The idea is to create a bamon tag completely free of spoilers*. This way, everyone can enjoy our ship without getting spoiled every week. All you have to do is add the new tag to your (spoiler-free) bamon posts, and collect your points!!


Gifs, promos, videos, interviews, pics, conversations, rumors, speculations based on information from upcoming episodes, etc. Anything that relates to future episodes can fall into this category. If it hasn’t aired yet, it is a spoiler, so it cannot go into the #bamonlove tag.


Our undying gratitude, for one. :D But more especifically, there will be points.

 For 10 points, you get a gif request (bamon or any other TVD pairing /character).

For 20 points, you get a mention in my blog with a link to yours telling people how awesome you are, and how much they’re missing out if they aren’t following you yet.

 For 30 and 40 points, you get a gifset of the scene of your choosing (doesn’t even have to be Bamon-related).

 For 50 points you get a completely custom AU gifset just for you.

 For 60, 70, 80 and 90 points, you get a video request (or any of the above prizes, if you prefer) and again, it doesn’t have to be Bamon if you don’t want to. It can be any pairing from TVD, or even Bamon with other ships!! Completely up to you! ;)

 For 100 points, you get a totally customizable video request. From the pairing, to the song (or even the exact part of the song!), to the colouring, the effects, the voiceovers, the scenes, the lenght, the theme, etc. As if you had made it yourself! And in the video description, there’ll be a link to your blog, twitter, youtube account or whatever social media you choose to have people visit you on ;)

* 100 points is the maximum everyone can get so, if you do get them, well, omg! Congrats!!!


I’ll keep a list of all the people participating in this, and the points they’re accumulating each. Then it’s just a matter of time, and of letting people know when to get their prizes! :P To participate in this, just send me a message saying you want in, and I’ll gladly add you to the list! <3


  • Tagging every spoiler-free bamon post with #bamonlove - 3 points. For every spoiler-free bamon post correctly tagged #bamonlove, you’ll get 3 points.
  • Promoting the #bamonlove tag with your own posts - 4 points. It should include a link to this post so people can know what’s going on and decide if they wanna join in! ;) Just two things, though:
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  2. Try not to copy-paste the same message over and over again ‘til the end of time. Be creative, love!
  • Gently reminding the bamily to use the tag on as many of their old, non-spoilery, bamon posts, as they possibly can - 5 points. Send beautiful, friendly reminders through your reblogs to the rest of the bamily. Remind them to take a minute or two to add the #bamonlove tag to their previously posted, spoiler-free bamon posts, so much better if it is within the first five tags! ;) 
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  • Politely letting people know about the tag - 6 points. If you see a spoiler in the #bamonlove tag, and politely ask the poster to remove it from there, you’ll get 6 points, but you have to ask them in their inboxes. Reblogs won’t do since they would be spreading the spoiler and making it moot. Then, before you send it to the poster, take a capture of the message so we can make sure you were, in fact, being polite about it. After that, submit the screencap to me (you can find the submit button in my navigation bar) with the poster’s url, and get your points!! :D If the message to this person was anon, you’ll get 5 points instead of 6.
  1. If the person does, in fact, remove it from the #bamonlove tag after your petition, you’ll get your points plus 10 extra as a reward!
  2. And if that person keeps posting bamon, but no more spoilers, you’ll get 4 more points for your help and dedication!!


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“Let me guess… she’s not with you.”

I just realized...

We’re watching some of our most classic Bamon meta come to life before our eyes in these past few episodes: the concept that Bonnie and Damon are not accustomed to being anyone’s first choice, and that if they were connected, they would be exactly that for each other.

With Bonnie, we saw it most dramatically in 6x05 when she sacrificed herself so that Damon could go home, so that he could be happy. It was an experience so new to him, that he’s still completely in awe every time he talks about it:

With Damon, we’re seeing it in action in the way he’s prioritizing Bonnie over everyone else, even people who are important to him: compelling Alaric, refusing to indulge Elena’s self-focus when Bonnie needs saving, feeling bad for letting Bonnie down rather than for what he did to Alaric, even right after getting punched.

Compare this to basically everyone else:

  • Jeremy, understandably or not, is prioritizing his own grief and well-being over Bonnie.
  • Elena gets some points for attendance, but the fact is that at every opportunity she was shifting the focus away from Bonnie… it was so blatant that I have to wonder if she went on this rescue mission just as much as a test of how she and Damon mesh together as to actually rescue her best friend. Again, prioritizing herself over Bonnie.
  • They went to great lengths to show us that Tyler prioritizes Liv over Bonnie.
  • And that Alaric prioritizes Jo over her.
  • I feel bad putting Caroline on this list since it’s almost a plot contrivance she wasn’t more involved, but the fact is that this wouldn’t be the first time where Caroline prioritized boy drama over Bonnie.

I’m not assembling this list to demonize anyone on it, and I don’t hate any of these characters for making the choices they made (other than Alaric, who I hate by default, sorry Alaric). But these are the people who Bonnie has prioritized over herself in the past. These are the people she has literally died for, over and over.

There’s only one person she made that sacrifice for who was willing to do the exact same for her at the time. Only one person who proved with his actions that he holds her in the same kind of regard/importance: Damon.

This is the equality of their give and take. Of how they prioritize one another. This is how they demonstrate that they can trust that each will choose the other, when push comes to shove.

anonymous asked:

Damon was so happy to hear her voice, he's looking up to the ceiling and smiling in the background, you can't tell me he doesn't love Bonnie and wants her to be safe.

Yessss, exactly!

For four months, they talked. They had each other and no one else. I don’t care what Damon told Elena, they talked about anything and everything. Every little, tiny, minute moment of each day was spent and shared in the each other’s company.

So when he was separated from her, he craved that, more than he could have ever expected. To the point where he called her cell phone and was disappointed that she only left him with 6 meaningless little words.

To the point where he reminisced about talking to her, about the sound of her voice, losing himself in the memory of it and smiling like an idiot without even realizing it.

Because that’s not something Damon has ever had with someone before, that kind of emotional intimacy, that kind of trust and connection.

So hearing her voice isn’t just about the fact that he cares about her. I mean of course that’s true, and of course he’s feeling waves of relief just crashing into him to know she’s alive when he was beginning to fear the worst.

But her voice. It’s not just about that reassurance, I’d say that for him at this point, hearing her voice must feel like coming home. And even hidden away in the unfocused background, Ian made sure we could see that play out all over Damon’s face.