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The Phantomhive Servants in Ch. 129 (WTF, Guys)

Chapter 129 has certainly given us a lot to think about, mainly with the confirmation of 2CT.

Here are a few other interesting notes it offered:

  • Violet confirmed that the Blue Star is real!Ciel
  • Soma confirmed that there was more than one assailant at the Townhouse and that real!Ciel was one of them
  • Snake’s snakes did not smell anything strange about real!Ciel compared to our!Ciel (like a different scent or the smell of decomposition, if real!Ciel were to be a traditional Bizarre Doll)
    • Perhaps this was due to the rain or proximity?
  • Tanaka, the former Phantomhive butler, was not present

Lots of things to work with there concerning real!Ciel.

But straight to the titular point– the servants.

Finny is 100% a pro to have noticed something was off.

I anticipated this chapter would show real!Ciel at the Manor, but in my mind it was far more dramatic involving the appearance of Tanaka and the vital observation by Snake that real!Ciel was not our!Ciel.

Clearly that did not happen.

What the frick, Snake?!

And where are you, Tanaka?! 

On the bright side, I think the house steward will show up next chapter *crosses fingers*


I swear, real!Ciel better have been wearing an eyepatch when he showed up otherwise I’m fricking done with the servants.

You’ve never seen your master without an eyepatch for three years and you think nothing of it? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU.

If that’s what Finny thought was off then no shit, Finny..! That’s not a difficult observation to make!

In their defense, it’s not like they had an inkling about the twin thing.

Also, weren’t you wondering where Sebastian was? It’s not like Ciel would show up on his own after being gone for so long! GUYS. 

Bard, you were in the military. Mey-rin, you have sniper vision. Snake, you have snakes. YOU ALL HAVE OBSERVATIONAL POWERS EXCEPT FINNY WHO NOTICED due to his adoration and closeness to the young master.

Maybe Tanaka hid himself in shame since his dumbass coworkers didn’t notice the obvious.

i love how jongin was literally just having a laughing fit the entire interview


“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”  
~ Carl Sagan

━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Update news regarding this drama CD especially the synopsis of its tokuten CD (that got me bamboozled);

Stellaworth Tokuten [End of Love]

[I was born to love you… Now and from now on] An after story with a warm happy ending.

Animate Tokuten [End of Madness]

[To continue loving you while regretting my sins in this place. I was born for that…] An after story with a very bad ending.

( ꒪Д꒪) I suppose I’ll be buying from Animate Online for this one. Hopefully I don’t regret with my choice for a bad yandere ending.

“I’m one of Prof. Yggdrasil’s aides! He said if you bring me 10% of Zygarde’s cells, I’m supposed to give you an EXP SHARE!” :)))

Disguised Team Ragnarok grunt design idea. (Look out Zed you’re being bamboozled!)

Man, I love imagining these twists on traditional Pokémon games, in which Prof. Yggdrasil has his assistants hand you random garbage to distract you from the fact that he’s secretly reconstructing Zygarde for purposes of Evil.

Also, consider this trickery:

*Player Character gets jumped by a Team Ragnarok Admin with 10% Zygarde. Player Character defeats them and the Zygarde breaks back down into Cells, which the Player Character collects as the Admin huffs away in a dramatic show of defeat. Player Character returns to Yggdrasil Labs to deliver the Cells (and the news).*

Yggdrasil: Hi Zed! You got some more Zygarde Cells for my research? …What’s that? You say you were attacked by Team Ragnarok? And they had a reconstruction of Zygarde?! How frightening! I hope you are okay. I wonder how they were able to find so many cells and reassemble Zygarde’s body… Well, the good news is you were able to take the Cells back from them. Who knows what would happen if the Zygarde Cells fell into the wrong hands!

*And maybe sometime later, after fighting an Admin with 50% Zygarde, maybe sometime after Emma comes in and confronts the Professor about her suspicions that he is somehow involved with Team Ragnarok…*

Yggdrasil: Oh nooo, I have terrible news! Those Team Ragnarok thugs broke into my lab and stole my research and the Zygarde Cells that you worked SO HARD to collect for me! I tried to stop them, but I’m just a scientist; I’m no good at Pokémon battles. Oh well, I’d might as well contact the authorities. I COULDN’T POSSIBLY ask you to do anything dangerous like tracking down the Ragnarok Base to retrieve the Cells yourself!

Emma (speaking with the Player Character in private): I’m pretty sure Professor Yggdrasil is lying. I don’t know how he is involved, exactly, but all the clues indicate that he’s up to something. At best, Team Ragnarok is coercing him into cooperation. Going in carelessly by yourself is sure to be a trap. Mimi and I are going to go undercover to find out what’s really going on here, and get those Cells back. You’re welcome to join us, though don’t expect this mission to be an easy one.

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Unless your goal is to highlight the most ignorant and negative aspects of modern day black culture, i would suggest you use your brain before you post things. Reminds me of the spike lee movie bamboozled

I love you! I love you for all the places you have neglected to love because you’ve been taught that they were less than and uncivilized.