bamboozle cafe

Metrocon draws nearer, and I had a nice early break, so I was able to hit up one of the restaurants that actual food critics consistently vote as one of the best restaurants in Tampa. Google says it is an eleven minute walk from the Convention Centre to

Bamboozle Café
516 N. Tampa St. Tampa, FL 33602

It is a Vietnamese Fusion restaurant that specializes in healthy food. They are very friendly to Gluten Free and Vegetarian folk, and their ingredients are quite fresh.

I ended up getting their three roll and a drink combo. They have about either to ten different meats for the rolls, and you can pick four veggie that go in with them. My veggies were pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, and tomato. My meats were the Kickin’ Chicken, the Ahi Tuna, and the Lemongrass Beef.

Kickin’ Chicken was pretty good. The chicken wasn’t that kickin’, but the veggies were crispy and delicious, and the roll was a success.

The Ahi Tuna roll was better, because you could really taste the tuna, and adding that to those vegetables was a really good combo. This roll was better.

But none could compare to the moment I bit into that Lemongrass Beef. I was blinded by flavor, and it took me a moment after that first bite to realize what had just happened to my taste buds. This roll kicked so much ass.

They have an assortment of teas, and the one I picked was the Exotic Sweet Tea with Fresh Coconut. This tea is basically the nectar of the gods, and I haven’t left yet because I’m still drinking another cup or three of this before I go.

Price Range: Probably about a ten to twelve dollar lunch.

Bamboozle Café: Okay food critics. I get it now. This place rocks.