MTG ban list update!


July 2014 banlist


  • Goyo Guardian - Limited (was forbidden)
  • Eradicator Epidemic Virus - Limited (new)
  • Magician of Faith - Semi-Limited (was limited)
  • Formula Synchron - Semi-Limited (was limited)
  • Reinforcement of the Army - Semi-Limited (was limited)
  • Dimensional Prison - no restriction (was semi-limited)
  • Mirror Force - no restriction (was semi-limited)

anonymous asked:

jfy, adam elmakias doesnt like being roleplayed so he should be on your banned list and also shouldnt be used as mod mascot.

Well, personally I knew that, or at least that he didn’t like being used in fics.

But I don’t see mod FCs as that much of an issue since they’re not being ‘played’ per se. It’s just a name.

Plus, if someone is being used as a mod mascot, they automatically can’t be role played in the RPG, so he’s banned anyway by default.

Thanks for the concern but I doubt he will be changed…

- Grieco

My reaction to the new Yugioh Ban List

Also note! Before you go out and buy cards on the secondary market keep in mind that Glow-Up Bulb, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind, and Formular Synchron will all probably be in the 5Ds Legendary Collection coming out October 24th so it would be wise to hold off until after that is out and the prices drop.