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Voltron prompt

Lance, contrary to popular belief, was actually great when it came to mechanics.

However when he entered the garrison, he was going after fighter pilot and didn’t want to be put into a different class.

Now, in space, there were already pidge and hunk to figure out all the mechanical stuff and he didn’t want to take that away from them. Even if he was able to figure out most situations far before the two combined were able to figure it out.

However after a particularly bad mission, where Lance had gotten kidnapped by a rogue group of aliens, he wasn’t able to sleep much without nightmares.

So while everyone in the ship was asleep Lance was in the lab building.

He was at it for days. And by the time he was finished he had made about a dozen mini robots and was able to control them with a glove he created.

He didn’t didn’t know what to do with them so he locked them away and mostly forgot about them. Until two months later when the ship was boarded by a group of galra soldiers and the team was captured.

Lance reactivated his robots and single-handedly took down every Galra soldier on the ship.

Team Tony Stark: Post-CA:CW Prompt 1

Okay so imagine post the clusterfuck that was CA:CW Team Cap wants to go back to the U.S./or they need his help with Buckys treatment (B.A.R.F.) and so they try to contact Tony. But they can’t. Because he got rid of the phone ((ugh the phone) because obvs he knows they’re in Wakanda -no i don’t need your sanctimonious flip-phone Rogers stuff it- and that letter was just plain offensive) and well they’re fugitives so their options are fucking limited. So while trying to see how they can get a message to him they notice that he communicates with someone on the downlow all very hush hush and they get curious (hence using their superspies to get info (i imagine the Black Widow joined them)) and guess who they find on the other end of the communication (messages, skype, phone calls, e-mails, letters)? HARLEY! So they’re like ‘wtf is Stark doing with a kid’ and they somehow manage to kidnap him (using T'Challas jet since it has a no detection thingy?) and T'Challa is pissed because ‘wtf were you thinking kidnapping a child?? You’re FUGITIVES IDIOTS! And that’s practically Tony Starks kid do you have a deATH WISH?!?!?’ And they’re all like ‘Stark has no kids, he doesn’t know we’re here, it’s just for a little while don’t worry’ and T'Challa is practically having and aneurysm because he has been getting to know Tony Stark (repairing the Accords) and he fucking knows that Stark knows that he knows that he knows that Team Cap is in Wakanda (he just doesn’t give a fuck (as long as they’re under surveilance and out of the way not fucking up another country he’s fine with it)) and these idiots have no fucking idea who they’re dealing with, because he has seen Stark dealing with the UN, the WSC, the military, the media, fucking everyone and twirling them around as he wants, and he has seen his eyes, they’re ruthless, dark (Siberia broke something in him, but Stark men are made of iron and he’s had no heart since he got the Arc Reactor taken out maybe he never had one, Starks don’t cry and they don’t break, and he’s a mechanic he can fix anything but it doesn’t always end up how it was before) and he knows that he’s treading on a very fine line before he snaps and he regrets that this may be what pushes him over the edge (he has seen Stark increase security around those he lets inside his walls Peter, Pepper, Rhodey, Vision, F.R.I.D.A.Y., Happy, and he didn’t know about Harley but after what Team Cap told him about their interactions it’s easy to see he considers him a son) and he will consider this an attack no matter what the misguided ex-Avengers meant to accomplish by doing this, and he has no wish to see the destruction Stark will bring, because no matter what the ex-Avengers think about Tony Stark being helpless and a civilian he used to be the Merchant of Death and you can’t sell Death without distributing your share of it, (he knows Tony Starks history, people think Iron Man was born from the ashes of Tony Stark in a dry cave in Afghanistan like a Phoenix, but Tony Stark never burned and the only ashes that got left behind were those of his captors those of the people who thought they could control him and break him (Stark men are not weak) and Iron Man was not born on a cave because Iron Man is Tony Stark and Tony Stark is Iron Man there is no one without the other (Stark men are made of Iron) and he will do what he thinks must be done, he will dirty his hands, mark them with red (they forget he made a conscious decision of killing the terrorists both in the cave and Gulmira (funny how people forget what they don’t want to believe)) and he may have not hurt the ex-Avengers during the war when he considered them family, but family they are no more (not since Siberia ‘did you know Rogers?’ ‘Sometimes my team keep things from me’ the feel of hands on his reactor, a shield breaking his metaphorical heart, the feel of death trying to pull him under, the cold seeping through the suit, his mothers screams stuck in his head and the burning of betrayal (and resignation-he always knew they would leave, everyone leaves)) and now they have taken his pseudo-kid (‘you know what keeps running through my head?’ 'Where is my sandwich?’) and the last good will he had left towards them was used when he ignored Ross’ phone call (he let them escape, less chance of commiting murder if he can’t see them) so there are no safeguards in place that will save them from his hands, from his retribution, haven’t you heard it’s not good to rouse a beast (but they’re blind aren’t they? They see prey not a predator (it’s always good to be underestimated, makes them easier to take down 'Iron Man yes… Tony Stark not recommended’)?

