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Help the Filipino women

So in the Philippines, their Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order on preventing the Department of Health and its agencies from going full blast on its family planning program. This puts a total ban on all contraceptives. This TRO, affects 13.4 million Filipino women. These are the 6.1 million presently using contraceptives, and the 7.3 millions more who have unmet need for family planning.

Not only are contraceptives essential for safe sex, but the oral kind, birth control pills are a necessity for women with PCOS. These pills actually DO MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the lives of those with PCOS. I can personally vouch from my experience of having irregular menstruation (I didn’t have my period for 2 years at some point) and then when I got checked up, I was given instruction to take birth control pills. I was skeptic at first but only because I wasn’t informed back then. To my surprise, my period started again. It was THAT EASY. Imagine that. I could have regular menstruation if I just took these kind of cheap but still safe pills! Having regular period did wonders to both my body and my self-esteem! No, it doesn’t make PCOS go away but it sure helps with mitigating the symptoms.

But with the TRO, my right to a normal functioning body is taken away. Me and millions of other women in this country will have to deal with the symptoms of PCOS even though it could be easily mitigated with the proper medication, aka birth control pils. And no, there is no alternative because this is the most effective way, all costs considering, of regulating hormones for those whose bodies cannot do otherwise. 

Please don’t let them take this right away from the many Filipino women who need them. Please help us win this fight. You can sign the petition here.

At a 1980 convention of Church bishops debating the topic of Catholic doctrine on sex and family, a liberal Archbishop from South Africa (Dennis Hurley; he is better known for his fierce opposition to Apartheid) made the point that Church doctrine held “the act of artificially limiting the exercise of one faculty of life is intrinsically evil, while the act of exterminating life itself is not” by banning contraceptive use in all cases but allowing for murder in the case of self-defense or just war.

Not only did his comment not impact the final decision of the convention, the Church went out of their way to remove his comments from the official transcripts. (x)

There were two types of condoms available in the early 20th century: one made from animal intestines and the other from molded natural latex. Harriet and Cleary manufacture the former, but both were illegal. The punishment for using a contraceptive involved heavy fines and, sometimes, incarceration with hard labor. The law banning contraception wasn’t overturned until 1918.



since I’m back I wanted to share what’s happening in my country right now. our amazing government wants to not only ban abortion but also plans to ban contraception and prenatal medical tests so if someone gets pregnant it would be even illegal for them to see if their or their baby’s life is in danger. if you get raped - no abortion possible. if you get raped by someone from your family - no abortion possible. if the pregnancy threatens your life - no abortion possible. if the foetus is deformed or may not be born alive - no abortion possible. if it’s ectopic pregnancy - no abortion possible. many people in here thinks that if abortion is legal people will just have an abortion because they want, and it’s not how it works???? we fight for having a choice, a very difficult choice but it’s crucial to be able to decide for ourselves and not to have the government and church decide for us! 

WHAT’S MORE. we can even go to jail if we miscarry because they can accuse us of abortion! there will be a whole investigation to see if the miscarriage was “done” on purpose! people who sell contraception may go to jail as well. 

this is happening right now and we are protesting as we can. on Monday we plan to stop everything and strike. we’re not going to work, we’re not going to schools, we stop everything just like the women in Iceland 41 years ago. we’re not born to give you children no matter what. we are people and we want to decide for ourselves, even though the decision is really hard sometimes. please spread the word! there are many events outside Poland as well, so please consider joining one! I’m seriously genuinely scared right now.

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Hi I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the Alkahest pls? I'm 7 chapters in and don't know how to feel cus I've never read a marriage law fic. Is it worth carrying on ? Thank you !!

Bear in mind, this is just my personal opinion as a reader:

First, marriage law fics: I am a sucker for the trope because even though forcing people to marry is objectively a terrible idea, violates all sorts of human rights, and is not ever anything I’d want to see “in real life,” it automatically creates drama for a story by forcing people together and allows writers to delve into how two characters would deal with an undesirable situation. We have quite a few stories under our Marriage Law tag you can check out here:

Typically the idea behind the marriage law trope is that in the post-war magical world, more babies are needed to replenish the population. How people are paired varies from story to story with everything from couples being allowed to choose to one person being able to petition for another to some sort of magical method for pairing couples. One general commonality in most marriage law stories is that couples must be of mixed blood status - so purebloods must marry muggleborns or half-bloods. Reasons for this range from attempting to destroy a blood status-based caste system and prevent another war based on blood prejudice to a desire to stop inbreeding and hopefully produce more magical children (usually with the examples of Tom Riddle and Harry Potter as magically strong half-bloods).

Now, logically speaking, if the purpose of a marriage law is to produce more children, then it would make sense for the law to require consummation of the marriage at a minimum, along with bans on contraceptives. Some writers include this, which sometimes results in a consummation of dubious consent, and others leave it out entirely. Some writers - and readers - find the idea of a couple required by law to have sex incredibly distasteful, but do be aware that it is included in some marriage law stories.

Onto The Alkahest specifically:

IMHO, The Alkahest is one of the funnier marriage law stories out there. Shadu-kiam is very good at writing humor and creating characters who are imperfect and feel like someone you might know “in real life.” The HP movies smoothed some of Hermione’s flaws, and some writers take that further, creating a Hermione who is almost a “Mary Sue” in her utter perfection. Shadu-kiam’s Hermione is not perfect. Far from it. But I did not find her grating or obnoxious either. Her take on Draco is kind too. He’s still spoiled and annoying at times, but he’s also matured. Her version of their relationship includes them dealing with some big issues but also with a lot of the smaller nitpicky stuff that happens when you live with someone else and their quirks drive you crazy. There’s definitely an element of real life to some aspects of their relationship. Take away the magic, and you have a couple who could fit into modern real life.

