hey guys! sky and i will be doing tumblr awards!

we both recently reached 1k and decided that this would be fun!


must be following me and sky

must reblog this post (likes don’t count but you can use them for reference).

if you are mutuals of me or sky, you are excluded from the awards, but please reblog so others can see this!

that’s pretty much it for the rules, there’s not much to it!


best url (3)

best theme (3)

cutest boys (3)

cutest girls (3)

best posts - for humor (3)

best non-humor (2)

nicest peeps (2)


a follow from the both of us

promos from me or sky basically whenever you want (please be reasonable)

selfie reblogs and post reblogs

our friendship


winners will be announced on christmas

either sky or i will post the winners

Thanks all and good luck!

im turning 18 and to celebrate i want to host a tumblr awards!

please don’t delete the text, dang 


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes won’t count)
  • must be humor, idk why youd even enter if youre not tbh


  • best url
  • best posts
  • best original posts
  • best theme
  • best icon
  • cutest boy
  • cutest girl
  • nicest blogger
  • best overall

i will be choosing 3 or 4 or more winners per category idk man 

so what do you get if you win:

  • a follow from me (if i’m not already) B) swaggy
  • a link on my friends page! oh
  • you can tag me in things all the time so i’ll reblog! 
  • AMAZING FRIENDSHIP cuz tbh im doing this to make more friends weeee

so i will prob pick the winners during the last week of february cuz i dont have school that whole week so you have a month to enter weeee

good luck ily!