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@farkledagain sent me this post b/c it reminded her of H+A and I was like ‘yesssssss. but oh no now i wanna draw something like this 4 theeem’ and then she told me to do it so I did it b/c I’m WEAK.

I have no idea what happened in the show that photoset is of, I’ve seen a couple episodes of it in the past but never got around to watching more. As for what’s happening here, I’m thinking Helga beat the crap out of some dude the other day who was making a mutual friend of her and Arnold’s miserable. Or was just being awful to them or something. It was probably someone most of the school thought highly of, so even though Helga did it for the right reasons she’s still seen in a bad light by most pple, b/c her reputation isn’t the greatest to begin with either and ppl are pretty scared of her normally. Arnold knows better tho, and he knows why she did it, and although he isn’t big on settling things with violence, he knows this was probably the only way that person would stop and tbh he was pretty close to decking them himself soon, Helga just beat him to the punch (da dum tsh). So ya, Helga’s got to deal with pple talking shit about her and she doesn’t really care b/c at the end of the day she has pple like her friends and Arnold who know better and that’s all that matters. The talk still puts her on edge tho b/c pple are feeling sorry for the asshole, but Arnold’s touch and words of affirmation melts the tension away and gets rid of the urge to punch more pple in the face.

I’ve made a few posts where Wanda uses her powers to freak out Tony and he’s defended by several people such as Bucky or Loki, but here’s another concept:

Tony absolutely not giving a shit about Wanda’s powers and not being the slightest bit afraid of them. Like Wanda will use her powers to move things around and stuff to freak him out but Tony won’t pay any mind to it and just be like, “Are you done?” 

Maybe he even builds a device that can keep her out of his head, and probably Bruce’s and anyone else he cares about, and has it on him at all times so she can’t mess with his head. 

I love people defending Tony from Wanda but I also really like Tony being completely unimpressed by Wanda and her powers.  

there will be nothing more satisfying than some galra underestimating lance because of his skinniness, humor, and seemingly care free attitude and then going after someone he cares about. they think he won’t be able to retaliate, but lance gets the perfect angle and shoots the galra down and saving his teammate. that smug smile he has plastered on his face

keith being the one he saved just looking at him and says, still a little breathless from the fight beforehand, all, “lance that shot was incredible.”

lance blowing at the nozzle of his bayard and twirling it in his hand, cheeks slightly dusted in a blush because of the compliment before he easily replies, “i don’t know why you sound so surprised. i’m pretty incredible.”

“don’t get ahead of yourself, sharpshooter,” keith teases, but he doesn’t stop smiling. lance can’t seem to stop either, smiling or blushing, while he’s thinking about the fact he’s never asked keith to call him that nickname.

I’m serious, I wanna run my hand through his beautiful long soft hair.

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Kudos to Black Sails for taking a show that could have so easily been a testosterone party, and making it into one of the best shows in regards to representation. The character who has the most power is a queer WOC, three BAMF female characters make up the main group. These three leading ladies are in a love triangle of sorts. The women who work in the brothel are shown to be smart and witty. One of the main male pirates is gay. The straight, white male, pin up, was the one killed off. This show just proves that you can have diversity across the board and that it doesn’t limit the story or popularity.

Though she be but little, she is fierce.
—  anyone who has witnessed Joyce Byers protecting her kids (also Shakespeare but you know…)

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if you're still taking prompts: izuku gets amnesia after rescuing bakugou from a villain attack

They’re in the middle of what pretty much amounts to a fucking war when Izuku once again decides to be a selfless fucking idiot and throw himself between Bakugou and a blast aimed at his unprotected back. 

Bakugou turns just in time to see Izuku get blasted, hear his scream of pure agony, watch him fall and think god damnit, not again.


It’s a fact of life by now that if Bakugou and Izuku are anywhere within speaking distance of each other, Bakugou will inevitably hurt Izuku. Perhaps not always intentionally - take today’s little fiasco for example - but its the honest truth of the world. Bakugou Katsuki was born simply to hurt Izuku Midoriya, and no amount of self-loathing and utter despair towards his idiotic younger self and his stupid pride will fix that.

When the verdict comes down, its enough to break Bakugou. 

“He’s lost his memory,” Recovery Girl tells the breathless waiting room full of teachers and students alike. Bakugou hears something crack; he thinks its either the ceramic mug he’s been clinging to like a lifeline since this bullshit started, or it’s his sanity and heart finally coming under assault from the knowledge that once again Izuku is hurt because of him. 

“He knows his name, but beyond that, he remembers nothing. He doesn’t remember going to UA or knowing any of you, he doesn’t remember having a Quirk, he doesn’t remember any of the fights. I don’t know whether his memory will return–”

And on it goes. As soon as Recovery Girl gives the sign for people to start visiting, Bakugou leaves. There’s no point to him sticking around. He’d just make it worse.

Besides, this is his best chance yet. A clean slate for him to wipe his existence out of Izuku’s life for good. Maybe now Izuku can find a best friend that isn’t a complete fucking trainwreck.


Of course, he still has to go to class. And of course Izuku is there. He’s got people talking to him, and while he still looks kind of shell-shocked, he seems to be… happy. That’s good, as far as Bakugou’s concerned. He scowls and goes to his desk, making sure Midoriya doesn’t see him. As far as Izuku should be concerned, he’s just the class asshole that needs to be avoided.

This is all for the best. Really. Because as much as Bakugou wants to say I’m sorry for being an absolute shitheel when I was younger, he knows no amount of apologizing will ever make what he did right. Granted he’s older now, and he’s recognized what he did was wrong and is trying to make amends, but he also knows you can’t change the past, and a leopard can’t change its spots. On some level, Bakugou will always be a bully, and Izuku’s nightmare.

