Like Im guessing Star just went into her room and cried omg but like…..what if Janna broke in through her window.

Star gasps and shes like “Who’s there?!?”
“Hey Star. Want a banana popsicle?” Star is so confused but she takes it anyway. “I didn’t wanna eat two. It was a twin”
“So you broke in?” Star licked the popsicle, but it just tasted really salty because of her tears. Her face was hot, so it actually helped her cool down.

“You’re asking that like I don’t normally break into people’s houses.” Janna laughed, but then heard Star sniffle. “Are you crying?!”

“I…..Yeah. Don’t worry, I’m fine!”

“Ugh. If it’s about Marco, you can do better. You’re like, super pretty. Except…your makeup is getting smudged right now. Here,” she licked her thumbs and wiped the smudged makeup under Star’s eyes away.

“Thanks,” Star smiled at her before looking down again. “It just hurts. I don’t have anyone…”

“I know how that feels.” Janna laid down on the bed next to her with her elbows up, as it she was just talking about something cool. “I don’t even know my dad.”

“Really?” Star’s voice got quieter. “I’m so sorry…”

“Yeah, It’s no big deal though.” she fidgeted with her hat a little. “Uh…Hey, is that a CD player?”

“Um, yeah!” Star nodded, suddenly looking a little happier that the subject was changed. “Do you wanna listen to some music?”

“Yeah, I heard you bailed that concert that you paid for everyone to go to. Yikes… Love Sentence is mad lame though. Listen to this sweet baby.” she popped a heavy metal CD into the player.

Star and Janna jammed ALL NIGHT dude

minniladdy-deactivated20170727  asked:

sodas kinks/turn ons? (whoops)

;))) oooooo this is a nice request man
hope ya enjoy!!❤️
warnings : obvs nfsw / cussing

sodas kinks/turn ons

- your perfume/smell turns him on so much like
- loves seeing you wear tight skinny jeans or shorts bc thighs and ass
- prolly has a daddy kink tbh
- loves to tease you
- public sex
- overstimulation
- prolly pretty into oral
- really fucking likes lace like fuckkkk instant boner no questions asked
- seeing you pout or sulk lowkey turns him on
- grinding/dry humping
- when y'all make out he loves lip biting
- likes to admire your body
- freckles or beauty marks fill him with so much joy honestly
- likes leaving hickies/love bites in borderline visible places
- do not eat bananas or popsicles around this boy, boner in like 4 seconds flat
- loves watching you get flustered
- if you get turned on or needy in public reallllyyy likes watching you squirm in your seat and blush
- honestly any lingerie
- specifically blue
- glasses for some reason turn him on
- if you wear his clothes he’s all over you
- likes leaving hickies under your breasts
- hearing you moan is 👏👏👏
- back scratching
- cumming on your face or tits
- gotta suck on his fingers

- dirty talking / makes u beg

hope u like it bro, feel free 2 request some more !!

Imagine drinking milkshakes with Dean

A/N: This was written for Kari’s favorite things challenge. @thing-you-do-with-that-thing thank you for letting me enter your challenge.This was so fun to write. Feedback would be great full. Tag list at the bottom. Gifs are not mine

Prompt : Banana Milkshake.

Pairing: Dean X Reader, mentions Sam.

Warning : reader has a sprained wrist, fluff

Word count : 781

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

 You and Dean were just finishing a hunt together. It was only the two of you because Sam and Dean got into a big fight and you wanted  to keep Dean company. It was nothing major the hunt, you too made a perfect team, you had a really good system. He was overly protective of you.He also never wanted you to get hurt in anyway which is exactly what happened.  

 He was always  very overprotective  of you he never wanted you to get hurt, or become a hunter. The truth was that he needed help and you were the only one  available  he trained you. In case of an emergency. But there was a catch you just wanted to hunt part time.

 That was totally  fine with Dean.  He didn’t want you to hunt in the  beginning, but you finally talked him into it. Dean ended up teaching you everything you ever knew about hunting. He was a pretty good teacher.

 It was nothing  serious thought it was just a sprained wrist and would be better in a few days but he was concerned. You were holding your wrist against your chest. Sure it hurt like hell but you have had way worse, than a sprained wrist.

 “Let me take a look at it or at least wrap it in a tenser bandage” he said looking at you.

 “Fine”you walked over to him and leaned against the impala. You held out your wrist in front of you.

 “How did it happen?”  he opened the trunk  looking for the first aid kit he always kept in the trunk.

