bamon everywhere


Everywhere I go I read how strong Caroline and Elena are. I’m not saying they aren’t, because they’ve been through hell and pain as well, I won’t deny that. But can we honestly use their hardships as a template for strength when they’ve never dealt with their hardships alone? When Elena lost Jenna, Alaric, Jeremy and Damon she had a mountain of support. The same with Caroline, though I would never begrudge her pain at Sherriff Forbes death. Through friends and also by being Vampires they had a load of support and the option of turning their emotions off to deal with everything.

And then there’s Bonnie. Bonnie had to deal with her Grams death, Jeremy’s death and PTSD, use of expression where she too became unstable and slightly crazy, her father’s death, dying and being terrorized and left for dead in the prison world by a psycho (yes I am Bonkai all day everyday, but if it quacks like a duck…..), PTSD from being terrorized by Kai, being used by Damon to get his funky mother back, a mother mind you that doesn’t give a shit about him or his brother, to being linked to Elena via the Sleeping Beauty storyline.

Has Bonnie ever been pulled to the side and asked if she’s okay by someone that truly means it? I give Caroline a pass because she did help Abby transition, at least she tried.

Bonnie never grieves, she just sucks it up and move on. She doesn’t act a fool or find a spell to turn off her emotions, she deals with it, yet I rarely see people praising Bonnie for her strength.

Just a thought.