My Bartkira pages, 358 + 359 from the end of Volume 1. I only had two because of a page-numbering error, but the lovely Amy Sloan split her pages with me so I could still do some! Thanks again lady! 

Really stoked at what I’ve seen in the #bartkira tag, and looking forward to seeing the full volumes re-imagined by so many different artists (400+).

And thanks again to James Harvey for including me. 


Happy Holidays! :)

Why my life is good:

I finished my children’s book tonight, a massive undertaking that’s taken most of a year in collaboration with a hospital.

Other than that, I’m going to have artwork in a local magazine next week. I feel like I finally understand my job and have the opportunity to succeed there. I feel like I really have friends at work now too, so it’s nice to be my silly self sometimes. My boyfriend is fantastic and treats me like a princess. I’ve lost 10 pounds. My best friend had a baby this year. One of my best friends is starting at Converse next week. I have a car. I have my own apartment. I make enough money to live off of. My medical problems have been very manageable lately. I have second, third, and fourth families who I can depend on.

I’m so happy today, and every day. <3

Above: Siegfried the dinosaur from my children’s book.