So this is his chance to make a clean break of things. Let Izuku get on with his life, find better friends, find someone that actually fucking deserves him. Like that gravity chick. She seems to like him, and vice-versa. Let the stupid nerds be happy. Bakugou will fade into the background like a bad dream, and the nightmare of his constantly hurting Izuku will finally be over and done with.

But of course, shit can’t ever be that simple, can it? He can feel eyes boring into his back, curious, and he knows without a doubt Izuku is wondering.


“Fuck off, you damned nerd.”

Izuku pauses, looking over at the blond boy he was fixing to sit down across from. Bakugou, the boy had been introduced to him as. Bakugou Katsuki. That name feels…familiar. There’s something about the name, the shape and weight of it on Izuku’s tongue and mind, that feels intimate. He hates that he can’t remember, that he was part of this place before, but he can’t remember it. 

The words Bakugou speaks feel familiar too. “I want to sit with you,” he tells the boy. The scowl it gets him makes something in him cower, but he doesn’t know why. Still, he tucks the thought away and says, “Can I?”

The boy sneers at him, but the anger in it doesn’t reach his eyes. There’s… sadness in those eyes. Hated, and sadness. “What, did your ears stop working? I said fuck off, damned nerd.”

Perhaps someone else would give up. But here at last is a feeling of connection, and Izuku’s not about to give it up. So he ignores Bakugou’s request, and sits across from him. “We know each other, don’t we?”

The way Bakugou’s muscles lock up, and the look of absolute panic that flits across his face, nearly too fast for Izuku to follow, speaks volumes. It’s a victory, at least for Izuku. “I knew it! What–”

Before he can continue though, Bakugou’s gone. On his feet, leaving his food behind, moving swiftly, back tense and fists clenched. Izuku wants to follow him, but something, perhaps an old instinct, prevents him.

He wonders why Bakugou looks like he’s struggling not to cry.


Memoryless or not, Izuku plagues Katsuki like a fucking nightmare. Is this what it was like for him when he was younger? Having Katsuki pop up all the time, hounding him relentlessly, trying to dig beneath his skin and burrow into his thoughts until there was no space left for himself? Because if so, Katsuki really wants to punch himself in the face. Hard. With Kirishima’s Quirk to back it up, and possibly his own to add some firepower.

Izuku knows they were something. And he’s latching onto that fact like a leech, and trying to pry more and more out of Katsuki every time they talk. Even when he sleeps, he sees Izuku in his mind’s eye, standing there, staring him down, asking, “What was I to you? Who am I?” It’s fucking stressful.

Given the looks he’s getting from Aizawa and All Might, they know exactly what’s going on. He ignores their attempts to talk to him about it, and pushes back against Izuku harder, struggling to make him understand the concept of space. Because for once, when Bakugou pushes, Izuku pushes back, crowds him until it feels like all his breathing space is gone, and all it does is make Bakugou want to run and not stop until it’s all gone. 

Maybe that’s why Bakugou finally gives up, and just tells him. Why, when Izuku approaches him after gym, Bakugou shoves him up against the lockers and lets his rage and pain and self-hatred coalesce into something sharp and hurt and directs it all at Izuku. 

“I was your goddamned bully, you fucking nerd, you happy? I beat you, told you to off yourself, told you that you were worthless because you didn’t have a Quirk! That’s what I was to you! So fucking leave me the hell alone already! Go find someone else to spend your life following!”

He thinks this is it, when he sees the shock that crosses Izuku’s face in that moment. Maybe this is it, this is where everything falls and Izuku will retreat back to his storybook world of happiness and light and being All Might’s successor. This is the moment Bakugou’s been waiting for, right?

So why does it hurt so goddamned much?

But in his rush to shove Izuku out the door, he’s forgotten one very critical thing when it comes to dealing with Izuku.

Izuku is a self-sacrificing moron that doesn’t know when to fucking give up.

So maybe that’s why, when the next morning Izuku plops down across from him in class, looks him straight in the eyes and says, “Hi, I’m Izuku Midoriya, its nice to meet you,” and then offers him his hand, Bakugou can’t find it in him to push Izuku away anymore. To turn down this offer of friendship, of renewal for something that they once should have had, if Bakugou hadn’t been a moron.

“Bakugou Katsuki. Same.”

…But maybe it’ll be okay, in the end.

i was just sitting here thinking about magnus and battle magic, as one does and it occurs to me that i’m usually talking about offensive magic, bolts and balls of magic and force pushes… but then i thought what about shields.

imagine they’re in an alleyway, luke and clary stuck to magnus’s sides, alec behind his shoulder, izzy, jace and simon up front and they can hear them. it’s like a tidal wave, the hiss and scurry and a little tremor of unrest rolls through the seven of them. magnus has his hands up, sparking and he notices them first as they start rolling down from the rooftops, scurrying in from the far end of the alleyway. it dawns on him fast like a snap without even having to glance behind them. “we’re surrounded.” almost a breath and then he makes a judgement call.

he brings his hands together hard, a little thrum of energy as magic grows between them and then he drops, on one knee, slamming his palm into the earth and it’s like time slows for a moment. it’s a static hum, like eardrums popping as this blue ball shimmers into existence around all of them, just a glow for a second, then it goes solid. just as it does, they hit and it’s a flurry. their bodies sizzle, demon screams, some of them thudding and hitting the ground, others scrambling and burning against the shield, ichor dripping down this perfect sphere.