Greenhouse Illustration

available as Fine Art Giclée Print in my etsy shop:

printed with archival pigment ink (UltraChrome HD Ink) on slightly textured 290g genuine watercolor art-paper (Hahnemühle Bamboo fine art Paper).


Watercolor Sperm whales

available as Fine Art Giclée Print in my etsy shop:

printed with archival pigment ink (UltraChrome HD Ink) on slightly textured 290g genuine watercolor art-paper (Hahnemühle Bamboo fine art Paper).

Noguchi is perhaps best known for his Akari lanterns, which he made of paper, bamboo, and metal (he often called them light sculptures). This large-scale version is on view in the @noguchimuseum’s second floor. Of the Akari lamps, Noguchi said, “For me, function was only an initial consideration; my main purpose has always been art as it relates to life. I work with the gamut of possibilities. Inherent in Akari are lightness and fragility. They seem to offer a magical unfolding away from the material world.”-madmuseum (Instagram)

Here’s a compiled list of apps that is useful for school and everyday life. 


Paid apps:

  • Notability ($4.98 fav!)  
  • Goodnotes ($8.98 best for handwritten notes)
  • Noteshelf ($5.99)
  • Writepad ($7.99)

Free apps:

  • Evernote (fav!)
  • Keynote
  • Penultimate
  • Paper by 53
  • Bamboo Paper
  • Pages (iOS only)
  • Papyrus (Android only)
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Onenote
  • Simplenote
  • Somnote (100MB of free cloud storage for every account)
  • Catch Notes


Paid apps:

  • Fantastical 2 for iPhone ($4.99)
  • Calendars 5 ($6.99)
  • Agenda Calendar 4 ($2.58)
  • Clear ($4.99 only for iOS)

Free apps:

  • CalenMob (fav!)
  • Cal 
  • Google Calendar
  • Sunrise Calendar
  • Tempo
  • Horizon Calendar
  • SolCalendar (Android only)
  • WAVE

Clock/ Time Tracker

  • Forest: Stay Focused, Stop Phubbing (fav fav fav fav fav)
  • Day Box (countdown app) 
  • ColorClock
  • Fiqlo ($1.28)
  • Rise ($1.99)
  • Timely Alarm Clock
  • My Alarm Clock Free
  • Alarmy
  • Wake Alarm Clock

To-Do Lists

Paid apps:

  • Carrot ($1.99)
  • Todoist ($30/yr)

Free apps:

  • Any.Do
  • Google Keep (Android only)
  • Wunderlist


Paid apps:

  • Flashcards Deluxe ($3.99)

Free apps:

  • Evernote Peek
  • AnkiApp
  • Flashcardlet
  • Flashcards +
  • Flashcards+ by Chegg
  • Cram
  • Quizlet


Free apps:

  • Memrise (fav!)
  • Duolingo
  • AnkiApp
  • Busuu
  • Google Translate
  • Dictionary Online 


Paid apps:

  • SAT Vocab Challenge for iPhone ($5)
  • SAT Connect ($9.99 for Apple, marked down from $24.99 :O )
  • Adapster (math- $9.99 on Apple)
  • Kaplan Portable SAT ($5.99)

Free apps:

  • SAT Up (fav!)
  • The Official SAT Question of the Day (Collegeboard!)
  • SAT Prep & College Search
  • SAT Vocab by Mindsnacks
  • IntelliVocab lite
  • Princeton Review’s SAT Score Quest for iPad
  • Kaplan SAT Flashcubes (free)
  • Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab ($1 Android, free on Apple)
  • ACT/SAT Math Booster (Free, Android)
  • SAT Challenge By The Princeton Review
  • English Vocabulary Flashcards Exambusters

Study Guides

  • iTunesU 
  • CliffsNotes Study Guides
  • Khan Academy


  • Spotify (fav!)
  • 8tracks
  • Soundcloud
  • Pandora
  • Google Play Music
  • Vevo
  • iHeartRadio
  • Tidal
  • Shazam
  • Garageband
  • Sound Trap
  • Songza
  • Rdio
  • Youtube


  • BrainPOP Featured Movie
  • VideoScience
  • Khan Academy
  • TED Talks
  • Youtube


  • Yahoo News Digest (fav!)
  • The New York Times
  • NYT Now
  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Al Jazeera English
  • Circa News
  • AP Mobile
  • Flipboard
  • Google Currents
  • Buzzfeed
  • Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later
  • reddit AMA - Ask Me Anything
  • Digg


