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may your path be the sound by magneticwave

(1/1 I 13,321 I Teen I Melissa/Sheriff)

This may make Melissa a terrible mother, but things were so much easier when Scott and Stiles were unpopular and spent their weekends on either her or John’s couch, playing Mario Kart and talking about all of the stuff they were never going to be cool enough to do. Scott and Stiles’ weekends now mostly involve blood and Derek Hale.

I 1000 percent ship these two. (Also his name is John. The end. Move on, Jeff.) But I don’t usually read het fic. So don’t let that get in your way if you don’t either. It’s so adorable. It’s from Melissa’s POV and there is some really delicious pining and a little angst thrown in. There’s also some Sterek seen from the outside and everyone knows except them kind of thing. 

If you need some fluff and grown ups and a bamf!Mama Mccall read it. You’ll thank me. Yo prometo.

To be fair, humans are some bullshit from a balance perspective.

“I’ll just outrun that human…any day now… any… day… jesus christ it’s the terminator.”

“Maybe I can outsmart it and hide. What’s that you say, its brain takes up 20% of it’s caloric intake? FML.”

“It doesn’t have any natural weapons. I’ll just turn around and kill it. OH GOD IT’S GOT STONE CLAWS THAT ARE UNHOLY SHARP!”

“Okay, fight number two. It’s squishy so if I’m careful and find the right time when it’s weak I can - IT HAS PROJECTILE SHARP THINGS!”

“I’ll try crossing the river. It’s too gangly to be buoya - IT CAN SWIM?!?”

“Okay nothing can swim and run and climb. I’ll just go up this tree… FML it descended from apes.”

“It doesn’t even have fur, I can run to a colder climate and escape. Welp, it’s wearing the fur of my loved ones to keep warm.”

“If the whole herd bands together and protects each other, we can trample it… it can CONTROL FIRE.”

“Fuck it. Might as well just follow them around and get domesticated.”

Prettymuch everything we did to animals comes out of a horror movie.

Things we should all remember:

1. Tony knows his way around ALL the weapons (and can make them out of scraps of metal).

2. Tony is trained in hand to hand combat.

3. Tony is fast and nimble enough to leap over fences and run over long distances.

4. Tony is STRONG - he dragged the armor through the woods in IM3 and does all kinds of heavy metalwork all by himself.

5. We all know that Tony’s smart but consider what that means: When Tony puts his mind to it, he can literally do anything. He has the imagination to design and make anything that he needs to.

6. Tony is tenacious. You know that whenever he shows up, something WILL be done. He is willing to do whatever it takes in order to save the world.

Basically, Tony is a badass motherfucker and we should all acknowledge this.


Thor Ragnarok DELETED SCENES, Alternate Post-Credits and Rejected Concepts Explained

NOOOOO!!!!! Why did they cut the knife scene?! It was so badass!

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Favourite McCree headcanon: Gabriel (or/and Ana) bought that BAMF buckle for Jesse as a joke, but the boy liked it so much it became his favourite buckle.

And of course he started a collection. (allimagesarefromPinterestandGoogleImages)