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street hipster 101

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel every time you’re putting a strong outfit together. A well fitting suit will always look good. Slim black clothing will always look cool. A leather jacket will always go with everything. This outfit here is a bit cliche but for a reason: because it’s works!

So the two main pieces of this look are the camo jawn and sneakers. Camo has always had a place in streetwear fashion (especially here in Philly). From Stussy to 10 Deep to the highly coveted (and occasionally ridiculed) Adidas Yeezy Season 1, camouflage can look rad as hell when used properly. Too much can look too militant. The wrong colors can make it look tacky but when used properly, it makes for a dope look.

A cool styling tip is you don’t always need to be head-to-toe designer. One thrifted or no name piece mixed with some strong fashion pieces can work brilliantly. This piece here is an actual article of military fatigues that I received from a friend. It’s actually a few sizes too big for me so I lean into the oversized look. Big chunky cuffs that look rad with the contrast grey interior showing. I also layer it to fill it in a bit and to further style it so it all becomes intentional. Here I have a sleeveless grey hoodie from Artful Dodger underneath that adds to the look. A sleeveless hoodie is a really great piece to have in the wardrobe as you can get that layered look without worrying about sweating your ass off. Lastly, I have a curve tail tee underneath with a thin stripe pattern to subtly clash patterns for style and fun but in a neutral grey so as to not stand out to harshly.

Now as important as getting the right camo jawn is, having the sneaker game on fleek is the real linchpin to this look. Honestly, not just any sneaker makes this look work well. I mean, by all means, do you but I feel like these understated running trainer silhouettes look best with this ensemble. Here I have the limited edition “NICE KICKS x Asics” Gel Lyte iii kicks. They’re crazy comfortable and unique with their split tongue feature. The pop of color really stands out from the rest of the outfit and draw your attention to them as the standout piece here.

Lastly, I’m rocking my heavily distressed diesel sleenkers. The somewhat looser fitting blue jeans have a medium wash and big holes in it giving it the worn in street style that keeps with the theme of the outfit. I have my Ray-Bans keeping me shady and my Daniel Wellington watch keeping time. Threw the bike in there for good measure.

I swear I’m not a hipster! I’m just a bike riding bearded male model fashion blogger with tattoos and the occasional man bun….


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- @stayragg

Camo: U.S. Military
Hoodie: Artful Dodger
T-shirt: Cotton on
Pants: Diesel
Shoes: Asics
Glasses: Ray-Ban
Watch: Daniel Wellington