  • iBooks
  • Scribd ($8.99/mo)
  • Kindle
  • Kobo
  • Google Play Books
  • Nook
  • Ebook Reader
  • Wattpad (contrary to popular opinions, there are many great books)

Relaxation/ Stress Relief


  • Nike + Running (fav!)
  • Workout Trainer
  • Runtastic Six Pack Abs
  • FitStar
  • Runtastic Six Pack Abs
  • Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App


  • Earthlapse ($0.99)
  • Sing! Karaoke by Smule
  • Yoga Relax
  • iBonsai
  • Zen Bound
  • Sheep Counter
  • White Noise
  • Just Rain

Games to stimulate your mind:

  • 1010!
  • 2048
  • Tsum Tsum
  • Blek

I have not tried most of the paid apps, please download at your own discretion :)

July 7th is Tanabata.

TANABATA(The Star Festival) originates from Chinese legend of the two bright stars, Altair and Vega. They can meet once a year across the Milky Way only on the night of July 7th.

On that day, Japanese people decorate bamboo branches with paper strips and ornaments to celebrate their reunion. It is believed that a wish comes true when you write your wish on the paper strips and hang them on the bamboo.

sofiesverdentoo  asked:

Would Rey and Kylo celebrate Tanabata? :)

On Tanabata day we traditinally decorate arrow bamboo with paper ornaments just like a Christmas tree, and also put a colorful paper slip with our wish written on it.
In this way we used to wish upon a star but only small kids like to do it these days. Kylo might do something like this. His dream would be “wish I would meet the girl again” :)

This image came to my mind while reading Hookups and Hangups by @springandbysummer-fall, it is such a great story, go read it if you haven’t yet!

These are supposed to be a VW Beetle and a Karmann Ghia Type 14, just squint your eyes a little ;)

Copic liner, Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pens and Aero color on shitty bamboo paper, I will be so glad when I empty that block..          


One achievment… well, achieved. There’s this route called Lehmusreitti (”Linden Route”) that basically circles around my hometown making a 12,4km long loop around the market square in the middle of the city, which conveniently passes by the house I live in. Like everything in the route is about two kilometers from the center of the city. Welcome to Finland, everything is forests.

And today, finally, after seven years of living RIGHT BESIDES THE ROUTE, my friend and I decided to see what it looks like.

It looks like very pretty in my opinion.

Like SHEEP! The route goes right through a sheep pen, and climbs up an esker (and down and up and down and…) and there’s a tiny nature reserve pond along there too (there were people sunbathing on the small wooden… dock? Pier? Wharf? Anyway, that wooden thing that sticks out above the water. so I didn’t take photos because the people that would have gotten on camera). And the route goes right beneath the ski jump, and trough an arboretum and stuff. And everything was pretty.

I also lost a little notebook I had with me somewhere along the way, so if there’s any qurious Lahti residents out there who might be interested, there’s couple small doodles and some pie recipes, I think, in a tiny brown notebook somewhere among the 12,4 kilometers of path. (It’s all made out of recycled and/or bamboo paper, so I’m not too upset about littering.) Lost the original of this one, though:


The Shinnaga Family (Angie x Korekiyo Family):

Designed an Older Korekiyo and Angie outfit for when they get older. Bare with my extremely young-looking parent designs and poor grammar ;). I also added Koa and Ioane, their sons. It is a whole family design after all. There is some information about them there but I have some headcanons about the family under the cut! Enjoy!

-Angie and Korekiyo’s relationship grew in their middle years of high school, but it skyrocketed as they were adults. Korekiyo had gone to college and studied, while Angie move back to her island to pursue her art career. I would like to imagine, Korekiyo eventually going to visit the island and running into Angie there after loosing contact with her.

-Angie being extremely happy to see him, drags him all around her island, not letting him rest at a hotel until he has met everyone, gone to every luau, and observed every bit of nature. She also adores to show him her art as well as the art of her island.

-Ngl she would take him to several volcanoes and make him climb trees with her to pick fruit.

-Korekiyo took an interest in Angie’s culture and found it unique, it was different then his own and he couldn’t pull himself away. Also the idea of blood sacrifices roped him in 👀.

-They probably at one point had too much fun at a luau and ended up passing out together, waking up next to each other- To which Korekiyo stumbles out mortified at what could have happened.

-Korekiyo and Angie probably paint together also. He sticks to sumi ink, drawing those old Japanese black paintings on bamboo paper, whilst Angie is more colorful.

-They would totally get married in one of those traditional Hawaiian marriages. Once they are told to kiss, Angie LEAPS into his arms. I s2g Korekiyo needs help after that. But he loves her regardless.

-They probably move in together and live on the island.