So I want my BAMF! #smolchild Tony Stark to put Team Cap in it’s place by being the ruthless son of a bitch we all know and love.

+Harley having a watch!gauntlet like Tonys from CA:CW and using it against them, maybe locking himself in a room and threatening them if they come closer (with Shuri looking smug (because we all know she doesn’t like Team Cap (they’re too entitled)) and she is happy to see them being put in their place and she thinks that if anyone is willing to threaten enhanced individuals in favor of Tony Stark with such fierce determination then Stark must be worth getting to know)
++T'Challa/Tony building relationship (IronPanther is bae)
+++Tony has become a pseudo-father/uncle to practically every enhanced (or not) kid around (Kamala, Peter, Harley and his sister, Cassie Lang, Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel Barton (because you bet your ass that he evacuated them from their living spaces before Ross could get to them (or the masses))), Vision and F.R.I.D.A.Y. (because it may hurt him but Vision is basically his grandchild (from both Ultron and Jarvis) and FRI is like another daughter (she’s practically a baby)) and the kids are pissed at Team Cap (because they saw Tonys injuries (he can no longer wear the Iron Man Armour (the shield did a vast number on him, his lungs and his artificial sternum))) maybe they had to use the Extremis (or I would love if he needed to use an Arc Reactor again (maybe in a smaller size/scale so it doesn’t get too deep since it’s obvious it causes problems with his lung capacity (it was pretty fucking deep in his chest(miracle he still could breathe))) and he’s fucking lucky he survived, so they’re petty towards them (specially Kamala, Peter and Harley)
++++ And Team Cap is like 'wtf’ 'why are you defending 'Tony Evil Overlord’ (trademark pending)

Practically I just want Team Cap to see how BAMF! my #smolchild is, for Tony to recuperate his self-worth by being surrounded by people who actually see him and see the good in him, and for him to have a #TonyStarkProtectionSquad

This post ran away from me I swear. 😂😂
It’s so long like damn! But I wanted to rant and share so here it is peeps. 😘

Blind Lance Headcannon

Lance knows who enters a room by their footsteps. Because of this, when ever the team starts stealth training, Lance is a complete BAMF. The team is shocked and impressed at his skill, and even more so that he can still do it in the dark (Lance barely contains his laughter at this). He also can sense a foreign set of footsteps, which comes in handy when they infiltrate a Galra ship.

Well…since Bamon didn’t happen, and Lorenzo is dead. And I definitely don’t want Bonnie to go back to Jeremy. What I need to see is Bonnie finding her way in NOLA during her travels, and maybe hook up with Kol, Marcel, Klaus, or even Vincent. (Someone please write this fanfic ASAP!)

My girl don’t deserve to be traveling alone and given such an unsatisfying ending. Bonnie Freaking Bad@*$ Bennett saved Mystic Falls from hell-fire with her witchy powers; and have saved countless lives in previous seasons at the expense of her own life… but she never got any true just rewards for it.  

