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When dating as an aro, do you think you should be upfront about it or just wait and see? I tried to hint at it (before I had a term for it)not in to the mushy touchy feely parts of dating and not really into dating. More into friends with benefits?

I believe you should be upfront about it and explain everything (how you feel and consequently what you do not feel) to the other person and what kind of relationship you want with them.


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Maria Hill’s favorite gun, or rather pair of guns, is the matched set of Desert Eagles Wade Wilson gave her.

They are both deadly and gorgeous, all mother of pearl inlaid handles with enameled SHIELD logos. She’d given a brief thought to framing them over her desk or some such idiocy but just as quickly decided that no… these deserved to be in the field killing bad guys.

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Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

Time and date:  10:17 PM EST 4/11/2015

Average sleep hours: 6-8 hrs during the week, 8-11 during the weekend. I love to sleep, I’ll ditch a party to get enough sleep.

Last thing I googled: I don’t remember? I think I was translating a line from a fic.

Nickname: Betty

Birthday: April 1st

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight

Height: 5′3

Favorite color: Red, dark blue, purple

Place that makes me happy:  My parents’ house, my room, the Appalachian Mountains (only about an hours drive from me)

How blankets do I sleep under: just a sheet in the spring/summer, a sheet and quilt in the fall, and sheet, quilt and comforter in the winter

What I’m wearing rn: a loose grey shirt and stretchy shorts

Last Book you read: I’m rereading Gone Girl

Favourite beverage:  Lemonade

Most used phrase: “This is for the birds” and “I don’t deserve this”

What did you last say to a family member:  “Have fun kids!” to my parents that left to go to a block party.

Favorite food: Barbecue chickent

Last movie I watched in a theatre: Battle of the Five Armies

Dream vacation: a fjord touring cruise, Morocco, Spain

Dream wedding:  Indoors, I don’t do bugs/weather/hot sun etc…I’d like an old manor or a castle, but a nice church would do. A long ass train on an old fashioned dress, and rad dance party for a reception.

Dream pet: Jeez, I’d love an owl but I don’t feel right having one as a pet? They seem like they should be living in the wild.

Dream job: An anthropologist travelling the world, learning new languages, helping people learn about their own history, maybe thwarting artifact stealers. An adventurer. 

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47,36, 33

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33.Who was the last person you drove with? My coworker isabel, i drove her home
36.Who was the last person you took a picture of? Myself xD
47.Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them? Its Extremely difficult, 0/10 with feelings

Tag 10 people you want to get to know better

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Time and date: 21:24 12/4/2015

Average sleep hours: 4-8 hours

Last thing I googled: Pelvic fractures

Nickname: Lexx, Gran, Dickbag

Birthday: 16 December.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: bisexual and tragically more hetero

Height: 5′4"

Favorite color: Black, blue, and purple.

Place that makes me happy: The beach and the mountains.

How blankets do I sleep under: 1.

What I’m wearing rn: A dark blue school shirt and blue gym shorts.

Last Book you read: currently reading memoirs of a geisha and auto repair for dummies.

Favourite beverage: All the beverages.

Most used phrase: “shit, son" or “bummer bro.”

What did you last say to a family member: I sense death’s embrace.

Favorite food: Tacos

Last movie I watched in a theatre: Furious 7.

Dream vacation: Surf and backpacking around the world.

Dream wedding: drinking on a beach and saying, “fuck it, let’s get married.”

Dream pet: A lion.

Dream job: Space marine.

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