“The band were fascinated to discover that many of the strangers they met during a year on the road were so open and honest; as though that level of anonymity allowed strangers to be themselves. This isn’t a universal truth, in my experience, but a phenomenon often unique to the arts; you see a film, or you read a book, or you listen to an album that relates and has meaning to you. As such, you may feel close to its creator, almost like they’re your friend, or even a therapist, or a voice of authority and understanding.” — Lauren Ziegler pondering on the How to be a Human Being conception. [×]

#3: Do You Ever Just?

Sprain your ankle then realize…crap, what am I going to do about marching band practices? ;___;
I did it a couple hours ago on a trampoline and am in pain…Did anyone else do this? If so, how long did it take to heal? My ankle hurts so much and it took a couple hours for it to finally poof up…