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New GMO Crops Temporarily Blocked in Mexico

The Real News Network talks to Timothy Wise, director of Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute.

Wise says anti-GMO activists in Mexico score a major, if tentative, victory.

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"United we Stand. Divided we fall."

“United we Stand. Divided we fall." 

(Against corporate and government corruption and greed.) Firstly, we must make an example of Monsanto! But our greatest power to change things comes from our purchasing power. The only way to bring down a corporate terrorist like Monsanto is to stop supporting them. Stop buying Roundup, Weardated carpeting made by Monsanto, artificial sweeteners, GMO foods, and any Monsanto products. Our only recourse is to hit them where they will notice it: their bank account. I guarantee, if every U.S citizen demanded chemical-free food, Monsanto would be forced to change their ways because their would be no money in it for them. You, Joe Consumer, keep the wheels of consumerism and business profit going. YOU can make or break a business regardless of whether it has government officials in its back pocket or not. Educate others about what you know and why it’s so important that we ban together now for the good of us all. You can do it, we at Circkles have faith in you, otherwise, we wouldn’t bother with any of this either.