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                          Happy Halloween, everyone! 

Over the past month I have been posting short drabbles based on this challenge.  Although I did not get a chance to finish them all due to an illness, it has been a lot of fun and I just want to thank everyone for their support and feedback.  It means a lot to me.  As promised, here is a masterlist of all the creepy moments Bonnie has endured in the month of October.  

  1. in my veins (poisoned) — Kennett 
  2. no escape (cage) — Klonnie 
  3. dusk (insects) — Bamon 
  4. grave dirt (buried) — w/ Caroline & Elena 
  5. white oak (trees) — Klonnie
  6. sepia tones (photograph) — Klonnie 
  7. cross the line (trepassing) — w/ Caroline & Elena (and a surprise guest)
  8. curiosity (basement) — Stefonnie & Kennett 
  9. everywhere (eyes) — Bamon 
  10. big bad wolf (growling) — Tonnie 
  11. push (obsession) — Bilas 
  12. one way trip (passenger) — Bonlijah 
  13. all in the mind (disgust) — Klonnie 
  14. black crow (omen) — Bamon 
  15. intoxication (bite) — Bonlijah 
  16. never alone (paranoia) — Klonnie
  17. her familiar (scratching) — w/ TO’s Jackson Kenner 
  18. your smile (mask) — Gen w/ Bamon leanings 
  19. uninvited (hovering) — Gen 
  20. just til morning (silent) — Bonkai 
  21. sort of mine (secret) — Klonnie
  22. newborn (hunger) — Monnie 

*Kat* is everywhere




I was watching a Bamon video ( the wonderful one with Nitesky) and suddenly…Something hits me !

Elena said “ He kinda loves her…”

All my life xD, I was thinking that Elena doesn’t care about Damon and just care about her ass, and yes it’s true but, what if Elena actually cares enough to push Damon to Bonnie ?

Think about it. IF Damon and Bonnie are together, Elena wouldn’t be pissed, actually would be happy for them, unlike the Stereoline situation, because she loves Stefan enough to not hand him over.

But if we analyse the relationship between Elena, Bonnie and Damon, Elena knows that Bonnie and Damon have a complex relationship, she KNOWS that Bonnie hated him, and knows that Damon cares about her. SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE SHOW TO NOTICE IT ! Even Stefan didn’t see it !

And she know how Bonnie feels about Damon, at least she has an idea. Elena was the one who was pushing Damon to do better, and when she saw it wasn’t enough Bonnie did the job! So what if, all this was a preparation ? What if Elena actually want Damon to be at his best and notice he is when he’s with Bonnie ? Elena doesn’t want to do this…Elena doesn’t want to be the balance with Damon. 

When Katherine broke up with Damon, I swear, for a minute, I actually think Elena would say the same.

Damon is like a ticking bomb, and Elena herself, knows deep down she can’t do it. But she cares about Damon, and wants him to be at his best.

Remember what she said to Qetsiyah… “ My boyfriend who never put anyone life before mine…. "


SO What if, in a very little possibility, Bamon and Stelena are endgame ? What if Elena is actually…. A BAMON SHIPPER ? 


” For Elena “ just acquire more credibility than ever. 

I going sleeping. My brain is ill. 


anonymous asked:

Thank you for your kindness!! Your fandom is amazing and I really hope your ship becomes cannon. Both ships in the Zimbio poll were amazing and I'm so relieved that our fandoms aren't attacking each other. (P.S. Bamon is totally end game!)

Lovely Clexa Anon, thanks to this championship we were able to know the strenght of both our fandom and the love that we have for our couples for very valid reasons. Great couples have great fandoms. I’m proud of you/us! Being recognized, accepted, respected and loved is the greatest joy for everyone in this world! I wish you all the best! <3 

He kinda loves her...
  • a follower : Its not happening……. You are gonna get hurt. I think I am also deleting my account.
  • Me : Listen, maybe it's not happening but I would like to continue to hope because, it's what we're doing, the bamon family. Our ship since the beginning is canon, and has few chances to happen, but losing the faith it's not our thing. We are bamonators. We get slapped. Hardly. But until the last episode of TVD , there is always a chance, even small, for a bamon event. AND IF it's not happening, I WILL write a story about a witch and a psychopath vampire falling madly in love. I mean, I'm a future scriptwriter, and I'm not JP. I'm not spitting on people faces.

Bamon feels everywhere. While my heart hurt for Damon, I love that he´s doing everything to win Bonnie  back. I see big amounts of jealousy from his part during the Bonenzo´s moments. And the menace scene to Enzo was glorious.

Also, I really liked Bonnie and Enzo as a couple. The dance and the couch scenes were super cute

But, regardless which pairing do you ship, what I liked the most in this episode was that Bonnie finally got all the love she deserves, which isn´t very common in this show. Not only Enzo and Damon showed how much they care for her, but also she´s the reason to get Stefan and Ric to work together. Everything for Bonnie. And that´s glorious