ban on plastic bags

the president of nigeria is about to fuck boko haram up and cut his own salary in half and criminalized female genital mutilation

the president of guinea built/is building infrastructure and school and wells all over the country and is decreasing youth unemployment exponentially

the president of cote d’ivoire made school mandatory of children ages 6-16 and banned plastic bags while also building ultra modern trasportation infrastructure

the future is for real in africa 

it’s frustrating how it’s so much easier to ban plastic bags or incandescent light bulbs than it is to institute a carbon tax or tax on plastic production at the source, which would be far more effective in spurring the development of alternatives.

In an effort to combat plastic pollution, Indian startup EnviGreen has come up with a combination of natural starch and vegetable oils that looks and feels just like plastic, but is 100 percent organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. You can even dispose of such a “plastic” bag by eating it.

EnviGreen founder Ashwath Hedge came up with the idea for these revolutionary bags after seeing people struggling to find alternatives to plastic bags, following bans imposed by several Indian cities. “People were concerned bout how they would carry products from the market now. Everyone cannot afford a bag worth Rs. 5 or Rs. 15 to carry a kilogram of sugar,” he told The Better India. So the 25-year-old decided to work on something that would solve this problem while being environment-friendly.

Hedge spent four years researching and experimenting with various materials, but one day he discovered a combination of 12 ingredients, including potato, tapioca, corn, natural starch, vegetable oil, banana, and flower oil, that looked and felt like plastic, but posed none of the environmental problems. The manufacturing process is obviously a closely-guarded secret, but the young entrepreneur did reveal that the raw materials are first converted into liquid form, and then taken through a six-stage process to create the bags.

The cost of an EnviGreen bag is about 35% higher than that of a plastic bag, but the benefits of using the former are more than worth the extra cost. Once discarded, EnviGreen bags biodegrade naturally in less than 180 days, and if placed in water at room temperature, they dissolve in less than a day. For quick disposal, they can be placed in boiling water, and they dissolve in about 15 seconds. repost classyatheist

Top 10 Facts Of The Day (March 17, 2017)

10. Rich kids bragging on social media, such as Instagram, are unwittingly providing incriminating evidence for prosecutors about their parents’ fraud schemes. Cyber-security firms say they have been using social media evidence to nail fraud and assets in up to 75 percent of their cases.

9. The city of Vernon, Florida has been nicknamed “nub city” because so many residents have intentionally amputated limbs, disguising the injury as an accident, as a means of insurance fraud. One man had 25+ open insurance policies and collected over $1,000,000 after amputating his left foot.

8. Ruby Bridges, the first black child to attend a white school in the south, attended class by herself because parents of white students would not let them learn with her and had to be guarded by U.S. Marshalls because she received death threats on a daily basis. 

7. When a coal mine catches fire, it burns for decades or even centuries. There are thousands of these fires across the world at any given moment.

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On Seattle

I’ve spent most of the day researching schools to apply to for a PhD and found out that the University of Washington has one of the best professors in my field. Six hours ago I hadn’t even heard of the University of Washington, let alone known anything about Seattle (apart from the chronic insomnia its citizens are supposed to have). Since then I realised that I might have just about found the perfect US city. And this is why:

1. The first person to graduate from the University of Washington was a woman. She got a degree in science. In 1876. IN FREAKING 1876.

2. It is officially the most literate city in the US and more than half of its residents have bachelor’s degrees or higher.

3. It legalised same sex marriage following a referendum where the common sense got an overwhelming majority.

4. All of its precincts voted for Obama in 2008.

5. It has an actual socialist in the local politics. And a statue of Lenin. In the US.

6. It is one of the most secular places in the US.

7. It’s next door to Porncouver. The closest any major US city gets to it. :p

8. It was the first major American city to elect a female mayor.

9. Amazon, Microsoft AND Starbucks. The three things that make any student’s life worth living, Linux supporters or not. It’s nice to not be socially obliged to have an Iphone. :p

10. It’s one of the greenest cities in the US - it even banned plastic shopping bags.

#I am literally surprised that the whole of Tumblr doesn’t live in this place.
Ban plastic bags across NSW, Victoria and WA
The Project has teamed up with Clean Up Australia to call on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and WA Premier Mark McGowan to #BanTheBag. These three great Australians could see single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags banned across Australia, thanks to existing bans...