#BonnieDeservesBetter #BonnieTrueHappilyEverAfter 

Wouldn’t it be so cool if we got an entire season driven by Cas?

Like, say Dean gets stuck in this alternate dimension at the end of the season in a typical self-sacrificing way and they all have to figure out how to get him back (which is better than usual because this time it will not be about raising him from the dead) and Cas carefully hands the Nephilim to Sam, entrusts the baby to his and Mary’s (and Kelly’s, if she’s still alive) care and says, as a fully powered-up angel who is badass and knows his shit about the universe his father made, that he’s got this one.

And we have a season of Mary and Sam bonding in a weird, totally Supernatural-esque, grandmother and son and adopted baby family comedy complete with monsters and hunting of evil creatures; alongside a viewable mashup purgatory-reversal/hell-search for Dean, by Cas.

anonymous asked:

You ever think of how a badass soldier angel and a guy whose been hunting monsters since he was a kid and the other guy who held back Lucifer and survived centuries worth of hell torture and these guys are all so soft and obviously love/need hugs and know, I used to be manly and stone-faced before this shit. FEELINGS.

Dude, I LOVE how BADASS they are whilst also being real men and real human beings with emotions and goals.

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Voltron Prompt

(More under the cut.)

Gateway vents.

Everyone thought that they had been closed for good. There had been no sightings of them in the last ten years, and no activity that would prove otherwise.

So then why, Keith wondered, was he pulled out of his reality and into another.

Looking around he couldn’t see much of anything. He seemed to be in a desert in the middle of nowhere. To the right there was a old tower, rusted with age and appeared to have been through many years of abuse. Scatter around the tower were smaller buildings looking equally warn.

There didn’t seem to be anything else in the desert, just sand.

He started making his was towards the tower when something, or someone, caught his attention.

One lone person was walking along the top of a sand dune.

He changed his direction towards the person, hoping they would know what was going on. But as soon as they saw Keith coming they raised their gun aiming directly at  him.

Keith raised his hands in a show of trust, and the man up the sand dune seemed to find that surprising. He lowered his weapon and ran down the sand dune strait for Keith.

When he got to the bottom of the hill he walked right up to Keith, stopping only a few feet away.

“You’re human.”  The man said.

Keith looked at the man curiosity at that, “what do you mean, “you’re human?”“

The man grinned a bit at that, and stuck out his hand.

"The names Lance. Welcome the the playing field.”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky rescuing Steve from a villain quietly while the Avengers are coming up with a rescue plan.

“Look, I just don’t think it’s going to work,” says Sam, tipping forward in his chair and furrowing his brows. “The place is too heavily guarded. And even if we don’t get shot to pieces on the way in, how do we know Steve’s even still in there? It’s been twelve hours since they took him. They could have moved him offshore by now.”

Natasha’s glare is icy. “So you think we should just leave him in their hands?”

“Fuck no. I’m saying we need backup, Natasha. This is bigger than some stupid argument. If we just talk to Stark -”

“We’ve been over this,” Wanda cuts in. “If Tony gets involved, he’ll use the opportunity to take Steve into custody. We need a better plan.”

“Well, we need it fast,” says Clint. “Because Hydra aren’t going to just sit and wait while we argue about -”

“Someone get the door,” comes a muffled voice from outside.

Everyone jumps. It’s after 3am, too late for any regular visitor. “Who’s there?” Sam calls warily.

“Who do you think?” Bucky sounds particularly annoyed tonight, even by his usual glowery standards. “Just open the fucking door.”

Sam opens the door. In stumbles Bucky, bleeding profusely from a cut on his temple, covered in brick dust and stinking of singed hair - and over his shoulders is Steve, limp and dirty but apparently unharmed.

Natasha recovers first. “Bucky, what -”

“Well you guys weren’t about to mount a rescue any time this century,” Bucky snaps, and dumps Steve unceremoniously onto the couch.

