"Mommy Mommy! Bedtime story please!!"
  • Bonnie: Okaay okay! Get in the bed.
  • [Sitting on the edge of the tiny toddler bed, she continues]
  • Bonnie: This is the story of how I died. It happened awh-
  • Kid: It's just make believe, right mommy?
  • Bonnie: ...Not exactly baby
  • Kid: .....
  • Bonnie: Ok. Well it was way before I me--
  • [The door creaks opens. In walks Damon with a small plush black bird toy.]
  • Damon: Give her the condensed version.
  • [Finally he reaches toddler bed. He stares at Bonnie expectantly.]
  • Bonnie: .... sighs.....
  • Damon: For Elena. The End.
  • [hands over the toy to the tiny girl who happily takes it]
  • Damon: Now, go to bed.
  • Kid: Mommy, I--
  • Bonnie: You heard Daddy. Time for bed.
  • [They both kiss her forehead and turn out the lights before they leave, hand in hand.]
  • Bonnie [whispers] : You didn't tell her about how you saved me.
  • [whispers as he closes the door behind them]
  • Damon: It ...was...
  • He makes a show of slowing winking at his wife and smirking.
  • Both: "For Elena"
  • they share a kiss to end another night they have together, thanks to a very "selfless" friend.
  • endless laughter ensues.

whimsical39  asked:

Hi Nisha! i thought 7x21 was a great episode. Then i read some postings about plec's tweets regarding bamon and that it's only a friendship. Is it me or is this utter nonsense? Did she basically say romantic bamon probably won't happen? I mean wtf?

sarah submitted:
Hello i am a new bamon. Well i watched the show last year and i fell in love with them immediatly. And i love your blog. I just wanted to ask you because i really need hope right now. Do you think that bamon will happen? Because apparently plec said that they will always be platonic to dullena fans on twitter. Last night episode, they mention elena again and again and it totally ruined the scenes for me. She better give us sth in the finale because honestly i really wanna quit watching.

@yousra-bamon-things said:
Hi Nisha, julie plec just answered to a fan who asked if Elena was still the love of Damon’s life and she said “ yes she is.” 😕😕😕 why why why 😧

@themaidoflys said:
Uggg why did the writters put the “the way elena love you” thing there Why? I mean… That was soo unecessary, I just… I’m losing all hope of bamon ever happening… Sorry I just needed to say that to someone…

@sevenreigns said:
Thanks for the link hookup boo! I’m happy but pissed at the same time. #BamonforElena has come back from the dead. Sigh. What’s your opinion on that? Do you think the Bamon kiss is going to happen despite him including Eleanor in the love confession?

Hi guys! Hope you don’t mind if I answer these together, my answers were all going to be very similar :)

Basically, Julie tweeted that when Damon said that he loves Bonnie “like Elena loved her,” he meant that he loves her as a “profound best friend.” She also made some tweets that appeased DE shippers about Damon still loving Elena, and encouraged them to watch the finale. To Bamon shippers, she made some tweets to say that right now Bamon are friends, and that that “might never change.” (Please note, this is NOT the same as saying that Bamon will always be platonic, but it’s also not terribly encouraging in tone for those who want to see a romance between them, or who already see the beginnings of a romance blossoming between them.)

She also tweeted to a Bamon shipper (who was being very polite from what I saw) that she would love to discuss her feelings about the “love you like Elena loved you” line in person, because she had valid concerns and that JP has responses, just that it’s too much to be tweeted. She followed that up by warning her that if they ever did have the conversation in person, to not bring shipping Bamon into it, because being a rabid shipper automatically discredits any otherwise intelligence critique you might have. 

Furthermore, in a separate thread she suggested that people ship Bamon either because they hate Elena or they are book fans, but she later backtracked on this slightly and said that “of course” she understands why someone would ship it based on the show scenes alone, but that they are not a canon romance at this point.

Now, I am of a few minds on all of this.

The intrepid optimist in me sees a lot of showrunner-speak happening here, a lot of talking out of both sides of her mouth. That automatically pushes me to fall back and rely on canon instead, where the door is very much open for romantic Bamon imo.

But at the same time, I am definitely one of the people who was frustrated and turned off by the dismissive nature of her tweets, and can’t help but agree with others who note that people shipping Caroline and Elena’s ships that were still platonic but seemed ripe with romantic potential were actively encouraged, not spoken down to or even discouraged.

I have my theories on why we’re seeing this attitude, and specifically on why she was so quick to suggest people who have concerns are too focused on ships (ie. rabid, which… yuck). But then I’m not actually in JP’s head, so me speculating on her intentions and feelings is just that, speculation.

Anyway, getting off track.

All that to say, the door is still open for romantic Bamon. It’s no less open now than it was on Thursday/Friday when the episode aired, before she made her tweets. The question is, will they ever go through that door? At this point, according to Plec, all of the development we’ve gotten, no matter how passionate or intimate or brimming with romantic potential, is able to be hand-waved away with a simple “Nope, just friends.”

So, I’m thinking it’s best if we go into the finale with low expectations, at least if you’re like me and were completely demotivated by the things she said. I know there are plenty of folks who are still upbeat, and I think they have reason to be, and certainly am not trying to rain on any parades. But I also think it’s okay and necessary for others be more pessimistic, if that’s what’s going to make the experience more bearable.

At this point, I see no reason for them to not proceed with romantic Bamon. Yes, there are narrative obstacles that they’ve put in place (DE, BE, and Bamon’s own stubborn inability to acknowledge/articulate their feelings for one another), but that’s what building a story is all about. They aren’t reasons why Bamon is impossible.

But then it follows, that if they don’t give us something concrete for romantic Bamon at this point, something else is going on. And then we have to decide if it’s worth sticking around in the case where they may be baiting us with no plan to ever follow through, and moreover no intention to even respect us enough to acknowledge that it was bait in the first place. Like @darwinquark said on twitter, it’s one thing to feel baited by the show’s writing; it’s another thing entirely to feel baited and then be told by the showrunner that you’re crazy for seeing bait there at all.

So I don’t know if this is positive or negative, but it’s basically the messy place where I’m at right now re: TVD and canon Bamon.