 “I don’t know it twisted it the wrong. I’ve had worse like remember my dislocated shoulder. After this we go out for milkshakes,  burgers and fries. “you said.

 He took out the tenser bandage out of the first aid kit. He wrapped up your  wrist you winced when he did this. “Be more  careful next time alright” he nodded.

 He shut the trunk and opened the passenger’s side door for you. You got in and  held your hand against your chest.  He got in and  drove to the nearest dinner.

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anonymous asked:

Hi can i request a fluffy scenario where u and brian sit in on a lazy day to take a break from school work? or something like that, just fluffy heheje thanku

oh boi lemme prepare myself for fluffyhyun

Title: Skipping
Character(s): Brian, OC
Genre: Fluff, Non AU


I ignored the sound of my phone going off. I slapped my hand around until I hit the screen to shut it off. But, when I cracked open my eyes the time was only 5:30am. Classes started at 8:00am and my alarm doesn’t go off until 6:00am. I groaned and lazily dragged the phone closer to me. I unlocked it and squealed from the brightness. I huffed and redialed the number that had called me. “Whaaaat?” I whined in a raspy tone- still 90% asleep.

“You sound like you just woke up from the dead.” He chuckled. I ended the phone call and buried my head under a pillow. The phone rang again. I ignored it the first time but he called again. I sat up and answered it again. “Hey! Why’d you hang up?!”

“Because I’m trying to sleep like a normal human being at this hour!” I complained loudly. “Which is what you should be doing!”

He chuckled, “Open your door, I brought a peace treaty.”

“What’s your proposition?” I said, now semi-awake, highly intrigued and headed downstairs.

“Don’t hate me.”

“And?” I asked reaching the front door but not opening it.

“And you can have this coffee and these chocolate glazed cake doughnuts that you like that I just so happened to buy for you.”

I swung the door open and shivered. It was super cold outside. I pulled Brian in quickly so I could close the door. I took the bags and the drinks from him so he could hang up his coat and take off his shoes. “So, where do I sign the treaty?” He tapped his lips and I gave him a kiss. He smiled stupidly. “So what brings you here at 5:30 in the morning?”

“I missed your face.” He flopped down on the couch after setting the bag on the table.

“The real reason?” I sipped my coffee and sat on his lap.

Brian chuckled and looked at me, “Let’s skip class today.” I furrowed my eyebrows and felt his forehead. “What?” I shushed him and put two fingers to his neck. “Y/N~”

“I’m just checking to make sure you’re not sick, or dying.” I nodded. He glared. “There’s no way you just suggested that!” I laughed.

“I did! I don’t want to go today. I’m tired. I don’t want to do work.”

“Oh my gosh. You’re serious.” I paused with my mouth open a little. He pouted. “But-” I went to protest but he gave me puppy eyes. I frowned at him and tried to resist the urge to say yes. “It’s really disgusting how cute you are.” I huffed and sat my coffee on the table, shoving a doughnut in my mouth soon after.

Brian grinned brightly, “I’ll take that as a yes.” He wrapped his arms around me and left lingering pecks on my jawline.

“I can not believe you convinced me to skip classes with puppy eyes.” I spoke with full cheeks and my arms crossed. “I’m turning soft.”

“You’re very soft and squishy.” He poked my stomach.

“Did you just lowkey imply that I need to work out?” He coughed in that i-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about-tone. “Yah! You brought me doughnuts! Last time you brought me a bacon pretzel! I still don’t even know where you got that!” I complained.

He nodded, “Fine. Then let’s go get a bacon pretzel and a gym membership.” We both laughed at hoe ridiculous that sounded. “We can eat the pretzel at the gym as well.”

I hit his chest lightly, “Should we?”

“Let’s do it! But we should hurry up and go while all the early bird, mid 30s to late 40s people are there. They’d really hate us then.” He half joked, half was serious. “Then we can work out.”

I stood up, “Okay! You still have your sweat pants here somewhere in one of my drawers.” He stood up and followed me to my room. I pointed to the dresser, “Look in there.”

Brian opened one of the drawers, “Yah. This drawer is full of my clothes.” He chuckled.

“Actually! Since you come over a lot AND I steal your clothes sometimes, the 4 drawers on the left are yours. And the left side of the closet is also yours.” I grinned and nodded.

“Great! Tomorrow I’ll bring the rest of my stuff.” He laughed.

“Might as well. You practically live here already.” I shrugged with my hands on my hips. He stuck his tongue out. “Now get your gym clothes and get out of my room.” I scrunched my nose.

“Why?” He smirked. “Isn’t this practically my house too? So your room is technically my room.”

