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bonnie&damon | neptune


so a rant is about to be at hand. I started watching the vampire diaries a couple days ago and I loved stefan and elena together. I was mesmerized by all the dynamics of the show, then I got to season three and everything started getting all weird. I came on here and found the bamon ship, and started doing the unthinkable and started shipping them hard. 

I know people have been debating this couple and I am really late but I really liked the differences between these two characters. They started off hating each other and it progressed through a slow burn. From reading and doing some research I found the letter than Damon wrote to Bonnie and almost cried. it’s so raw and real and filled with so much emotion. I don’t know if Bonnie and Damon end up together but, I feel like they have such a pure and raw relationship.

I wish they could have explored more with this couple. I know I may get backlash from posting this, because some people maybe on the fence, but watching this video had me in tears.

I constantly see Bonnie giving up so much of herself, saving Elena, saving Jeremy, saving everyone but herself. She is always giving something up, would it have been so wrong that she received a little bit of love in return? Now I know I’m new to the show and haven’t seen everything.

yet, just watching the bit that I have I don’t like the idea of Elena and Damon together. It started off with lust, and I can’t imagine Elena with anyone but Stefan. I know it gets weird so I think I may check out early… from this show… but I wanted to post this video and appreciate it for all it’s fluffy glory.

Okay… ranting done! Also, if anyone knows of any good Bamon fics let me know! I am currently reading one entitled “ What lies Beneath” it’s pretty damn good! Comment or message me if you have suggestions!


I swear to black Jesus, if Bonnie dies…I’m gonna flip out.


damon & bonnie || jealous {s6} *request*

I love Bamon just as much as BonKai and this was so much fun to make.

Sooo, I made this little trailer ages ago on my shitty iMovie editor, and with every chapter it gets less and less relevant, so I figured I’d just post it as is for a fun little waiting time pick-me-up. Behold, our four heroes. More vids here

glad tvd is over and that kat graham is free from julie racist ass

julie plec still trash this bitch  should  never  ever write or be a showrunner  for any tv show. glad bonnie lived but  i  knew this bitch wouldn’t make bamon canon.i’m glad this shit show is over.  i the only watch tvd was because of bonnie/kat and damon/ian drew me in with there chemistry on  a youtube video. lastly i  going to miss the bamily and posting here but i will lurk time to time looking for those bamon fics  and videos because  i still love bamon it will alway be one  of my otps. one more thing glad bozo never got a end game and fat head elmo  is still thing  fuck dullena fans they deserve nothing.


For years I have been in Bamon fandom. For years I have watched these characters grow and change, just as I have grown and changed with them. It’s been one hell of a ride with lots of ups and downs. I’ve literally been beyond happy sometimes with certain moments on this show but I’ve also been totally crushed at others.

First things first…there should be Bamon goodbye, and that really broke me.

Secondly, this is me saying goodbye to these two. In my head these two will always be endgame.

As for the rest of the tvd finale; it was good but not great. I had a lot of expectations and it really didn’t live up to any of them. I think what bothered me the most was Nina and Ian’s acting - especially when they had scenes together. Nina’s acting was not the best neither as Katherine or as Elena tbh but that last shot with Delena walking down the street was Ian’s worse acting on this entire show ugh. That half-ass smile was so bad I cringed. And I’m so sorry because of Steroline there are endgame in my head too, actually BELVAFORE is the true endgame.

Thank you Ian and Kat for giving us Bamon. And thank you to the Bamon fam for being my biggest supporters and loving my bamon videos. The journey would’ve not been the same without you all. This one is for you guys.

Bamon fam - I love you guys forever.


This song screams Bamon to me in such a profound way and here’s the reason  why the above video happened..