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Grantaire showing Enjolras a band that’s not well known and Enj actually loving it. He never knows why R’s so jittery every time he mentions them afterward and then one day Grantaire invites him to meet up and he does and it’s the band playing a gig at a small place but Enj never knew that R was actually a part of the band and ohmygod just watching him play and sing is the best thing ever

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Hey :) can u recommend the bests taekook fics, but not AU set? I love alternatives universes but sometimes its good to read them in the band context as well! Thank you so much (:

lethallergic’s something to do with hands is definitely the most well-known one out there, but here are a few others:

i just wanna stay in the sun by nikkumeul

Yesterday, they won the Daesang. Today, Jeongguk wakes up in someone else’s arms.

make this chaos count by aetoms

Taehyung struggles and battles with himself a lot during a three-month break the band is given. Jeongguk is somehow always there despite everything.

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summary: Dan Howell is a regular teenager. He goes to high school, he hangs out with his best friends (PJ, Chris, and Phil), and he hates doing homework. He’s fairly attractive, enough so to attract the attention of a few girls and secretly Phil. What people don’t know about this average teen, is that he isn’t so average. Dan Howell is in a popular alternative band. He sings and plays keyboard for this band, known to many as ‘Ripping Ivory’. He wears a mask onstage as he sings and is known by his fanbase as Q, even though they know this isn’t his true identity.

words: 4100

extra tags (?): famous!dan

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Hah! Got it in one.

For those who don’t remember the Dark Times, at the height of its popularity, Homestuck had spawned several fan-created AUs that were, themselves, popular enough that people unconnected to their creators would write fanfic set in them, cosplay as the AU versions of various characters, and so forth.

It got to the point that some of the most well-established AUs had separate mini-fandoms made up of folks who’d never actually read Homestuck proper, and were in it just for that AU. The best-known example of the type is probably Marchingstuck, a high school AU in which the Beta kids and Alternian trolls were all in a marching band. (The Alpha kids and Beforan trolls didn’t feature because the entire AU lived and died prior to their introduction.) Indeed, Marchingstuck was so popular that it went recursive and spawned its own fandom project, a Tumblr-hosted fan-fan-comic called Promstuck that ran for six months in the latter half of 2011 and concluded after over 250 pages.

To the topic at hand, 4chords was a Homestuck AU created by an artist named Emily Hu, revolving around human versions of Tavros and Gamzee attending community college. Though less prolific content-wise than some, it was one of the longer-lived AUs, remaining popular for nearly two years before the original artist lost interest and stopped updating the fan-comic that spawned it.

Ain't She Sweet
Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
Ain't She Sweet

Song: Ain’t She Sweet / I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover

Artist: Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra with Scrappy Lambert and Billy Hillpot

Record Label: Brunswick 3444

Recorded: January 28, 1927

Location: New Eden Square

You’ll hear this jaunty ditty just past New Eden Square in the Grocery on the radio. Whether or not you choose to follow the honor system is up to you.

This song is a Tin Pan Alley and a barbershop standard. With its light-hearted tone and flattering lyrics, it’s been re-recorded many times by the likes of the Beatles, Nat King Cole, and Frank Sinatra. You may also recognize it from classic Looney Tunes episodes.

Ben Bernie or “The Old Maestro” was a great 20s and 30s entertainer known for his work as a bandleader, jazz violinist, and radio personality.  He worked well with audiences and often staging fake rivalries with humorous running gags. Radio listeners would hear his signature catchphrase “Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!” and sign-off “Au Revoir, Pleasant Dreams”.

He’s perhaps best known for his work on co-creating “Sweet Georgia Brown” also known as the theme for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Harold “Scrappy” Lambert and Billy Hilltop were fellow students and prolific dance band vocalists. Ben Bernie would discover them in 1926 to perform with his orchestra until 1928. Lambert would go on to do vocals for Red Nichols, Fred Rich, and Sam Lanin.

Listen to the flip side “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover” here.


AU meme: Famous Youtuber Perrie Edwards (aka officialperrie) is known for her obsession over girl-band Little Mix. Members tweeted about her on twitter so she decided to ask them to go on tour with them and make videos because lots of her subscribers love them too. Girls and their management said yes, so now is Perrie having the best few weeks in her life with them on tour.

