Tom with David Haye and Scroobius Pip (Taboo) during BAMMA 31 at SSE Arena Wembley on September 15, 2017 in London, England.

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Tom Hardy swaps the red carpet for the octagon as he celebrates his 40th birthday cheering on Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers in MMA fight with wife Charlotte Riley

He’s the A list actor who has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters.

But Tom Hardy revealed he was an unexpected fan of Geordie Shore’s Aaron Chalmers, as he attended the BAMMA 31 held at SSE Arena Wembley on Friday night.

The Revenant actor celebrated his 40th birthday at the event with wife Charlotte Riley, and dressed down for the occasion in a casual ensemble.

Tom sported an unkempt beard, and kept a low profile by pulling a baseball cap low over his face. 

The Mad Max actor looked completely engrossed in the fight, where Aaron was triumphant on the night - beating his opponent Alex Thompson in just 30 seconds via knockout.

The pair’s outing comes after Tom posted a heartfelt tribute to his pet dog Woody, announcing the pooch had sadly passed away aged six.

The actor took to his blog to tell his fans about his loss, explaining that Woody died earlier this week after a six-month battle with polymyositisis, which is a muscle disorder.

Tom called Woody his ‘best friend’, revealing how he rescued the animal when he was filming his 2012 movie Lawless in Atlanta.

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Leon Edwards Highlights

By: Jehu Media

 UK fighter Leon Edwards (13-3) has been steadily rounding out his game since coming to the UFC and it’s bearing fruit. Initially known for his dangerous kickboxing game, he’s started to develop some good wrestling and grappling chops which he has used to win recent fights over Vicente Luque and Albert Tumenov. I don’t think he’s struck the right balance between these two parts of his game yet, but he’s improving with every camp. Welterweight is due for a turnover at the top and Edwards is one of the young (26) welterweight putting together quality wins (3 in a row, 5-2 overall in the UFC).

Edwards draws prospect killer Bryan Barberena (13-4) for UFC Fight Night 115 this Saturday (Sept. 2).
BAMMA BOUND: BAMMA London - Nathan Jones vs Alex Lohore
In a battle for London fierce rivals Alex 'Da Kid' Lohore and Nathan 'Mr Bag & Tag' Jones will finally go head-to-head at BAMMA London at the SSE Arena on Se...

“Thats my boy there”

“All RvN behind Nathan Jones for his upcoming title fight against Lahore

Sept 15 2017 BAMMA ~I”

“We love you bro 🇬🇧️ RvN LDN 17



Tom with some fans and friends during BAMMA 31 at SSE Arena Wembley on September 15, 2017 in London, England.

@LisaHar42539390 “When you get. Snap chat Tom hardy!  made my night”

@uppisg “Great to see Tom Hardy come down to BAMMA on his 40th birthday to support his mate @mrbagandtag. @changnoi1988 #BAMMAlondon #MMA #photobomb”

@changnoi1988 “What a gent @tomsohardy is. Happy Birthday mate. #re-org #BAMMA #mma #ukmma #tomhardy #medicalteam #wembley #ssewembleyarena #london”

@cutmansheldon “Good to meat this fella last night @bammauk #tomhardy #bane #krays #bronson ”

@marleyclifton “Just chillin with Tom Hardy. No big deal…”

@deanmiddhat “Getting some acting tips from the man himself #tomhardy @bammauk in Wembley ”

@bammauk “BAMMA’s @jess_impiazzi alongside Tom Hardy in the house for #BAMMALondon tune into Dave TV NOW! ”

@dappersinstagram “Me and Tom Hardy, besties and that.”

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anonymous asked:

May I ask where you're located at? And how do your bees do during the winter months?

I’m currently in the good ol’ down south territory known best as Alabama! Central ‘Bamma to be exactish. And I personally have yet to fill my hives, but all of my local keepers have had consistent losses of about 1/3 of their hives over each winter. They of course build it back up through the summer, but there are always losses.

Except for one keeper…

I only know him as “the all-natural keeper.”

