This year Lucidity Festival will feature Bamboo DNA’s displays.
Founded by artist and New York City native Gerard Minakawa, the company was created in response to an immediate need for unique, high performance bamboo materials with which to design and construct his structures. Minakawa holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and recently taught a design class for the school in Bolivia, where he had lived for three years working with indigenous artisans prior to creating Bamboo DNA. He is an award-winning designer whose work has been featured in numerous publications, events and exhibitions around the world.

Check out a super cool video of Bamboo DNA in the works here & his website here. Then head over to Lucidity’s website and grasp the opportunity to bask in the super bomb Bamboo DNA display by buying tickets to Lucidity.

Super Silly Super Bowl

Gerard Minakawa 97 ID admits that though he’s not a huge NFL fan, he is looking forward to tonight’s Super Bowl – or at least to the ad interludes between the game. A couple of weeks ago his company Bamboo DNA was commissioned to build an impromptu set for what he describes as “a hilarious TV commercial” set to air during tonight’s game (due to nondisclosure agreements he can’t say much more prior to game time).

“The funniest part is that my team and I didn’t know what we were building, nor for what, when we showed up with a truckload of bamboo, steel, and rope five days after the production designers first contacted me about this whole adventure,” Minakawa explains.

Read more about the venture and find more sketches from the field on Minakawa’s blog.

Founder Gerard Minakawa and his Bamboo DNA team create these art sculptures and structures completely out of Bamboo.  

Do you like to see bamboo used in creative ways?

Come explore their Art Installation at Lucidity this year!

Check out their website to see their work at other festivals like Electric Daisy, Coachella, Burning Man and even Electric Picnic in Ireland