dreamerfever asked:

3, 31, 34 !

3: Do you have any tattoo’s or plan to get any?

nope and nope, i don’t like the idea of something permanently being on my skin but each to their own.

31: What’s your favourite store?


34: What’s on your bucket list?

go to california

and i really have no idea what else ha

dreamerfever asked:

I will never understand how a person can just click anonymous and tell someone to die, and then go about their daily business. It just doesn't make sense, like does that make you feel like a good person? Don't listen to these anons, I've dealt with hate before and it sucks to receive it, but for every hater you have there are so many more people who like you so try not to let them bring you down! Don't delete your account, you're better than that!<3 Stay strong! xo

I don’t understand it either and I’m trying:)