He keeps small-cell bees and they are for all intents and purposes invincible.

They are a miracle of nature and will never die.


RvN 2015 Nov 14th Jack McGann vs Dagir Imavov

‘Full support from RvN crew 2015 busy year for all ~ showing love and support mate. Requesting all friends Follow and support British talent Jack McGann. WolfsLair BAMMA 2015. Nov 14th. Have fun mate we’re all behind you here Jack. Love Tommy 🇬🇧👊💥 supporting best of British who strive to do better resist the easy option get out front do what’s right never give up pursuit of excellence self discipline humility integrity courage determination unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face adversity mate. We’re All rooting for you you’re already smashing it doing us proud. Aim for the stars to catch the moon man can never consent to crawl when he has the impulse to fly RvN 2015 Proud of you pal’


MMA fans Watch this chap Jack MGann fighting tonight BAMMA Dublin
Massive shout goes out to the Pilgrim
One of the boys, sending mad love and support mate enjoy tonight ~ put on another solid show mate ~ look after my watch we’re all behind you mate Tommy

**update Big win for Jack ..Congratulations!

Bellator The #2 North American MMA Org?

I was watching Bellator this past weekend and there were quite a few good bouts they put on. I enjoyed the Nover vs Held fight and a few others. Although the Santos vs Prindle fight was a horrible ending to the show. Bellator has been putting on great events, the problem is their production is very poor. Their non HD set up on MTV2 is definitely not the best quality. Also, the announcers do not even compare to Goldie and Rogan, or even Ranallo, Johnson, Miltech, and Shamrock of Strikeforce. The shows color commentator is really just not good.  

Many people were ready to give Bellator the defacto #2 crown once Strikeforce was swallowed by the UFC but I don’t know if I would call Bellator a clear cut #2 in North American MMA. There are still plenty of good organizations on the rise such as ProElite, MFC, and Shark Fights. Bellator is not too far ahead of any of these organizations, especially Shark Fights whos production in my opinion is better than Bellator’s.

One thing Bellator has going for them is that they have a good group of champions in each of their weight classes who I all think are UFC worthy except for LH champ M'Pumbu. Outside of their champions though few of their fighters would even be able to beat perennial UFC undercarders such as Eric Schafer or Thiago Tavares. I believe Bellator needs to stay aggressive in pursuing all of the top talent they can get as they are still far behind the UFC and the competition is gaining on them. One suggestion is that Bellator start to work its way into the British market as British MMA is on the rise and I believe they could unseat the monopoly BAMMA has and take some of their decent regional fighters. Another is moving from MTV2 to a more notable television station, which they plan on doing in 2013 by filling the UFC’s void on Spike TV.

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Shared by @royalmarinesjiujitsu
Tom Hardy training Jiu Jitsu in his REORG Kit! Doing an outstanding job of applying what he was taught and maintaining top position! Great pressure! 

Are you a Veteran or serving wounded? REORG in association with We Defy Foundation is in place for you to help combat the psychological and physiological symptoms you may be dealing with. Everyone that has grappled on the mat knows the psychological and physiological benefits that can be attained, please help get the message out and help REORG help those in need. If your a Veteran and would like to get involved in Jiu Jitsu please message REORG directly @royalmarinesjiujitsu #reorg #royalmarinescharity #royalmarinesbjj #royalmarinescommando #bjj #jiujitsu #mentalhealth #combatstress #ptsd

@royalmarinesjiujitsu “Great training today with Tom, Nathan and the rest of the guys @richmondfitnessclub”

THV note: Nathan (follow @mrbagandtag !) will go head-to-head against welterweight rival Alex Lohore @alexdakidmma at BAMMA LONDON @bammauk on Friday 15 September at Wembley SSE Arena

how long do you think carlos laughed when cecil updated him on night vale’s college football happenings




“FINE. WELL. Anyway. So Ala-bamma is–”

and then cecil hangs up the phone because carlos has burst into uncontrollable giggling again