“Bucky,” says Sam, “is he -”

“Tranquilised,” says Bucky shortly. “He’ll come round soon. I need a shower.” And he stomps off down the hall.

Silence reigns around the table.

“I guess that means we’re not calling Stark,” says Sam.

why have manchild!tony trope,,,,,, when you could give me an ‘in the zone’ tony striding through his home with a phone nestled between his shoulder and ear to hold negotiations with the un about the accords while simultaneously looking through some of the paperwork he needs to sign for stark industries, and still making sure hes got enough time to help kamala and peter and harley with their homework and any other issues they might be having (and doing good at all of it too, not just the un and business stuff but also looking after his kids because fuck what the ex-vengers might think and fuck what the media will say, tony would die for them and will always do everything he can to look after them and make sure theyre happy while with him because he’ll never allow himself to make the same mistakes howard did)

instead of manchild!tony you should totally give me competent, team parent, BAMF!tony stark instead


These Dorks!!!!! And Seb’s reaction killed me!!! LMAO!!!!! I can’t… OMG Seb! XD I love him so much.

bang bang (shots in the night)

Missed the last Fluff Friday, but I’m stealing the prompt anyways: “Messenger”

Masterpost for the smol!Kakashi series can be found here.

Timeskip! (Sakura is about 23 and Kakashi has finally hit mid-twenties.) Bandit hunting is no fun. At least Sakura has matchmaking to keep her occupied.

The shadows between the trees are silent as Sakura watches the night. The ragtag group of chūnin she’s been leading are curled in their cloaks around the soft embers of the fire, safe and quiet.

The mission itself has been safe and quiet so far; the best part about not working with her team is that she’s significantly less likely to run into S-ranked missing nin or should-be-dead men. Of course, that also means that the worst part about not working with her team is that she’s significantly less likely to run into S-ranked missing nin or should-be-dead men.

Bandit hunting in the forest at the end of fall with a disruptive group of chūnin in need of some discipline is boring.

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Sometimes Kakashi wondered just how Konoha any of the Sannin really were, the Sannin were powerful yes, forces of nature even, but Konoha nin were strong when it mattered, and the Sannin had, each in their own way, broken under pressure. Orochimaru obviously insane and an enemy, Tsunade a wandering drunk who couldn’t bear the sight of blood, and Jiraiya, all dramatic gestures, and honorable intent, and running running running from any hint of someone else relying on him, too haunted by his own failures to bear that weight.

Kakashi might understand, but he couldn’t respect it. Not when he’d seen Iruka sensei speak up against people with ten times his power for the sake of a child most would blame for his parent’s deaths, not when Obito had been dying by inches, and still had the courage to reach out to someone who should have been an enemy. Not when he’d seen such strength from Konoha nin in the very darkest moments. The Sannin were strong, but not when it mattered most, not the way Konoha nin should be.

—  Kakashi Hatake (Why we build the wall by Dissenter)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015 - Illya x Napoleon AO3 Fic Recs

For my future reference, after going through all 12 pages’ worth of the same in the past fortnight. (I have become such Napollya trash. Goodness.)

This rec list is current as of 26 September 2015

Author Recs

title | approx. word count

1. Right now, basically anything by manic_intent. Special shout-out to her three completed fics. (Their fourth is presently a WIP.) Excellent plots, wonderful grasp and feel of the boys’ dialogue, and a Gaby who is a spitfire and an absolute delight to read. 

The Gemini Affair | 46.9k words

In the first month of being co-opted into working with Illya Kuryakin full time at U.N.C.L.E., Napoleon stoIllya’s father’s watch four times, twice out of spite, once out of drunken curiosity, and once out of sheer boredom. After the fourth time, Gaby sprained one of Napoleon’s fingers and threatened to do worse if he did it again.

“You are not a spy,” she told him firmly, dangling the watch out of reach as Napoleon curled in a wincing, fetal position on his Le Corbusier couch in his upstate apartment. “You are a thief with the self-control of a child. Now give me back my ring.”

