Questions for the bored

1: if there’s a right to life, is there a right to death?

2: would you torture a terrorist to save the world?

3: if the world were to end tomorrow, will you tell everyone?

4: what is the value of immortality?

5: assuming the technology to predict the details of a future crime exists, should the government use this to detain would be criminals?

6: if you got the chance to hang out with anyone in history, who would it be and why? What would you do?

7: are social networking sites beneficial or harmful to children?

8: do we have the right to do wrong?

9: should DC revamp Superman as a homosexual or create a new homosexual character?

10: what will happen to the world in a future with so much artificial intelligence?

11: should inheritance be banned?

12: assuming the technology to delete certain memories exist, is it ethical to use it? What are its benefits or its harms?