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the walking dead meme — scenes [ 1 / 8 ] — (episode one, chapter nine: back in the shed)

“I’m not wasting supplies on a lurker bite. If it turns out you’re telling the truth, I’ll clean it and stitch it up for you in the morning.”


To the people who were concerned that Michonne’s character was going to be weakened by the romantic relationship with Rick, that she was going to suddenly become the lovesick girlfriend who is anguished because she doesn’t want her bae to put himself in danger…have your fears and doubts been laid to rest tonight? I hope so.  

anonymous asked:

How do you think x2 kurt would act if he had a crush on somebody? (Plz and thank u 😁)

I think he’d be really awkward about it.

He’s not that good with feelings nor with human interaction, so the first time he realized that he might have feelings for you, he’d panic a little.

After a few days of BAMFing away whenever you walked into a room, he would finally confront you about it, though very gently and with tenderness. He’d simply tell you that he does think he’s developed feelings that go over friendship for you, and that he understands if you never want to talk to him again.

He’s surprised when you kiss his cheek and tell him you reciprocate those feelings.
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When Clint gets nabbed by the Tracksuit Mafia, Bucky and Tony are the only two Avengers available for a rescue op. It’s a shitshow from the start. Tony can’t call the suit, Bucky’s arm is compromised, and Clint’s contribution mostly involves him humming the soundtrack to some 70s porn and making snarky comments from his wall.

Unapologetic fluff, BAMF Bucky and for once Clint Barton has the right idea from the start.

Bookmarker’s Notes:

Funny and sexy. Clint is my hero.