I clicked my tongue, “Yah Brian Kang. When we get married and you actually move in, you will sleep on the couch.” I huffed, grabbed my stuff and head to the bathroom.

He called after me with a laugh, “So, when is the wedding?!”


“So, basically, the girls that work in the pretzel shop thought you were so handsome that they made a pretzel specifically for you.” I chomped down on the food.

Brian nodded. “You think they’re still going to make it for me even though they now know that I have a girlfriend?”

I laughed, “Of course!” I opened the gym door as we arrived. “You’re still excessively handsome regardless.”

“I’m glad you know.” He winked and we went inside.

The lady at the front desk smiled and her eyes brightened as she saw Brian. I snickered. “Welcome to Seoul Gym. Can I help you?”

“Yeah me and my girlf-” I elbowed him in the side. He looked at me with a confused face. I shook my head. “Me and my FRIEND,” He glared. “Would like to sign up for a membership.” She looked at me and I nodded.

“I’ll go get an application from the back for you to fill out.” She spoke to Brian and tucked her hair behind her ear shyly.

I cooed, “Oooooo Brian Kang~ You woo all the ladies~” I held my heart.

“Why can’t I say you’re my girlfriend?” He blinked.

“Because she’ll probably give us a discount if you ask AND are single.” I winked and ate another piece of pretzel. He looked at me in disbelief. “Hey. I am a girl amazed by your ability to make girls swoon so easily. When I first met you, I gave you my daily employee discount every time you came into the coffee shop.”

He ran his hands through his hair, “You did?!” I nodded. “Wah~”

“And I made up something about you being the lucky customer to win a lifetime discount. This lady will probably make up something too.”

The lady came back with a smile plastered on her face, “Here are your applications. And you are our 10,000 customer here! You get an immediate discount on treadmills, bicycles and a free food voucher for once a day use from now until forever.” Brian looked at me and I gave him the i-told-you look. He shrugged and played along. He leaned on the counter, ran his hand through his hair and smiled genuinely at her, “Can I get one for her too then?”

She looked at me and back to him, “Ah yes! Of course!” We looked at each other and winked.


We left the gym 30 minutes after we got there, “You said they’d hate us! Not ask 20 questions about my personal life and if my pretzel tasted good?” I whined and Brian laughed as he slung his arm around my shoulders. “One guy even asked me for a piece!”

He cooed, “Oooooo Y/N~ You woo all the fellas~” He held his heart. I hit his arm and pouted. “Hey. I am a guy amazed by your ability to make guys swoon so easily.” He mimicked me almost exactly.

“Cancel the membership.” I huffed.

“Why? It’s not your fault you look hot in work out clothes.” He smirked and I hugged my coat closer to my body. “And I certainly didn’t tell them to ask for your pretzel.” He grinned.

I sighed, “Being pretty is too much work.”

He pecked my cheek, “I know.”


“Wonpil asks about you all the time.” Brian said handing me a bowl of ramhyun and chopsticks. We sat in the convenience store and ate as we talked about random things. “‘Why doesn’t Y/N visit us anymore?’ He is always asking me.”

I gushed, “Aw Wonpil is so cute~” I smiled widely. “If I dumped you one day, which member would you suggest for me to date?”

He slurped his noodles, “One minute you’re saying we are getting married, the next minute you’re asking me which member you should date that’s not me.” He raised an eyebrow. I nodded with an eye smile. “Sungjin.” He said immediately. “He’ll treat you well.” He nodded. “You like Sungjin?”

I shook my head, “Nope! I only love you!” I shoved some noodles in my mouth cutely and he couldn’t help my giggle embarrassingly. “Oh! Sausage! We forgot to get saausage!” I flailed with full cheeks. “I’ll get it!” I was up and running away before he could tell me to calm down.

“Here!” I smiled and handed him one after paying for it.

“Thanks babe.” He winked.

“Eyy~ Stop winking~ It’s making my heart hurt.” I fanned my face, that was turning pink.

Brian brought his face closer to mine, “Am I making you blush?” He teased.

I bit my lip and turned my head to look at him- our faces only centimeters apart. He blinked in shock and he started turning pink as well, “Am I making YOU blush?” I asked.

He nodded slightly before pecking my lips, “Yes you are.” He stared into my eyes.

I squealed lightly and laid my head on the table, “I’m dead. Take me to my grave.” I laughed.

“Wait no~ You agreed to watch a movie later~”

“Too late now. I’m dead and it’s your fault. I’m reporting you.”