If you’re an Aussie please sign this petition to ban plastic bags in WA, NSW and Victoria, thank you xx

The absolute worst shit in the world is being screamed at by a customer for something you have no control over. If you’re a barely-scraping-by retail worker like myself, you get that feeling. You can’t even really say “I’m sorry, I’m just a cashier/front manager/regular person, there’s nothing I can do.” because that’s just not good enough of an excuse for some people.

I live in a city that has implemented a city-wide ban on plastic and paper grocery bags. According to information provided by city hall (and yes, I checked it myself so that I knew what was what), the ban was passed in an effort to cut plastic waste, and because paper bags are costly to make and rarely ever make it into recycling anyways, they included those too. Stores that don’t abide by the ban have to pay an extra fee to the city to fund safe disposal and environmental conservation efforts.
The grocery store I currently work at now has two options: we sell recyclable plastic bags for 25 cents apiece, or we have a vast number of cloth bags made from recycled material ranging from 50 cents to $2 depending on the size and design. And yeah, your cloth bag with Olaf from Frozen is gonna cost more than one of our plain bags, things with popular characters or designs always cost more, even when they’re smaller or made with weaker materials. That’s what you pay to get your kid a bag with a snowman on it. That’s your choice.

AND YET. It’s been almost a year since the bag ban was put into place, and EVERY DAY I have to talk down a customer who gets angry because we don’t have plastic or paper anymore. I am a smol young lady with crazy bad social anxiety just trying to work day to day to pay bills, and yet EVERY DAY I have to step away from my register for a couple of minutes to calm myself because people think it’s okay to act shitty to the person scanning their hummus and pita chips.

“But you used to have them!” YES, we USED TO. And now we DON’T. And we haven’t for a while.

“You’re lying! You must have some in the back.” Yes, let me just visit our magical back room portal and pull some plastic bags out JUST FOR YOU. I don’t know who told people that stores just keep everything they sell in surplus in the back , but I promise you, our warehouse is not overflowing with product that we’re keeping from the general public. That’s not how it works. And we sure as shit aren’t hiding plastic bags from you because WE DON’T HAVE ANY. THEY ARE BANNED. WE GOT RID OF THEM.

“You’re a liar, this is just your company being greedy!” Yeah? Go tell the people in charge of running this entire chain of grocery stores. You’re not getting anywhere telling me. All I’m gonna do about it is smile and nod and pretend like I’m interested in your woes over having to pay 50 cents to buy the bags to carry your Raisin Bran and organic whole milk. You think I have any sort of clout with this company? Like you yelling at me is going to magically lift this bag ban? I can’t even get a recycling bin under my check stand for trashed receipts and coupons, they don’t give a shit about me OR you, so calm your ass down and pay for your sandwich meat so everyone else can get through the line.

