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Ginny doesn’t get much appreciation. She was one of the most skilled students in DA and she helped Neville and Luna bring it back to rebel against Death Eaters in her sixth year. Let’s not forget how she helped Gryffindor win the Quidditch Cup when she was only fifteen, and how did she manage to do that? BECAUSE SHE’S A GOD WHEN PLAYING QUIDDITCH. She was able to secretly practice with her brothers brooms, that shows how clever Ginny was to use them without getting caught. And even though she had an epic crush on Harry when she was younger, she decided she was done waiting for him to notice her and that moping around was pointless. So she dated other guys and wasn’t ashamed at all. Ginny was also accepted into the Slug Club during her fifth year. Slughorn only accepted witches and wizards who he thought were determined and talented muggle fuckers. GINNY EVEN SURVIVED LITERALLY EVERY BATTLE THAT WAS CAUSED BY HARRY AND VOLDEMORT AND PUT UP WITH MAJOR BULLSHIT.

Ginny Weasley is a sassy bamf and no one can tell me other wise goodbye.

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peter was part of the marauders but not very important, hes just like a bumbling idiot that they tolerate because hes in the same house as them. so it doesn't really matter.

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not sure if you’re trolling orrrrr.

but i dont really care okay heres the thing about Peter. Everything you just said is pure fanon BS. the fandom MADE him that way through fanfic and crap based on, well not much. Except that he betrays his friends. Which no one effing knows until it happens so

Why is this his personality? He wasn’t as good at classes, maybe. He’s nervous and a little twitchy, but Peter learned to be an Animagi just like James and Sirius. Peter helped with the map JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM. Peter blew up an entire street and killed 12 people with a single spell. Peter was part of their core group, they needed him and loved him and QUITE LITERALLY TRUSTED HIM WITH THEIR LIVES.

Do you really think making him secret keeper was some off the cuff ‘haha yeah mate no one’ll expect PETER’ kind of shit? You think they didn’t take it seriously?? YOU THINK SIRIUS CHILLED IN AZKABAN FOR 12 YEARS WITH NOTHING BUT THIS BETRAYAL KEEPING HIM SANE BECAUSE ‘they just tolerated him’??? 

WHAT. I MEAN if he wanted to hate someone he could’ve stewed over SNAPE for 12 years. BUT NO. PETER. Because the betrayal was so much worse because they were FRIENDS. HE ACTUALLY SAYS IN THE BOOK THAT THEY ALL WOULD’VE DIED FOR PETER. Lily even calls him WORMY. Like, They were FAMILY you guys. oh my god.

AND NOT IMPORTANT?? bruh, lemme tell you a thing. The entire SERIES was set in motion by PETER and SNAPE. Without Snape to deliver the prophecy and ask LV to spare Lily, and Peter to give him their location.

NOT A SHIT THING WOULD’VE HAPPENED AND THE STORY WOULDN’T EXIST. Peter is important. And this isnt even going into the REST of the books, this is just PRE HP SERIES stuff. I sdkfmkfdfgmfg

I HAVE PETER FEELS. And honestly, Peter and Neville are absolutely parallels. And yall wouldn’t say Neville was a bumbling idiot people tolerate, even before he got BAMF. Neville is what Peter should’ve become if he hadn’t given into fear. If being in gryffindor had actually made him brave like it was meant to.