bamf gilberts

One of my many AUs (when will it stop???)…this is my MOB AU!

  • Angelica is the Mob boss and everyone basically loves and fear her because she’s a BAMF. Her sisters are the only ones who know how soft she can be (and maybe G.Wash)
  • George Washington is her right-hand man, and also the supervisor of her little team. After Angelica he’s the most important person, he keeps track of everything. (Father figure!!!)
  • Alexander is her secretary and in charge of financial matters and stocks, flirts with her the first time they meet and almost shat his pants. (he fell HARD)
  • John handles the goods (drug trades). Surprisingly clean despite this, (how do you do it, John)
  • Lafayette is a pimp and handles prostitution. (he got them looks too and he uses it to his advantage)
  • Hercules is the lead defense and has control over the bodyguards (don’t mess with him)
  • Thomas handles strategic approach to new business, he’s always present during meetings. (may or may not had a thing with Angelica before, he doesn’t say)
  • James monitor every online transaction and “clean-up duty” (you have a dead body? He’ll hide it.)
  • Aaron just knows everything and has dirt on everyone, he’s the info guy (he lost his hair coz of so many secrets)
  • Eliza and Peggy handle clients and business partners, usually works with James with everything online. (both are totally in love with Maria)
  • Maria is an undercover spy and the top assassin. (don’t let her looks fool you, you’d be dead before you know it)
  • George III, Samuel, and Charles is part of the CIA hunting this group down. (I know. Awesome, wow.)