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Please make more of Jyn Cassian headcanons. I don't care what its about just get creative. I just need more of them and you portray them quite well

I’m doing Punk Band AU headcanons because frick it, why not. Sorry they aren’t all Jyn and Cassian.

•Cassian Andor, known as Cass, is the lead singer of a rising punk band called Rogue One. His best friend Bodhi Rook plays bass, old-timer Baze Malbus is known as one of the best guitarists around, Chirrut Îmwe on keys, and a new addition to the band, Jyn Erso on drums.
•Rogue One’s last drummer quit because of a falling out with Cass. According to the ex-drummer, Cass was getting a little too strict with what he could and couldn’t do outside gigs. There was a big fight and rumor has it Cass lost his temper and wrecked an amp. Actually, it’s not rumor. Bodhi saw it happen.
•Bodhi found Jyn and brought her to Cass after seeing her insane drum skills. Cass was in a bad mood, but needed someone to play that night so he let her in as a test run. It went well.
•Cass gets really ticked at Jyn because she’s always going off after a gig who knows where. She leaves late and comes back early, not following his strict schedule. He knows he needs her though.
•Cass also happens to be massively attracted to her. She’s snarky and dismissive and when he asks her to play something different she runs her hand through her hair annoyedly before getting to work.
•Jyn has been playing the drums since she was a kid. She’s been on her own for a long time trying to make ends meet and doesn’t want to blow her chance with Rogue One. She thinks Cass has great potential even though he’s uptight. He’s also got great eyes.
•Bodhi and Jyn hit it off. Sometimes they hang out after the show. Jyn likes Bodhi because he’s soft-spoken and Bodhi likes Jyn because she really listens to what he has to say.
•Chirrut and Baze used to be romantically involved. They aren’t anymore, but they’re still close and look out for the younger band members. Baze teases Chirrut because Chirrut wears sunglasses literally all the time asking him if he can even see or if he’s some crazy good blind musician. Chirrut actually wears the sunglasses because he’s high a lot and knows Cass wouldn’t approve. Baze thinks it’s funny.
•Kay is the sound guy who’s good friends with Cass, but always makes fun of the band drama. He hates Rogue One’s music.


hollstein carmilla band au edition;

(also known as that fic where carmilla is the standoffish lead singer of a indie rock band who lives on a diet of pizza and laura hollis is the surprisingly awesome new drummer who is on a quest for the world’s best brownie, absolutely loves taylor swift and plays a pink ukulele. spoiler: they fall in love)

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what would you write for "cupid ain't coming to warn us"? (little mix is going to be in my head all weekend)

okay so i feel like this is really hard to relate it to larry, because, like, in no world could i see harry or louis saying “i hate you, really hate you, my mama said i shouldn’t date you” and so instead it’s going to be a John Tucker Must Die-esque au 

so let’s say louis, niall, and liam have all been tricked by a douchebag who’s triple-timing them. we’ll call him… eric. (i don’t know why, just go with it.) this would be from harry’s pov, so he’s just moved to town and started working at a bakery near the school when he sees eric bring in three different guys on three different dates, one right after the other - louis, the football star, liam, the goofy but lovable class president, and niall, the laid-back guitarist in the school’s best known garage band. eric gives all three of them roses, spews some memorized bullshit about all three of them being “the one,” and persuades them to keep their relationships secret “for their own good.” when harry asks one of his coworkers, ed, later, ed tells him that’s eric’s MO - he dates guys from different cliques within the school, that way they’re less likely to spill the beans to each other about dating him and ruining his scheme. 

harry, of course, thinks this is despicable, and not just because he’s seen what gemma went through when her boyfriend cheated on her. no, instead of being outraged because of a terrible person doing terrible things, harry, instead, can’t get the look on louis’ face out of his head when eric gave louis that rose - it was the first time harry had seen louis’ sharp, mischievous grin curve into something soft and sweet, and harry would do anything to see it again. 

louis, liam, niall, and harry are all in the same chemistry class, and one day they’re paired up to do a lab together. liam’s phone vibrates and niall just happens to see eric’s name on the screen, so he asks why eric would be texting him. liam, who doesn’t really know these four lads but, what the hell, confides that he’s secretly dating eric, but they can’t go public because eric doesn’t want liam to be hurt by homophobes or jealous people.  