“What ring?” Napoleon asked innocently, even through the pain.

“How fond are you of your nose?” Gaby shot back blandly.’

Comments: Deliciously plotty case fic with a good, slow burn. It reads like the Istanbul sequel you’d want, with the added bonus of Napollya goodness and a smattering of Illya angst. Kudos to the care taken with the historically accurate detail.

The Trojan Affair | 43k words

Ten minutes to go to ground zero and Artyom was still desperately trying to escape. “I have never attended little girl’s birthday party,” he pointed out repeatedly, and actually pouted, big blue eyes wide and pleading.

“Always a first time,” Napoleon said mercilessly, pulling on a charcoal Tom Ford blazer over his loose gray knit. “Mrs Siegfried invited us weeks ago, Artyom, don’t be a baby. You’ve had quite a while to gird your loins. We’re going to a party, not some sort of trench warfare. Smile.”

Artyom scowled, which was admittedly normally an adorable look even for a tall, blonde Russian giant of a man. “I do not like Mrs Siegfried,” Artyom declared, clearly intent on being as recalcitrant as possible.

Comments: Mr and Mrs Smith AU with a twist, modern setting. Again, excellent case fic. The Napollya push-pull dynamic is beautifully bittersweet. The ending - without giving too much away - is well-earned and does the entire set-up justice. 

Tiger, Tiger | 7.9k words

Napoleon was about to launch into his carefully scripted spiel of punctuated disdain when he hesitated, hands still cupped over the delicate little Soviet-made devices that he had found in his room. There was a faint but unmistakable sensation crawling under his skin, a prickling, restless buzz, like getting light-headed off good champagne, and Napoleon narrowed his eyes, script forgotten, studying an increasingly irritated-looking Illya with a new light.

Illya, on the other hand, had folded his arms. His bowtie looked ridiculous with his suit, highlighting the far too long expanse between his shirt collar and belly, and he was starting to scowl. “What?” he demanded again, a flat curl of annoyance making his tone harsh, and Napoleon nearly flinched instinctively back before all the enforced training kicked in.

Comments: A/B/O fics are my weakness. A/B/O fics with subversion of stereotypes, as well as gender, political and social commentary? Yes, please! Cleverly done, and I like the touches of historical accuracy. 

2. Anything by sosopes. Lyrical writing. Both individual character growth and Napollya relationship development are wholly satisfying. Highlighting two fics in particular:

Dog Years | 10.6k words

llya’s really good with dogs. Napoleon’s more of a cat person, personally, but he’s not about to let that get in the way of them living their life together.

Comments: This fic. THIS FIC. One of my absolute favourites in this fandom thus far, bar none. Remarkable character studies, the boys gradually falling into a relationship, domesticity, the harsh realities of spy work, boys growing old together. (Also, a Gaby who is brilliant.) It’s a quiet, beautiful thing you’d want to curl up with, a fic that gets richer with every re-read, like a good bottle of red wine. Gorgeous.

Through a Looking Glass, Darkly | 12k words

Illya watches Solo work and sees something he was never supposed to see. And then that work follows them all home.

Comments: Lovely mix of action-y bits and character introspection. Boys misunderstanding each other because they refuse to ~talk, but it all works out well in the end. Deals with some themes of internalised homophobia. The entire team are BAMFs too, when the going gets tough. 

3. Anything by ignu. They have a sharp, witty way of writing that delights, and the ability to pack so much in so few words. Highlighting these two fics in particular:

If I Run It’s Not Enough | 5.5k words

Greed, and lust, those were the two sins that defined Napoleon Solo, and Illya Kuryakin aroused the two precise desires in Napoleon he never chose to resist. With his stoic gaze and chiseled jawline, Kuryakin was as beautiful and inscrutable as a Greek statue, and Napoleon had never been one to leave works of art undefiled.

