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Team Tony Stark: Post-CA:CW Prompt 1

Okay so imagine post the clusterfuck that was CA:CW Team Cap wants to go back to the U.S./or they need his help with Buckys treatment (B.A.R.F.) and so they try to contact Tony. But they can’t. Because he got rid of the phone ((ugh the phone) because obvs he knows they’re in Wakanda -no i don’t need your sanctimonious flip-phone Rogers stuff it- and that letter was just plain offensive) and well they’re fugitives so their options are fucking limited. So while trying to see how they can get a message to him they notice that he communicates with someone on the downlow all very hush hush and they get curious (hence using their superspies to get info (i imagine the Black Widow joined them)) and guess who they find on the other end of the communication (messages, skype, phone calls, e-mails, letters)? HARLEY! So they’re like ‘wtf is Stark doing with a kid’ and they somehow manage to kidnap him (using T'Challas jet since it has a no detection thingy?) and T'Challa is pissed because ‘wtf were you thinking kidnapping a child?? You’re FUGITIVES IDIOTS! And that’s practically Tony Starks kid do you have a deATH WISH?!?!?’ And they’re all like ‘Stark has no kids, he doesn’t know we’re here, it’s just for a little while don’t worry’ and T'Challa is practically having and aneurysm because he has been getting to know Tony Stark (repairing the Accords) and he fucking knows that Stark knows that he knows that he knows that Team Cap is in Wakanda (he just doesn’t give a fuck (as long as they’re under surveilance and out of the way not fucking up another country he’s fine with it)) and these idiots have no fucking idea who they’re dealing with, because he has seen Stark dealing with the UN, the WSC, the military, the media, fucking everyone and twirling them around as he wants, and he has seen his eyes, they’re ruthless, dark (Siberia broke something in him, but Stark men are made of iron and he’s had no heart since he got the Arc Reactor taken out maybe he never had one, Starks don’t cry and they don’t break, and he’s a mechanic he can fix anything but it doesn’t always end up how it was before) and he knows that he’s treading on a very fine line before he snaps and he regrets that this may be what pushes him over the edge (he has seen Stark increase security around those he lets inside his walls Peter, Pepper, Rhodey, Vision, F.R.I.D.A.Y., Happy, and he didn’t know about Harley but after what Team Cap told him about their interactions it’s easy to see he considers him a son) and he will consider this an attack no matter what the misguided ex-Avengers meant to accomplish by doing this, and he has no wish to see the destruction Stark will bring, because no matter what the ex-Avengers think about Tony Stark being helpless and a civilian he used to be the Merchant of Death and you can’t sell Death without distributing your share of it, (he knows Tony Starks history, people think Iron Man was born from the ashes of Tony Stark in a dry cave in Afghanistan like a Phoenix, but Tony Stark never burned and the only ashes that got left behind were those of his captors those of the people who thought they could control him and break him (Stark men are not weak) and Iron Man was not born on a cave because Iron Man is Tony Stark and Tony Stark is Iron Man there is no one without the other (Stark men are made of Iron) and he will do what he thinks must be done, he will dirty his hands, mark them with red (they forget he made a conscious decision of killing the terrorists both in the cave and Gulmira (funny how people forget what they don’t want to believe)) and he may have not hurt the ex-Avengers during the war when he considered them family, but family they are no more (not since Siberia ‘did you know Rogers?’ ‘Sometimes my team keep things from me’ the feel of hands on his reactor, a shield breaking his metaphorical heart, the feel of death trying to pull him under, the cold seeping through the suit, his mothers screams stuck in his head and the burning of betrayal (and resignation-he always knew they would leave, everyone leaves)) and now they have taken his pseudo-kid (‘you know what keeps running through my head?’ 'Where is my sandwich?’) and the last good will he had left towards them was used when he ignored Ross’ phone call (he let them escape, less chance of commiting murder if he can’t see them) so there are no safeguards in place that will save them from his hands, from his retribution, haven’t you heard it’s not good to rouse a beast (but they’re blind aren’t they? They see prey not a predator (it’s always good to be underestimated, makes them easier to take down 'Iron Man yes… Tony Stark not recommended’)?

So I want my BAMF! #smolchild Tony Stark to put Team Cap in it’s place by being the ruthless son of a bitch we all know and love.

+Harley having a watch!gauntlet like Tonys from CA:CW and using it against them, maybe locking himself in a room and threatening them if they come closer (with Shuri looking smug (because we all know she doesn’t like Team Cap (they’re too entitled)) and she is happy to see them being put in their place and she thinks that if anyone is willing to threaten enhanced individuals in favor of Tony Stark with such fierce determination then Stark must be worth getting to know)
++T'Challa/Tony building relationship (IronPanther is bae)
+++Tony has become a pseudo-father/uncle to practically every enhanced (or not) kid around (Kamala, Peter, Harley and his sister, Cassie Lang, Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel Barton (because you bet your ass that he evacuated them from their living spaces before Ross could get to them (or the masses))), Vision and F.R.I.D.A.Y. (because it may hurt him but Vision is basically his grandchild (from both Ultron and Jarvis) and FRI is like another daughter (she’s practically a baby)) and the kids are pissed at Team Cap (because they saw Tonys injuries (he can no longer wear the Iron Man Armour (the shield did a vast number on him, his lungs and his artificial sternum))) maybe they had to use the Extremis (or I would love if he needed to use an Arc Reactor again (maybe in a smaller size/scale so it doesn’t get too deep since it’s obvious it causes problems with his lung capacity (it was pretty fucking deep in his chest(miracle he still could breathe))) and he’s fucking lucky he survived, so they’re petty towards them (specially Kamala, Peter and Harley)
++++ And Team Cap is like 'wtf’ 'why are you defending 'Tony Evil Overlord’ (trademark pending)