that’s, of course, when niall says he’s dating eric too, and he shows liam that he has a text from eric waiting for him too. 

and then, right on cue, louis gets a text from eric as well, and he tells them he’s been dating eric for a few weeks. 

they check the texts to find that eric has dumped all three of them, using the exact same copy-and-paste text and a couple of sad emojis.

it’s just not working out?” louis hisses. “oh no, that’s not going to cut it. we have to make him pay.” 

so they start to hatch a plan. liam, louis, and niall decide the best thing they could do to get back at eric is to crush his heart like he did to them, and all they need is someone who knows better than to fall for eric’s tricks. someone pretty enough to catch his eye, but who hasn’t yet dated him so he’s not old news. 

harry, who has a bad feeling in his stomach, looks up from his lab book to find the three others grinning at him. he tries to refuse, but louis gives him a sad, pouting look and harry reluctantly accepts, deciding that if anything, this will at least give him a chance to hang out with louis. 

and, wow, do they hang out. they try to plan during chemistry class, but it’s just not enough time, so soon the boys are meeting at liam’s house every day after school, or staying over at niall’s on friday nights, or harry makes brunch for them on sundays. the other three are supposed to be coaching harry - who’s never really had a real boyfriend - and showing him the best ways to have boys wrapped around his fingers in no time. 

“not that you need much help there, eh, curly?” louis laughs, and harry’s stomach swoops as he rifles a hand through harry’s hair. 

they record it all, all their little planning sessions and hangouts, planning to edit eric’s downfall into the video of the year. and so harry starts following their advice, catching and holding eric’s gaze across classrooms, biting his lip and looking up through his eyelashes when eric talks to him. niall says harry’s already got the perfect wardrobe - who knew skinny jeans and floral, see-through shirts were the perfect man-baiting outfits? - and liam promises that between his curls and his big, disney-prince eyes, he’ll have eric begging for a date in no time. 

turns out, liam’s right. within a week, eric is at harry’s locker between every class, waiting for him after school, sometimes even there outside his house in the mornings. every day, the same conversation: 

“go on then, go on a date with me.” 

“i don’t think you’re my type, eric. but thank you.” 

just like louis, liam, and niall planned, eric can’t stand being turned down, and so he tries even harder to win harry’s attentions. (too bad the only person he can focus on is louis, though.) 

he doesn’t like eric, harry doesn’t, but he spends more and more time with him as the plan advances, until soon he’s hanging out at eric’s while liam, louis, and niall watch from where they’re hidden outside the window, phones up and recording it all for the video. eric makes a move, sliding his hand up harry’s thigh, and harry panics and runs to the bathroom, where he calls louis to say he can’t do it. 

“you can, harry,” louis says earnestly. “just a little longer, then you can properly stomp on his heart for us.” harry’s still not sure, but then louis adds, “for me.” and, well, he’s a goner. 

so he goes back out there where eric’s waiting, and he screws up his courage and uses every trick louis, liam, and niall have taught him, until he has eric practically drooling. harry waits until he has eric crowding him up against the arm of the sofa, begging for a few kisses, and then he makes his excuses, following louis’ advice to leave him wanting more and dashing out the door. 

niall and liam are crowing with laughter when they meet up, congratulating harry on his seductive skills, but louis is oddly silent. when they part ways for the night, promising to meet at liam’s the next day to start phase two, louis watches harry as he walks away with a strange look on his face. 

phase two means that harry finally has to accept eric’s invitation to go on a date, and so when eric invites him to a party, he accepts. eric spends the whole night trying to corner harry and get a kiss, but harry keeps dodging him, until finally niall, liam, and louis drag him into an empty room and drag an explanation out of him. 

“i’ve never… really… kissed anyone,” harry mumbles, and the other three’s eyes go wide. 

