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🔥 about how god damn skilled our boy Tim is? Because I'm kind of fed up with people think that he couldn't beat someone, when he would absolutely DOMINATE in a fight with them! Plz.

Tim is so skilled?! Please… he trained with Batman, martial arts masters, and Lady Shiva. Tim’s fighting prowess is nothing to sniff at. He knows what, 11 disciplines and he’s also one of if not the most skilled combatant with a bo-staff in the DCU.  His fighting prowess as well as his tactical and strategic skills would give him an edge over a lot of people. Also recall, Ra’s doesn’t respect just anyone. 

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Inspired by the picture on your Tumblr (plus the your knowledge of Teen wolf) JayTim: Jason as Red Hood [aka bamf!Stiles] and Tim as a werefox or werewolf. (With a sneeze spoiling Tim's responding threats and Jason just finding it adorable).

Hi Nonnie! I just wanted to start by saying thank you soooo much for your patience with this prompt. I know it’s been sitting in my inbox for well over a month now D: Also combing two of my fav ships in this one? *hearteyes everywhere*

I made Jason a hunter in this fic because I have another request that I’m going to make this ones sequel ;)

Anyway I hope you like it and thanks for the request!

“There was another attack last night.” Roy shoves past him to get into Jason’s living room and drops down on his couch.

“Oh good morning, Jason. Sorry for interrupting your beauty sleep and making my unwelcome self at home, but I’m a dipwad with no manners apparently.” Jason gripes, rubbing his face to try to wake himself up. He had just gotten in from his last job only-he looks over at the clock and scowls when he sees the time-five hours ago.

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Which Batfam member do you think has gotten the worst fanon treatment? I'm thinking either Jason or Tim, probably both.

I think to some degree every batfam member gets kind of boiled down to basic facts with a lot of the nuance washed away.

I’m always annoyed to see Dick made into the perpetual sunny older brother who always gives snuggly hugs when Dick can canonically be a Class A dick and has legitimate, realistic flaws that impact the fam but are usually washed away.

But Jay does lose a lot of his nuance either being a “tough gritty anti-hero who smokes and swears and will never cooperate” to “I really want to come home and be loved Batdad”. I do think people have gotten better at finding middle ground with him.

Tim though is a mess fanon wise and I do think a large part of that is because the Tim we know and love hasn’t existed for 6 years and so fanon overtook the shitty N52 canon which is understandable but has now taken a life of it’s own. I’ve seen everything from “sad delicate baby Tim who needs to be taken care of” to “balls to the wall bamf Tim”. Again, those are traits Tim has but they aren’t who he is. Many people have been able to portray that complexity but others miss the mark mostly because it’s been so damn long since we had good canon representations of Tim.