pack-piles asked:

yes yes yes agree with everything. I really need a slow build sterek because they haven't really had that much in terms of non life or death scenarios yet. But eventually derek running his hands through it is one of my favourite things. Getting a real good grip and then tugging.

I just thought that the buzzing scene they could only really do once though? like it would be hard to co-ordinate I think. Because once he does it there’s really no going back.

About the Sterek slow build, I want more of those surprised looks from Derek, like in the Jeep when Derek realized they weren’t going to make it to Stiles’ first lacrosse game and Stiles was helping him anyway. There needs to be many more of those moments for Derek especially, because he doesn’t trust Stiles, doesn’t understand his motives. He thought Stiles was only helping in the pool out of self-interest, and Stiles took offense to that, naturally, because I think Stiles trusts easier than Derek does. Stiles goes out on a limb for him constantly. But Derek needs to notice that and their interactions need to slowly shift from hostile and grudging alliance to genuine respect. I don’t want a blossoming romance between them in season three because it would feel far too rushed. I’m all for a drawn out arch between them, even having them explore other relationships along the way. I trust Jeff Davis to do justice with their characters.

And as for the buzzing scene, yeah, I never said it would be an easy scene. But there are many movies that utilize hair being cut very, very well. I’m sure there would be countless rehearsals minus the actual buzzer, and then for the actual take, they would set it up in a way to catch what they needed in a first try. Because yeah, there’s really only that one try. But honestly, if anyone in the cast could pull it off, it would be Dylan.

pack-piles asked:

I want Dylan to keep his hair long for purely selfish reasons (it's easier to imagine someone running their hands through it) but I feel like Stiles better suits a buzz. So if we get both I may actually hyperventilate.

Agreed. That’s another reason why I want him to start with longer hair and keep it that way for a while, because long hair on Dylan is a resounding yes. But again, Stiles? Somehow, he needs short hair. 

I had a dream actually that season 3 had his hair long and I was so disappointed because Stiles was badly out of character and I knew it was all because of the too-long hair. BUT, with the haircut plan, all of that is solved.