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Well, It’s a Friday! And as I am away visiting Bath Spa Uni tomorrow, you can follow these sexy life-forms to keep you all entertained! 

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Good day vs. Bad day

Brittany was walking near football stadium. She had such a great day, but she needed some rest. She had such an important role in Glee Club today. They were preparing for their next performance and someone came with an idea of doing Beyoncé medley. So, she took all the responsibility for the dance choreography. She was so happy when Mr. Schuester ask her to do that, because she felt, that he had a trust in her. Of course she was the best choice. No one can move like me!!!

So, she spent her all day training with the girls, giving her best to teach them every difficult move just to make the medley better. Sweet tiredness was flowing through her body from the good work she made. She sat down on the bench and start to think about everything…Glee Club, her friends, nice hot bath, the new assistant, who was helping Mr. Schuester…..when her phone rang.

“Hello?” she asked. Then she went pale. It was her mom and she had bad news. Lord Tubbingtom was sick!!! She took him to a vet and told Brittany to wait at school till she come for her with a car. Silent tears appeared in Brittany’s eyes.

bamfisawesome replied to your post: Have you seen all the tumblr hate for that…

People are angry about the episode because Arthur refused to hear Gwen’s excuses and banished her mainly, as he himself said, because it was too painful to have her in Camelot. And even her BROTHER glared at her.

well yeah, that was harsh.

I was still more angry about Lancelot, I missed him so much and just ugh ;(

Gwen will be back and Arthur will apologise or something.

Meanwhile he can marry Merlin