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Radioman by Footloose

Part 1 of the Loaded March series

Rating: General

Word Count: 35,000

Summary: The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can’t keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn’t good enough, either. Except he is.

Footloose is a really good writer - their most popular work We are all Diamonds may be familiar to you. The descriptions in Radioman were funny and original, but at the same time perfectly fitting to the situation - a feat that few people manage to achieve. Unfortunately, I find that their sentences can be too long. This forces you to read more carefully instead of rushing on like I usually do. Which, I guess, might not necessarily be a bad thing. There are also a few typos and mistakes that may further hinder comprehension, but these are very minor things.

On the whole, I loved this work. Just a heads-up though: you won’t get a nice satisfying ending, because it is part of a series. A 1.2 million word series. Which is admittedly rather daunting. HOWEVER. Even if you don’t manage to finish, I still think it’s worthwhile reading. It’s really that good. At least, for me, the euphoric rush of reading something really good that just sucks you in is worth a potentially unresolved plot. 

The first time I read it, I gave up around the fifth installment. This time around, I’m on the ninth one and still going strong :D. All the secret agent stuff is doing my head in, but it is still just as good and I have come to love it even more.

I highly recommend this fanfic (this series), but you have been warned. 

To be fair, humans are some bullshit from a balance perspective.

“I’ll just outrun that human…any day now… any… day… jesus christ it’s the terminator.”

“Maybe I can outsmart it and hide. What’s that you say, its brain takes up 20% of it’s caloric intake? FML.”

“It doesn’t have any natural weapons. I’ll just turn around and kill it. OH GOD IT’S GOT STONE CLAWS THAT ARE UNHOLY SHARP!”

“Okay, fight number two. It’s squishy so if I’m careful and find the right time when it’s weak I can - IT HAS PROJECTILE SHARP THINGS!”

“I’ll try crossing the river. It’s too gangly to be buoya - IT CAN SWIM?!?”

“Okay nothing can swim and run and climb. I’ll just go up this tree… FML it descended from apes.”

“It doesn’t even have fur, I can run to a colder climate and escape. Welp, it’s wearing the fur of my loved ones to keep warm.”

“If the whole herd bands together and protects each other, we can trample it… it can CONTROL FIRE.”

“Fuck it. Might as well just follow them around and get domesticated.”

Prettymuch everything we did to animals comes out of a horror movie.


Favourite McCree headcanon: Gabriel (or/and Ana) bought that BAMF buckle for Jesse as a joke, but the boy liked it so much it became his favourite buckle.

And of course he started a collection. (allimagesarefromPinterestandGoogleImages)