Calm Before The Swarm - Robert Kirkman Talks With Melissa McBride about Season 5 of The Walking Dead

*AKA Melissa Turns the Tables Around On Kirkman*

Robert Kirkman: “So I am gonna compliment you right now…stop talking! You’ve done amazing work on this series, from day one I think there hasn’t been a character on the show that’s evolved more than your character has evolved. You’ve had probably the hardest material to work with last year, the most emotional, the most gut wrenching and where’s the Emmy love, I don’t know what the heck is going on…”

Melissa McBride: “That’s why I put my sunglasses on…”

Robert Kirkman: “…I gotta say it makes me wanna, makes me wanna Kanye West myself up onstage whenever they’re giving out every Emmy, take them for you and give them to you, because there’s an alternate dimension somewhere where the Emmys aren’t nonsense and they recognize your talent and I think you deserve them all, so congratulations…That’s all I am sayin…that’s all I am sayin…Much Love!”

Melissa McBride: “Wow… I don’t even know how to respond to that! My God, thank you!”

Robert Kirkman: “How much fun as it, without spoiling what you do, are you having a blast the season? You are doing some really cool stuff!”

Melissa McBride: “I’m having such a great time, with this character this season! It’s great to see her involved in so much… Physical action?”

Robert Kirkman: “Yes we can say that…”

Melissa McBride: “Ok, there’s a lot of physical action…”

Robert Kirkman: “You’ve basically involved into Rambo this season…can we just, yeah we’ll just say that..”

Melissa McBride: “Carol-Bo…CARBO!!!”

Robert Kirkman: “Do you have your action figure?”

Melissa McBride: “Who has time to go shopping…”

Robert Kirkman: “You don’t have your action figure?”

Melissa McBride: “No…I saw a rendering…”

Robert Kirkman: “I’m talking to someone at AMC about this…”

Melissa McBride: “Can I ask you? Are you just so amazed and happy and proud…with your brain?”

Robert Kirkman: “This isn’t a two-way interview! You can’t ask me questions…Lady!”

Melissa McBride: “No, seriously did you think? How many years ago was it when you started the Walking Dead, when was it just an idea…”

Robert Kirkman: “The book started in 2003 at a time when every comic I have ever done had failed and so I started the book going ‘I just hope I can make it to issue 12’…’can I please make it to issue 12?..”

Melissa McBride: “But you had such an amazing story… it’s such an amazing story that led you wanna tell everybody…maxing yourself out! I love that! It’s a beautiful story and congratulations to you…it’s amazing!”

Robert Kirkman: “Thank you very much! It’s definitely, it’s definitely a shocking fun ride to beyond and I’m glad that we get to bring all of you guys with, and I’m glad that you’re having such a good time with it…”

(Melissa excitedly clapping!)

Robert Kirkman: “Its a lot of fun! It’s cool cause the Walking Dead has grown into this thing that like was me in my basement working with a few people and now it’s like 1000 different people working on it in different aspects and stuff…”

Melissa McBride: “I know! What the hell..”

Robert Kirkman: “It’s cool cause we are all one big, a one big family that doesn’t like each other…”

(Melissa pffft sticking her tongue out!)

Robert Kirkman: “I am kidding (snickering)…thank you! Thank you so much…this is it’s great!


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You know, a few months ago I spoke with Melissa, and I said, basically, that women over forty in Hollywood…that’s a remarkable role. It’s just not the kind of role that comes around. And the fans love her so much that they all thought I was attacking Melissa or calling her old. She has connected with the audience in a really special way.

Gale Anne Hurd: “Yeah. And that’s the case with Wilma Mankiller.
It’s almost a story like Carol’s in terms of someone who found it within themselves to lead her people, the way that Carol leads and protects her people. That’s what Wilma was able to do.


March 11, 2015 - Gale Anne Hurd On Carol - Melissa McBride for 

*In around about way pointing out that Carol is leading and protecting HER people too!

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I’d support that crossover between fandoms tbh. Rick would bond with Jon and the men of the Night’s Watch (the non-douche ones), Daryl would show the Wildlings how to be a BAMF with archery, Carol would beat the fuck out of Ramsay Snow and be all ‘come at me’. It’d be a beautiful thing.