Conquest Of Spaces

“You?” Pierre asks incredulously. “A mere human?”

“Mere?” Stiles repeats, spreading his arms and looking down at himself. This time Derek really does chuckle, and Stiles grins at the noise. “My dad is still inside,” he tells Derek. “So can we make this fast?”

In which Stiles has so got this and Derek realizes something important.


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Against the Edge of the Sky, a teen wolf fanfic | FanFiction

Summary: It’s been years since they all decided to be okay with being pack and everything’s been okay so far, until all of a sudden, it’s not. Because there’s a new kind of supernatural in town, and the whole pack – more like, Derek – is taken by surprise by how oblivious they’ve been about Stiles, and how much change this trial will bring.

A/N: Okay, so I wish I had asked for an AO3 invite earlier so I could post this there as well, but I guess FFNet will have to do for now. I mentioned in the A/N that I was slightly nervous about this fic as it’s my first epic sterek ever and I am soooo rusty it’s almost shameful. But I was craving more BAMF!/Magic!Stiles and couldn’t seem to read my fill, so the next step was just to write it all out, lol. And now I’m sharing, hehe.

The Alpha To My Alpha

“He’ll be angry, not happy,” he replies, pushing himself to sit up again, pulling his knees up to his chest. He lets the werewolf push closer, practically invites him in. His eyes meet the Alpha’s unflinchingly. “He likes me just the way I am. He likes me loud. And disobedient. He likes that my mouth won’t stop running, and that he has to tell me to butt out of his personal life,” he growls, letting his hand travel down his drawn up knee to find the cuff of his jeans. “He likes that I’m unflinchingly loyal, and smart, and brave,” he whispers. His hand finds the hilt of the knife, and he slowly pulls it free. “He likes that I stand up to him. And he knows that I would never be anyone’s bitch. Not even his,” he grips the knife tightly. “But especially not yours,” he growls, and then he throws himself forward, the Alpha reeling backward from the unexpected impact. Stiles jabs as fast and as hard as he can, the blade of the knife sliding through the Alpha’s ribcage. The sharpened point cuts right through his left lung, and deep into the Alpha’s heart.


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