There is no Weasley bashing in The Alkahest, and the writer is very kind to Ron. To my utter delight, she also included one of my favorite mentor/protégée relationships between Lucius and Hermione. 

Each chapter of The Alkahest, when read on its own, is funny, poignant, or just enjoyable. When I look at the story as a whole, I will say that I personally think there are a few chapters that are superfluous. She did a very good job of showing how Draco and Hermione got to know each other and developed a relationship because of the marriage law, but there were a few places where I wanted to skip past some of the dating/’get to know you in a new way’ stuff and have the plot move forward. This honestly isn’t a reason to not read the story, and if you love fluffy relationship stuff, then it’s totally a reason to read it, but I did feel that the pacing was a bit slow in places and/or a few things could have been cut without losing the progression of the relationship.

I hope that helps. Happy reading! 


please, let 2016 end and be forgotten. and i beg anyone who’s listening, make 2017 better. there’s been countless protests in my country this year,ruling party was trying to ban abortion,imprision women who happend to have a miscarriage,deport atheists and opposition,they said fuck you to the new law that would make domestic violence against women punishable,they were trying to ban contraception,their supporters were burning the only sign of lgbt+ community over and over again and yet people tend to overlook our problems. why do we seem so unimportant to the foreign media? 

and now they are beating us for executing our right to protest and everyone still remains silent. 

To my non-Polish followers

As you probably noticed, we are protesting against the complete ban on abortiona and in vitro fertilization our government is currently working on. There are manifestations all over the country practically every day.

I have something to ask you for:

If there is any event at an embassy/consulate of Poland near you, please, please dress in black and attend it.

If there isn’t and you are able to organize it, either here or using facebook, please do.

If you can do neither, please spread my message, tagging it #czarnyprotest #savepolishwomen #piekłokobiettrwa

We can’t let this happen.

Eight years ago, 14 y.o. girl got pregnant from rape and was chased around the country by the clergy while she seeked legal termination.

Two years ago, a woman denied information on her foetus tragic malformation, was forced to give birth to a child that died after almost two weeks of agony.

This week, 12 y.o. girl gave birth to a child conceived by a paedophile rapist.

Spermicides got discreetly pulled out of pharmacies. Now only form of contraception we can access without prescription are condoms. They’re working on banning all emergency contraception, then probably the regular hormonal one.

This is our reality.


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Hi, would you recommend me to read Howl for me by KittenShift17? did anyone read it? what do you think of it?

Howl For Me By: Kittenshift17 -M- With the wizarding population at an all time low, the Ministry enacts a Marriage Law, magically pairing couples who’d never in a million years agree to even speak, let alone wed. Paired off with Malfoy, Hermione has to suffer the added indignity of the Ministry banning all contraception and forcing fertility treatment and aphrodisiacs on them all. Draco’s secret makes it worse.

This story is a WIP, but the author has said that she intends to finish all of her WIPs at some point. It’s also, as you can see, a marriage law fic. If that’s not your thing, then you may not like this story.

This story is also a werewolf Draco story, so if you really dislike the idea of him as a werewolf, you may not like this story. Personally I’m not super fond of the werewolf Draco trope, but I do absolutely love marriage law fics, and I have really enjoyed some of Kittenshift17′s other stories, so I read this one. 

Hermione, her friends, and their magically paired partners all sort of bond together and decide to try to make the best of what is admittedly a difficult situation. There’s a lot of nice Slytherin/Gryffindor bonding in this story and some funny moments as they all get to know each other. I think Howl for Me has a good balance between Draco and Hermione’s story and how it fits into what else is happening in the wizarding world. 

This story is a little different than some other marriage law fics because in addition to the werewolf issue, all couples are required to take aphrodisiac potions keyed to their partner, with the intent of making everyone a horny mess by the time they’re wed. Even without the potions though, it’s obvious in this story that there’s a mutual attraction between Draco and Hermione, and they have really good chemistry. Like most of Kittenshift’s stories, the snogging is pretty hot, and I’m anxious for them to get married and get it on already. ;) 

In short, if you like marriage law stories and/or werewolf Draco, then it’s worth giving this one a shot. Just my opinion, but I liked it. 



For those of you who are interested in how the total ban on abortion and contraceptives in Communist Romania worked out, here is a great documentary on it. I linked to it in my last post. It tends to be glossed over in English language sources but this is the first real in-depth piece I’ve seen on the Decree of 1966.
The abortion ban was rejected after thousands of women went on strike. But Poland has just revived it
The ruling party leader in Poland has said his politicians will return to the drawing board in their efforts to tighten the country’s anti-abortion laws. Jaroslaw Kaczynski said his Law and Justice party (PiS) aimed to further restrict legislation despite the resounding victory for people power. Poland’s parliament rejected the party’s draft law for a near-blanket abortion ban after protests and strike action across the nation.

In case anyone was wondering - this shit is back on. There have been numerous petitions filed with the Parliament, including one to ban contraception in all its forms. Meanwhile, chemical contaception (specifically a spermicide in tablet form) and patches have been withdrawn from sales all over the country (the official reason is that they are defective). Emergency contraception, Ella One is virtually impossible to obtain otherwise than online.