“Then I should report you too! Being cute is a crime, you know? And you’re a professional!” He accused.

I sat up, “Me?! Then I’ll report you for existing!”

“Then you too!”

“Maybe they’ll throw us in the same jail cell.” I tapped my chin.

“I hope not. Then there was no point in reporting each other for these made-up crimes, if we are just going to see each other the same cell.” We were laughing so hard at this point that tears were coming down our cheeks. Brian suddenly motioned that the cashier guy was coming over to us. “Do you want anything specific?” I asked.

“Melona popsicle. Banana.” He answered. I nodded.

“Excuse me.” The cashier guy came up to us and we looked at him as we wiped our remaining tears. “I’m sorry to say. You’re a bit loud, and our customers are complaining.” He spoke softly.

I looked at Brian and sneakily winked at him, “I’m so so so sorry.” I stood up and bowed to him with a cute pout. “I didn’t realize we were so loud.” I puffed my cheeks cutely. The cashier guy became flustered at my cute expressions. “We will be super quiet now.”

“I-It’s okay. En-Enjoy your evenin-”

“It’s not okay! We are disturbing your work.” I shook my head. “Should I help you mop up? It’s getting really late. Or I’ll clean the table for you.” I smiled brightly.

He grinned and shook his head, “No~ It’s okay~ Thank you for being so kind and generous. Would you like s-something else? It’s on me.” He offered. Brian was quietly dying from laughter.

I blinked flirtatiously, “Hmmm Melona~ Banana flavored~ Two, please!” I held up two with my fingers.

“Yes of course!” He rushed to go get it.

“We are a mess.” Brian high-fived me.

“Between the both of us, we probably will get a lot of free things.” I flipped my hair.

“H-Here’s your ice cream!” The guy came back.

I hugged him, “Thank you!” I celebrated and he blushed before running away with a red face. “I’ll be here all week.” I sat back down.

“Dirty.” He shook his head and opened the popsicle.

“The result of skipping class.” I poked him.


Brian held up two movies, “A Moment to Remember? Orrrrrrrrrr The Thieves?” He asked sitting on the edge of my bed.

I thought for a moment, “We watched The Thieves the last three times. So, A Moment to Remember is good.” He nodded and put the disc in the DVD player. “Are you ready to cry?” I laid on his back as he laid down on his stomach with his forearms propping him up.

“I don’t cry.” He huffed.

“You lie!” I gasped. “You cried when Groot died in Guardians of the Galaxy!”

“It was an emotional moment! And you cried too!”

“I cry for everything!” I laughed.

As the movie started, our phones rang simultaneously. We looked at each other and Brian answered, but I didn’t. He coughed, “Hello.” It was quiet. “Oh yes, how are you doing?”

“Who is it?” I whispered.

“The school.” He mouthed. I covered my mouth. “Yes, I understand.” I waved my arms in the air and made coughing motions. “Y-Yeah I got kind of sick.” He sniffled. “Sorry I didn’t contact the university.” I sighed in relief. “Sungjin called the university looking for me?” Brian’s eyes grew huge. I paced back and forth. “I- Um- I didn’t get to contact him because I’ve been so sick. I went straight to my mother’s house when I started to feel this way.” I gave him a thumbs up. “You- You- You called my mother too?”

I planked on the floor, “Just tell them you’re dead and they’re talking to your ghost.”

He rolled his eyes at me, “Oh um- on my way to my mom’s house, my car ran out of gas. So I stayed at Y/N’s house. Yes, who also isn’t there.” I sat up and glared at him, “She’s taking good care of me.” He made a silly face at me and I had to refrain from laughing. “Yes, see you tomorrow.” He flopped back onto the bed. “We escaped death.”

“Wait for ittttttt~” I held up a finger. Just then, my phone rang. “Sungjin hello!” I greeted. “He is in bed resting. No, we did not skip school. Since, when did we do that? He is sick, that is a solid reason.” I nodded. “Exactly! He is in good hands!” I looked at Brian in terror. “Y-Your coming over?!” Brian rolled off the bed. “Ah! N-Neh! See you soon!” I hung up and tossed the phone to the side.

“I need to be sick!” He went and ran up and down the stairs to make it seem like he was burning up.

“I’ll get a cold towel and a thermometer ready!”

“Next time, I’ll just say my car broke down and I couldn’t catch the bus.” He complained already out of breath.

I huffed but laughed, “Next time, we are going to school!”