“li, ni, go distract eric,” louis says distantly, his eyes stuck on harry. when they’re gone, he says, “okay, harry. i’m going to teach you how to kiss.” 

cue louis stepping close, overwhelming harry with his soft eyes and tiny, challenging smirk, and kissing harry for all he’s worth. harry forgets the plan the moment louis’ lips touch his - hell, he forgets everything: why they’re at this party, who eric even is, he even forgets his own name. he falls back onto a bed and louis falls with him, the kiss growing more and more heated until - 

until there’s a knock at the door, and niall is asking from outside if harry’s ready to go, because eric’s getting annoyed. 

harry and louis break apart, panting and staring at each other. harry’s mouth is tingling, his hands numb where they’re gripping louis’ jacket. 

“i should…” he says, but he doesn’t move. 

“yeah,” louis agrees, but he doesn’t let him go. 

soon, though, liam comes in and sends harry on his way with an oblivious wink and a thumbs up, saying, “break his heart!” harry tries to smile, but he can’t help but watch louis as he steps out into the hallway, waiting for any sign that he shouldn’t go. 

when he doesn’t get one, he finds eric and kisses him, just once. as eric mashes his lips to harry’s, drawing catcalls from his friends, harry feels his stomach bottom out. 

(it’s not as good as it was with louis. nothing is as good as it is with louis. but louis doesn’t want him, so that doesn’t really matter, does it?) 

harry and eric go on a couple more dates, and then liam, niall, and louis, who has been quiet around harry since the party, decide it’s time to implement phase three, where harry finally gets to humiliate eric like he did to his friends. 

it’s another party, and harry is supposed to wait until eric is surrounded by his friends, give louis the signal, and they’ll play the video showing louis, liam, and niall getting their revenge on eric and harry, their protege, leading eric on. right before harry goes to find eric, louis grabs harry’s hand and says, “don’t do it.” 

“what?” harry asks, startled. 

“don’t do it,” louis repeats. niall and liam are nearby, their eyes wide, but they don’t interrupt. “don’t do this. you don’t have to.” 

“i’m only doing this because you wanted me to,” harry points out, his heart hammering. he thinks he’s done something wrong, and louis looks nearly manic. 

“i know,” he says, “and we shouldn’t have asked that from you. this isn’t your fight. just don’t… don’t do it. stay here. with me.” 

niall and liam’s eyebrows shoot up, but that’s nothing compared to the shock on louis’ own face, like he didn’t plan on saying that but it came out anyway. 

harry laughs, a little blindsided himself. “that’s all i ever wanted, you know,” he says. 

louis doesn’t say anything, just kisses him until he can’t breathe. 


a week later, eric finds a flash drive in his locker with a video on it, showing harry being trained by louis, liam, and niall to get eric’s attention and to break his heart. at the end, the screen shows all four boys, staring with intent into the camera. 

“we were going to humiliate you in front of the whole school,” niall says, “but thought better of it.” 

“this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, though,” liam warns. “we’re watching you, eric.” 

“if you cheat on another of your boyfriends, we’ll be happy to sit and have a chat with them,” louis promises. 

harry just waves, and then the screen goes black.

not-so-surprisingly, eric doesn’t keep his heartbreaker reputation much longer.
Web Me Harder - iwillpaintasongforlou - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Louis webs Harry to the bed and fucks him, it’s some of my best smut to date honestly, but the plot is adorable too???, this is honestly top 5 faves, enjoy, Top Louis, Bottom Harry, Bondage, face fucking, Friends to Lovers, (kinda), Spiderman AU, Zialliam don’t exist sorry

Louis Tomlinson, otherwise known as London’s masked hero Spiderman, finds himself crashing through the window of Harry Styles one night after a particularly nasty fight with a villain. Luckily Harry is a nursing student with a soft spot for caped crusaders who’s more than happy to tend to all of Louis’ wounds, no matter how many times he swings by.


Happy Birthday,Paige (aka @superirishbreakfasttea)—wishing you the best of days! 

Title: Fools, an Indie Band AU (inspired by these gorgeous edits, and Mr. & Mrs. F)

Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz, singers of the band FitzSimmons, are the hottest up-and-coming indie band, their recent song reaching number one on the alt. charts. The two have known one another since they were young, but have never been anything more than friends, never dared to try anything further. With sparks rising between the two, increasing popularity, and tougher demands from the record label, Jemma and FItz must decide whether to risk is all or stay in the safe comforts of friendship. 

What if we ruin it all, and we love like fools?
And all we have we lose?
I don’t want you to go but I want you so
So tell me what we choose

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