voltron mario kart headcanons

- keith picks rainbow road whenever its his turn to choose the race

- lance can consistently hit people with green shells

- pidge and hunk know all the shortcuts in the game

- as a result one of them slways has the best time on any given course in time trial mode

- shiro is a master of banana placement. on ramps, right before cannons, you name it

- the group is divided on whether taking out fake item blocks was a good choice. keith, coran, and shiro say yes, allura, hunk, lance and pidge say no.

- occasionally there will be a round where everyone plays as waluigi, (or a round where everyone plays as a koopaling, if they’re playing mk8)

- there’s also a lot of discussion about which game is the best

- double dash is the collective favourite, though. its high on everyone’s list

- coran doesn’t throw blue shells

- allura, however, slams the item button when she gets one

- allura is also the best at balloon battle

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The banananananaaa lovers omfg okay but like head canons for when their s/o gives them new banana sword sheaths, and like gives them a new stash of bananas honestly the banana lovers r amazing

Yes yes we need more love for the banana lovers

Yiga Clan members getting banana-related things or just literally bananas from s/o

- There’s screaming

- Joyful, joyful screaming and squealing

- Archers have gotten banana-sleeves for their bows, sickle users have safety sleeves covering the blade, as do the demon carver users

- But the samurai

- They literally get a banana suit

- So imagine, the other three groups are just messing around in the hideout, having banana-fights with no risk of breaking real bananas, hooray!

- And then all of a sudden there are multiple banana-suited samurai bursting into the room

- More screaming ensues as everyone tries to get a look at the suits, because oh my gosh they’re literally bananas and where did you get these

- Master Kohga has the biggest headache of his life when these days come around and he just wants to nap

- There’s so much chaos

- And hugs

- Every s/o gets the biggest and longest hugs

- Especially if they get mighty bananas straight up

- They love their s/o so much in the first place, but they will love them 10x more that day

- But bananas first

- The s/o(s) will have to stand aside and chat among each other if they aren’t in the hilarity themselves

- And also get Master Kohga some pills this poor man is suffering

- Christmas and other gift events are now called the Banana Festival

Harry Things

Now let’s make a list…feel free to add on!!(:\

-When he holds his bottom lip between his thumb and index finger

-Always has to have water and/or gum

-That smirk


-The way his fingers intertwine

-How he used to run his fingers through his hair and kind of fix it to the side

-His boots

-How for some reason there’s this focused gaze her does where his brows furrow

-All the quirky dances

-How he walks sort of hunched


-His fondness of babies


-The master cakes he bakes and decorates

-How when he looks at you it can be such an intense stare where you don’t know if you should be scared if he’s angry or just take him right then and there

-Printed shirts

-Luscious locks





-The mole by his mouth

-Four nipples




-He’s just so sensitive but mysterious and uff

-C’mon he was raised around women, so he’s just so respectful

-Such a cupcake

Keep it going add on anything that you can think of!! I could go on and on!!

I hope we explore the drums with missy this season. That will be amazing, so amazing.


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In other news… BANANA!

The Master - Marchingintime

The Doctor - Slythgeek

Photographer - AliyaRose Photography

These were taken at the Doctor Who Slash panel at Kawa Kon.  It got very interesting.

  • Chica: Seems like the kind of pet to lay and whine if the find their master dead.
  • Lego: Seems like the type of pet who would go out and live in the wild when their master dies.
  • Banana Rambo: Seems like the type of pet who would kill their master.