Practically I just want Team Cap to see how BAMF! my #smolchild is, for Tony to recuperate his self-worth by being surrounded by people who actually see him and see the good in him, and for him to have a #TonyStarkProtectionSquad

This post ran away from me I swear. 😂😂
It’s so long like damn! But I wanted to rant and share so here it is peeps. 😘


Can we talk about how this precious Rubybun smiles the entire ride down his arm? And how his hand just uncurls to let her slip on by X’D

Weasley is our Queen

Honestly, as a self-proclaimed Potterhead, I’m not sure why it took me so long to get around to making Harry Potter fan art. And who better to draw than Ginevra ‘BAMF’ Weasley herself?

I used Charleen Weiss <3 as a pose reference model and as you can probably tell, I HATE detailing hair. I’ve left so much incomplete and her hair looks like octopus tentacles and I’m disgusted with myself but I’m also a lazy trashcan who just can’t anymore.


Brook is absolutely TEARING SHIT UP this arc! I am so happy and proud of our skeleton!

It may be the Year of Sanji, but Oda is really giving Brook so much of the spotlight that he deserves! His character and personality in battle and out are really shining in ways we haven’t gotten to see before.

I am happy to fight anyone who thinks he is just comic relief, because Brook is a Grade 👏A👏 Badass👏

Got a request from @nordremo a couple days ago in the Frostiron server for Badass Loki and/or Tony.

So! Off we go! Some of these have been recced before, but there were surprisingly few BAMF fics that I liked and could read on short notice bc i made this in like,,, a few hours sdjhflasdf  also not as many details as usual, bc im tired, sorry guys!

Entrapment and Allurement- Vitanitas, teen, no warnings except Dark!Tony honestly
“Anthony.” He says again, expectant.
“Sorry, babe.” Tony sighs, before smashing the butt of the gun against his temple.

Catch and Release- Like_a_Hurricane, explicit, violence
Here unfolds a tale of war, desire, and warring desires.
After the invasion of New York, Tony figures out Loki’s game, and he lays out an ultimatum that he realizes the trickster can’t escape from, maneuvering Loki into agreeing to be an ally, rather than a foe, if only when the time comes.
A god’s sworn word is a promise that the god cannot break, but once Thanos’ head is parted from his shoulders, all bets will be off: no protections, no alliance, Loki free to do whatever he pleases, so long as he can still evade recapture at Asgard’s hands. So it’s simple, Tony tells himself: trust the war, not the god.
It should have been simple. It was doomed to be anything but, because infatuation has no place in a war-zone, but Tony is prone to impropriety at all sorts of slightly impractical times, or he wouldn’t have wound up with the god of lies in his bed so frequently in the first place. Practicality and safe-distance plans are all going wrong, and Tony likes it too much to stop.

Keeping Me Safe- STARSdidathing, teen, no warnings
There’s nothing like the end of a good secret, especially when it’s for the right reasons.

My Darkness and Your Darkness- Oh_Toasty, gen, no warnings
In which Loki and Tony meet in the void.

Blood and Iron (read the rest of the series toooooo)- dracusfyre, explicit, no warnings
“I saw Stark’s fear. I knew it would control him.” - Wanda Maximoff
Loki offers Tony a way to stop being afraid. Tony gives Loki a chance at revenge. But sometimes what happens along the journey is bigger than the destination, and it will either be their salvation or their destruction.

Again- silver_drip, mature, no warnings
When Loki invaded Midgard he did not expect to meet another god.

Fractals of a Criminal Mind- STARSdidathing, mature, no warnings
Tony Stark is the Top Forensic Scientist at S.H.I.E.L.D. and possibly in the world- if he does say so himself- there’s only one person he’s come up against and can’t beat: international criminal mastermind Loki Laufeyson. He’s gotten close but Loki always has a lackey to throw in front of the blame. He’s completely untouchable and if Loki wasn’t his enemy than Tony would be marvelling at and adoring his genius. But Tony can’t, because he’s a good guy, he has morals and a duty to the public that he’s trying to protect. Loki Laufeyson, however, is equally fascinated and he doesn’t do anything other than what he wants.

Tony Stark’s Secret Diary- Sparcina, explicit, no warnings
Loki has never meant to fall for a mortal. He doesn’t do love; he doesn’t do loss. When Tony starts avoiding him, Loki discovers something in the mortal’s room that could change everything.

Love Is My Disaster- Sparcina, explicit, no warnings
Loki doesn’t plan to be denied. Tony doesn’t plan to deny him. Anything.

And time will give us nothing- melonbutterfly, teen, no warnings
Depending on from which universe you count, it’s either 559 hours or 23,280 hours before Tony returns this time around. He’s not alone. (This one was,,, amazing)

Expectations for 2x09

Honestly, the only thing I want from next episode is for Magnus to get suddenly feral! Like I want him to go crazy, like a mother lioness protecting its cub from attackers!
Honestly I need that and if we don’t get it I’ll be extremely disappointed because if Raph’s his kid, then he’s freaking above a relationship that young!
I want the Magnus who takes no shit again, who doesn’t let anyone hurt the few ones he loves! I mean you don’t get to call someone your child if you don’t protect it from all (well most) evil! And having the crap beat out of you is evil! Especially when he was practically forced the second time!