Comments: This pushes so many of my buttons. Friends with benefits tumbling into more, boys being obtuse, boys pining - rendered beautifully with tight writing and characters you can’t help but feel for.  

let’s start fires for heaven’s sake | 2.5k words

“I need you to help me steal something,” Napoleon said.

“It’s urgent?”

Napoleon considered the question. “More or less.”

There was silence over the line, and then Illya drew a sharp breath. “They’re blackmailing you.”

(Or the one where Napoleon tries to steal back his freedom, only to find Illya had already stolen his heart.)

Comments: AU where there is no UNCLE, Napoleon tries to leave the CIA but is blackmailed into staying, and Illya helps him to break free. It is glorious in its brutal intensity. 

Individual Fic Recs

title | writer | approx. word count

and suddenly i was a lilac sky | thebrotherswinchester |15.3k words

Five missions turn out all right, and one doesn’t.

Comments: A fic that’s an utter thing of beauty. The writing is masterful, the characters are written so very real, the dialogue is pitch perfect and true to the flavour of the movie, the relationship dynamic between the two boys and their journey to their happily every after are worth every gripping word, and the pay-off is well-earned and satisfying. Definitely another favourite of mine in this fandom.

Love in the Times of Cold War | merle_p | 7.8k words

“Don’t blame yourself,” Waverly says, almost kindly. “No one saw it coming.”

Illya looks down at him, surprised and perhaps a little condescending, because he knows better than to blame himself, and he doesn’t understand why Waverly thinks he would. Solo is good at what he does, one of the best, and Illya has always been more than aware that Solo could trick him if he really set his mind to it.

No, Illya does not blame himself for not seeing the signs. If there is anything he should blame himself for, it is that he let himself assume that he wouldn’t have to look for them in the first place. But socialism is a future-oriented ideology, and there is no point in dwelling on the past. Illya has made a mistake, is all. He is not going to make it again.

Comments: Misunderstandings, presumed betrayals, angst, satisfying resolution. This captures the nature of the feel of the Cold War wonderfully, I find. And the boys, when they finally get there in the end, have me sighing happily. 

You’re My Sugar Dandy | gunboots | 1.7k words

“Would you like anything else, sir?” The girl behind the counter, (Gaby, her sky blue nameplate reads) smirks, actively smirks at him. “And no, you can’t have his number.”

“What if I simply wanted to give my compliments? “ Gaby considers him for a moment, then the line of women behind him.

"You got 15 minutes?” Technically Napoleon doesn’t, but he’s not about to go rushing back to Victoria’s fits of rage regardless.

AKA the one where Illya is a hot baker, Napoleon is in love and Gaby is entertained.

Comments: A short and wonderful, feel-good fic. It’s as sweet as the sugary-sweet confections I imagine baker!Illya makes, the writing is wry and humourous, and the ending left me grinning for a couple of minutes thereafter.

Apologies | tricksterity | 3.3k words

“We should tell Gaby,” Illya said.

“Tell her what?” Solo asked. “That we were married and then got divorced, but we didn’t actually do either because the paperwork would’ve led our respective governments straight to our relationship that we’ve been hiding for seven years? That’ll go down well.“

Comment: Most charmingly written. The writer deftly manages the premise without making it feel like it’s been shoehorned in. 

right to my heart | endquestionmark | 2.9k words

Napoleon stops looking at Illya, because that just makes him want to put his foot through the wall, and looks at his gun, which isn’t difficult, because it’s about an inch from his face, and this close he can smell the faint sweet spice of cleaning oil. Instead of looking at Illya — the lines of him held in anticipatory stillness; the bulk of him in the blue half-light — Napoleon looks at the balance of gun and silencer, the heavy slide and the curl of Illya’s fingers on the grip, the angle of his thumb, and waits.

Comment: Gritty writing that does not let you forget for a second that the boys are dangerous spies who live on the edge. The dynamic is delightful.