I think I got carried away with the ridiculous Brian fluff hehe
Campfire Song - onehaleofanadventure - Red Hood and the Outlaws [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Underage
Category: M/M
Fandoms: Red Hood and the Outlaws, Red Robin, DC Comics
Relationship: Tim Drake/Jason Todd

Summary:  Popsicles and beach bonfires don’t really mix. Some people enjoy the resulting mess more than others.

Some days, Tim wishes he was a Wayne, he stays with them enough since his parents are always gone. The maid at Drake Manor isn’t bad or anything, but she is definitely no Alfred.

Ever since his parents found out about Bruce adopting Dick, and then Jason, they asked him to keep an eye on Tim while they were gone. It was weird at first, with Dick being five years older, but they ended up being really close. Then Jay came along. And well, they’re close. Just in a… different way.

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Utter crack Alert. You know how some people practice blow jobs on bananas or Popsicles? (For whatever reason, laughs or maybe a dare.) Anyway, Jack Morrison is a competitive fucker and a corn farmer. So naturally this turns into a video of eighteen-year-old him shoving a fully grown (but husked) corncob into his mouth, tip first.

Said video gets released on YouTube (or the future’s equivalent) around the time that the original Overwatch members are all becoming super famous because of their heroic war efforts.

Gabe wants to laugh at the red shade Jack turns when he sees the video trending in the #1 spot. He wants to join in the ribbing and the jokes flowing endlessly out of Torbjorn’s mouth. Should probably team up with Ana to give the rest of the team the “I’m disappointed in you” looks.

But, but… He’s too busy hitting the replay button on the video. He’s not sure if Jack’s jaw is double jointed, unhinges in some way, or is just really flexible. He is sure that Jack doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex.

He shouldn’t be having those sorts of thoughts about his best friend. Should be picking a side to either protect or tease the shit out of Jack because - again - Best Friend.

Instead of doing either, he’s trying to figure out how he can leave the room without looking suspicious and also keep everyone from looking at his crotch.

The Signs as Things I've Heard in Marching Band
  • Aries: WHAT THE.... FUUUU-
  • Taurus: Where did these pictures of Michael come from?? They're everywhere what even
  • Gemini: Why are there no emo songs this year
  • Leo: Look, I'm like the majorettes! (Except I can actually catch the baton)
  • Virgo: Oh my god he's playing the tenors upside down
  • Libra: I still strongly believe that the drum majors should dress up as sexy marching band members
  • Scorpio: The clarinet section should all dress up as Squidward please
  • Sagittarius: I wonder if I can fit my trumpet in the tuba
  • Aquarius: Can I just pull an "I'm too gay for this" and leave
  • Pisces: You can shove that banana popsicle UP YOUR ASS

15 ASSOCIATIONS: Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL: jellyfish, swans, and bears oh my!!
2. COLOR(S):  white, gold, green
3. MONTH: August
4. SONG: “Liquid Smooth” - Mitski
5. NUMBER: 196…………..anyone who can figure out why gets a medal
6. DAY OR NIGHT: night
7. PLANT: Impatiens balsamina
8. SMELL:  expensive perfume (floral scents, naturally)
9. GEMSTONE: mother-of-pearl
10. SEASON: winter
12. FOOD: beans bananas popsicles i don’t fuckin know..fruit?? quinoa?????
14. ELEMENT(S): water, ice
15. DRINK: Nihilego venom coffee, ludicrously expensive wine

tagged by: @themaryiestsuetoeversue ♥

tagging: @mohnday, @discguise, @raisedbyseagulls, @rebelracket, @resfebxr, aaaaaand whoever else wants to steal this!

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GOM + kagami and himuro, things their girlfriends do that make them instantly want to do it!

KUROKO: When she talks about how much she trusts him and how special he is to her, Kuroko wants to immediately show her how special she is to him.

KAGAMI: When she sits in his lap, and the warmth and pressing of their bodies against each other makes him feel the heat begin to grow within.

KISE: When she says “I love you” with that innocent look on her face, he wants touch her and show her the consequences of saying that.

AOMINE: When she’s eating that banana or popsicle so slowly and with such focus, it makes him think of her sucking on something else…

MIDORIMA: When she steals his glasses, putting them on, Midorima gets a drive to both retrieve his glasses and thoroughly punish her for it…

MURASAKIBARA: When she strips in front of him, even without sexual intentions, Mura wants to unwrap her completely like a piece of candy.

HIMURO: When she brushes against his crotch with that smirk, and Himuro feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand up at the sensation.

AKASHI: When he teases her and she resists, moaning about how “it tickles, Seijurou”, Akashi wants to take it all the way and see her reactions.