Just Your Regular Valentine's

He sighed and nearly face-desk over the table at that cafe he used to go from time to time. He liked that place. It was this not so huge place (it was medium sized, actually) with tons of books for people to buy or read, they had exceptional coffee and people weren’t loud at all, which was one of the things Tim enjoyed a lot.

The only difference between that moment and the other times he’s been there was…the box in front of his face. And the fact he’d invited Jason over to have some coffee. 

You know, something regular, normal, totally not…Valentine’s related.

Not at all.

He sighed and hoped for him to show up soon, hiding the box in his bag.

OOC Note

I am going to be deleting Jackie’s account. There’s not really much of a point in keeping her going. I struggle to try and get somewhere with her.

I have had a few people who have been good with RP'ing with her, and we’ve had some good RPs but there isn’t much of a point in actually having her on a separate blog. 


What I have decided to do in my wisdom is to delete her blog, on this account.


If anyone fancies roleplaying with Jackie, then if you just send me a message on my Joker blog and we can do the roleplay there.

Thanks very much guys.



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He crossed his arms with a half smile on his face. That wasn’t a surprise, really, to find him chilling at his own safe house (Tim’s safe house, by the way), wasn’t something that shocked him. For how long have they been doing this…? Getting into each other’s houses without warning just to scare the shit out of the other…?

Or maybe just to give a small surprise. Although after a while, the joke got old and they just knew they were gonna be there.

“Should I say "I’m home” and expect you to wait for me with dinner ready and all that, Jason?“, said Tim as he pulled his cowl down and unclasped his cape to toss it over a chair.


As he was working on a small gadget in the living room––yes, living room. It  was something small and he’d started to feel awfully lazy lately. But then he heard a knock. A firm knock. Maybe two or three. And he raised an eyebrow. He went close to check on the small computer next to the kitchen, seeing no one was around. “Are you kidding me…?”, he murmured, and went back on his steps to be interrupted again by the knocks.

He repeated his previous action and grind his teeth. “Some kids playing hide and seek with my door’s bell?”, he sighed. Then he heard another noise. But this one was different. A window? Why didn’t the system detect anything…?