Future Affinity | ceredin | 4.5k words

The age old trope of taking off their clothes and cuddling to preserve body heat.

Comment: The boys sound delightfully like an old, married couple in this. Sharpy, snappy dialogue and writing all in all. Loved the characterisation too.

haunt | covetsubjugation | 5.7k words

No one remembers Napoleon, except for Illya.

Comments: Dreamy, lyrical writing that introduces an unexpected element of fantasy into the series. Illya’s increasing desperation and slipping control tugged at my heartstrings in all the right places. I am very glad that this fic exists in the fandom. 

Touch Me (Just A Little Bit More) | joidianne4eva | 1.5k words

“I’m going to regret asking this but for the sake of my sanity…are you by chance ill?” Napoleon queried taking a cautious step closer. He kept himself out of striking distance because Illya’s temperament was legendary for a reason and it wasn’t a good reason either.

“If you do not leave, I will skin you alive,” Illya managed and Napoleon would’ve attempted to act suitably scared if Illya’s voice hadn’t cracked in the middle of his threat. As it was all he managed was something that sounded suspiciously like a coo.

Comments: Sick!Illya is adorably reminiscent of a grumpy kitten in this fic, while Napoleon is wonderfully patient and long-suffering. I definitely grinned as I read this.

Cut Out My Heart, For It Belongs To You | fineandwittiee | 2.5k words

Tumblr prompt: Illya used to think Napoleon was just a thief and he didn’t know how to fight cause he could almost choke him to death the first day they met. But one day when the trio stayed in their safe house and Napoleon was cooking in the kitchen, some robbers broke in. Napoleon seemed like he was not gonna do anything and just let them take what they want. But when Illya fight back and one of them shot him, Napoleon held up a kitchen knife and sliced it through that guy’s hand, started taking down every single one of them with just that knife. After that, Illya never underestimate Napoleon again. Especially with knives. Kitchen knives. P/S: “And they said I was scary”, Illya muttered when Napoleon took the bullet out for him that night.

Some intruders shoot Illya. Napoleon does not approve.

Comment: Boys being BAMF-y, with some pretty good dialogue.

Having trouble sleeping? | vaenarys | 2.1k words

He tosses and turns for a while before Illya becomes too annoyed to ignore it. "What now, Cowboy?” he growls.

“I can’t sleep like this,” Solo states and Illya is sure that the other man is pouting, but he can’t bring himself to care. There is a long silence and a few more turns from Solo before Illya decides that he will take the bait.

“Why?” Illya asks with a huff and without much interest.

Solo is bound to have slept with other people in one bed before, given his reputation as a playboy, so what is the problem right now?

Comments: Pre-slash. Cute, fluffy, light-hearted.

To Sleep | Tallihensia | 7.2k words

As they wait to go on their next mission, the team splits up for some rest. Napoleon and Illya end up in the same apartment, which leads to some misunderstandings, some reflections, and later, some sleep.

 Illya yawned again, his stern face relaxing. “Your country has a saying about that…”

 “It’s British. But satisfaction brought him back - that’s American.”

Comments: Another pre-slash, bed-sharing delight. I loved the careful dance between the two boys, and the writer’s way of writing Illya’s voice. 

(conscious) | zvous | 502 words

There’s a tattoo on everyone that states a phrase your soulmate will tell you. Not always your first words, but you will recognize them.

Comments: I first came across this variation of the soulmate trope (which is in and of itself a surefire kink of mine) in the Avengers (Marvel Cinematic ‘Verse) fandom, and it has since grown on me quite. This piece may be really short, but it is also thoughtful, and quietly lyrically in a way that steals your breath all the same. 

Russian Courtship Traditions | tumtatumtum | 5.5k words

Illya does not believe in the old courtship traditions. He does not believe in mates either.


Illya and Napoleon struggle, court each other with misunderstandings, and eventually make it to a bedroom.

Comments: This fic snared me with the promise of A/B/O. (I am such a sucker for this trope.) The boys are adorable in this fun romp.