It came up again just this past weekend, and honestly it was the worst of all the times it’s ever happened before. An older lady and her husband came through with a cart full of groceries. As I’m scanning them, she stopped me to ask for some plastic to hold her tiny potted plants she just bought so they don’t shatter. My immediate reaction was to tell her that a flimsy plastic bag wouldn’t protect her pottery from shit, but as we don’t have any plastic anyways, it wouldn’t have been an effective argument.
I told this lady in my best Customer Voice that “I’m so terribly sorry, but we do not carry paper or plastic bags any more.” So she started in on “what do you mean?” “That’s ridiculous!” “You had them before!” “Where are they?!”
I politely directed her to the sign I have taped to my register, which is coincidentally taped to EVERY register and has been for a year, which states that the city passed a law banning paper and plastic bags from retailers. It had a number on it that one could call to reach the city council and everything. This lady looked at the sign for a good ten seconds, looked up at me and sneered, “This is just a bunch of bullshit! Your company is tricking us! I want to see your manager!”
So I called my manager over, with this woman mumbling under her breath the entire time about how stupid this was and how I was cheating her. My manager came over and she listened to this woman redo her rant again, going on and on about how our company must be so corrupt to profit off of bags, cheating everyone out of their money.
My manager told this woman the exact same thing I told her; that the city passed a bag ban, that we are abiding by that ban and have stopped supplying palliative and paper bags, that we have recyclable bags for 25 cents. This woman wouldn’t stand for it, she kept interrupting my manager, trying to talk over her. Her voice kept getting louder and louder as she got angrier and angrier. She started waving her hands around, pointing her fingers at us, calling us both nasty names and getting WAY too close for a customer speaking across a counter to an employee. Then, quite suddenly, she reared back,

And she SPAT on my manager’s face.

This fucking woman reared her face back, hocked a wad of saliva and SPAT it in my manager’s face as she was speaking. I didn’t even know what to do, I was so dumbfounded. My manager just stood there in shock. This woman’s husband, who had been standing sheepishly by their cart the entire time, looked like he was about to explode in shame.
Finally, my manager flat-faced wiped her eyes and said, as calmly as I think she could have, “Ma'am, you need to leave this store right now.”

All hell broke loose after that. The general manager came over with a bunch of the lower-level managers to diffuse the situation but this woman was already in a tizzy. She started howling about unfair treatment, how they shouldn’t treat an elderly disabled woman this way, how she was going to call the police and tell them how she was being abused by our people. Not a single person laid a hand on her, they were just trying to move her away so that she wouldn’t lash out at me or the first manager again. I was allowed to step away to take a short break, because at this point I was about to start hyperventilating from how wound-up I was, and I have no idea what happened to that lady or her husband after that. I hope they at least got their groceries. Maybe placed inside some of our nice recyclable plastic bags.

that post made me curious so ima list some of the memorable primary school things and u should tell me what country ur from and if it’s relatable or not

-recieving a jacket potato card
-carrying the register in twos back to the office
-being v powerful as the kid who gave out the milk cartons
-tamagotchi circles
-adventure trails in the playground
-bulldog (bonus if u were too violent and got bulldog banned)
-the shirt machine
-tying plastic bags around the fence to make a giant picture
-number fans
-singing hymns off of the lil rolly projector
-making harvest boxes and delivering them to locals
-the book week parade!!! you’d dress up as your favourite book character and have a competition for the best costume
-star of the week/red spot badges
-the special rug
-recorder club (bonus if you played hot cross buns and joe joe)
-pyramid club (a weekly club that they put all the antisocial kids in to make friends but was actually really fun)
-the touch typing lessons with the creepy singing lobster
-washing your hands before you went into the it room
-the hot water bottles shaped like animals for when you have a tummy ache

Living Solarpunk Right The Fuck Now

As soon as I found out about solarpunk, I knew it was the movement for me. It’s exactly what I’d been waiting for – near future, optimistic science fiction focusing on ways to fix current ecological and social problems. 

But it’s more than science fiction to me. In solarpunk I see a legitimate way forward, and a strong aesthetic hook to convince people to adopt available methods. To me, solarpunk suggests that we don’t need to sacrifice beauty and comfort to live a more sustainable, ethical life. And I think people respond to that. I know I do. 

So I’m all in. I’m a solarpunk. I want to be as solarpunk as currently possible, and I want to insure that living a solarpunk life becomes more accessible to everyone. The lists below focus on looking at my own life, community, and choices through a solarpunk lens.

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What if all the current Christmas traditions were banned and instead everybody handed a plastic shopping bag around and took turns spitting in it? I don’t think I’d enjoy that as much.