banana guards


whoa Chara….didn’t know you read Japanese literature from over a decade from when you fell down the hole in 201X… The alternate check text for the Royal Guards in Genocide route is a direct quote from page 66 of the translation of Banana Yoshimoto’s book “Kitchen” and published in Japanese in 1988 and published in English in 1993. 
The version in the game may have been a slightly different translation. I have no idea why Toby included this quote. It’s not that famous a book or a quote, even the Google books doesn’t have it as one of the “popular passages”. 
You can read it online here, let me know if you find any other references in it, I unfortunately have a full reading list of exciting scientific articles to struggle to understand.  

The scene in Throne of Glass where Celaena’s period comes back is great for a number of reasons but mainly because

A) female character that actually has a menstrual cycle like sheesh that doesn’t happen often

B) Chaol manages to showcase what an awkward little banana he is by practically falling over in the face of female anatomy