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I’ve been having a lot of deep conversations with friends, coworkers, and loved ones about the stuff thats been going on recently. Even after a few hours or even days I’ll still be lost in thought thinking about and running through things that have been said, both in the news and person-to-person. Over the past weekend I had all of this pent up inside me and I needed to put this down somewhere. So after a few frustrating scribbles on my lunch break, this drawing manifested from that.

I’m planning on making a limited run of colorful risograph prints of this and donating all the proceeds to the ACLU. I’ll let you all know when thats up on my etsy.

Stay kind and open minded, my friends.


Get to know me: 1/? anime series » Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

There’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

Frank Hurley banned from "photoshopping" WW1 photos

At 30 James Francis “Frank” Hurley joined the Australian Imperial Force as an honorary captain and official photographer. At first military officials refused to reprint his posed, multi-negative, and composite pictures (what we now call photoshopped). As shown by his diary he even threatened to retire his commission but after seeing some his composite photos on Oct 6 1917 the military establishment relented and approved his composites. 

Oct. 1, 1917

Our Authorities here will not permit me to pose any pictures or indulge in any original means to secure them. They will not allow composite printing of any description, even though such be accurately titled nor will they permit clouds to be inserted in a picture. As this absolutely takes all possibilities of producing pictures from me, I have decided to tender my resignation at once. I conscientiously consider it but right to illustrate to the public the things our fellows do and how war is conducted. These can only be got by printing a result from a number of negatives or reenactment.

Oct. 2, 1917

I sent in my resignation this morning and await the result of igniting the fuse. It is disheartening, after striving to secure the impossible and running all hazards to meet with little encouragement.

Oct. 6, 1917

I am sending in 150 negatives this week. Headquarters have given me permission to make six combination enlargements in the exhibition! So I withdrew my resignation. They must at least appreciate my efforts, as they were dead against this being done. However, it will be no delusion on the public as they will be distinctly titled, setting forth the number of negatives used, etc….



So we hit 1,717 followers this morning and we’re all very very honoured and happy! It’s been a year since we started this blog and any support we can get means a lot to us! So, to show our appreciation, here are a bunch of memes we edited (because we have nothing else better to do HAHAHAHAHA). Enjoy! (this is why the fandom should be banned from photoshop)

Annnnnd we should really get those requests done. 🌱✨

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