squints down at his shirt as though he’s forgotten what he’s wearing.

“Uh….Don’t fuck with my cat.  It’s a band thing, from Beirut.”

“That’s nice.”

“Nice? Right…”  Levi snorts, “are you going to tell me why you really called?”

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