-Soon after their marriage, Angie gets pregnant (I would imagine it’s unplanned but Angie would call it a “blessing from Atua”).

-Initially, Korekiyo wanted a girl to name after his sister. He and Angie made an agreement that when they have a child together, she gets to name the boy, whilst Korekiyo names the girl. Turns out luck wasn’t on his side, he ended up having two boys.

-Ofc Koa is born and they need to dedicate more time to him then themselves. Korekiyo was pretty happy to have a human for himself (and Angie), he wanted to show him the whole world, all of its beauties, perhaps tell him about his “Nee-San”.

-Two years after Koa is born, Ioane is born also, another blessing-. Korekiyo at this point knows it’s time to stop, Yet he’s still very attentive to his family and would do anything for them.

-When caring for their children, Angie is more of the carefree parent, probably tosses her kid high up in the air, and leaves one of them at the beach, causing Korekiyo to worry around her. Korekiyo on the other hand, has no intent of harming or seeing one of his children harmed, so he’s the more protective parent of the two.

-Korekiyo drinks Sake more often, it helps- especially with Angie around.

-As the two children get older, Koa gets into dealing with spirits, Which Korekiyo is slightly shaken up about it. Koa would subtly bring up the fact that he wished to talk to the dead, but Korekiyo would brush it off not knowing he was actually doing so. Angie finds it questionable, but if it makes her child happy, she’s willing to comply and support Koa’s spiritual practices.

-I think when Koa is around 5-7, the family moves to Japan and keeps Angie’s island as a summer home/vacation spot. Because of them moving while Koa and Ioane are young, Koa had developed the same accent that Angie has, whilst Ioane was able to grow out of his soon after they moved. Koa still has his accent, not because it hasn’t naturally watered down, but because he chose to keep it that way.

-I bet in Hawaii they probably had a pet chicken (yes that’s a Moana reference). Well Angie did, Korekiyo would probably hate it because all it would do was peck at him- Did I mention Angie loves really colorful birds? Ngl she most likely had some hiding around.

-Speaking of animals, Ioane would totally dump snakes into his parents/brothers bed. Koa would freak out finding these critters in his bed, while Korekiyo and Angie would be more loose about it. They weren’t poisonous, why worry so much? Well, ok, Korekiyo wasn’t too keen on those snakes either. At least not in his bed.

-Ioane also tries to get away with his acts of mischief, But Korekiyo is always sure to catch him. Catch him, but not always punish him. Ioane has a way with words, similar to his father, so he can get out of trouble. Also, even though she doesn’t take favorites, Angie and Ioane are more clingy to each other, meaning she would defend him if Korekiyo scolded him for something small.

-DOESN’T MEAN KOA WONT DISCIPLINE HIS ASS. Koa tells Ioane stories about evil spirits who will come after him if he isn’t careful. Ioane of course brushes it off as a myth, BUT HE KNOWS, ONCE THAT MOON RISE AND HE HEARS KOA WHISTLING(whistling attracts bad spirits) HE IS SCARED SHITLESS. Koa then would throw some shit at his door, leading him to burst out and run into Angie and Korekiyo’s room.

-Ioane finds it mortifying, Koa finds it pleasing. If spiritual stories don’t work, Pulling Ioane’s ear, slapping him lightly on the back of the head, and even kneeing the back of Ioane’s knee, seems to fit for Koa.

-Koa isn’t an asshole brother, he is actually very supportive and maternal to Ioane. He could call him his second mom if he wanted. Ioane being a Hojojutsu master (thanks to his fathers interest in red rope), uses Koa to practice tying knots, to which Koa hesitantly complies. I bet if Korekiyo walked in on them, he would separate them for a week. No communication, nothing, he doesn’t want what happened to him and his “Nee-San” to happen here.

-Korekiyo’s hair grew out longer so his family enjoys playing with it and braiding it.


-Speaking of “Nee-san” Koa looks a lot like her, he’s mean to have her hair part, eyes, face shape, and mouth. Korekiyo is slightly pained by this, but it’s a guilty pleasure to stare. No they don’t have an incest-y relationship, but their bond is rather close. Koa sticks to Korekiyo more, whilst Ioane is closer with Angie.

-All in all, they are a happy family! Angie keeps things lively, Koa worries too much, Ioane… can be problematic, and Korekiyo deals with it all. As much as they can be hectic, they wouldn’t have it any other way, and adore every single bit about each other

Spell to Sweeten a Family Relationship & Increase Patience and Understanding

By: @queenofcups-crimsonlioness

Does your family need a little refreshing? Are you having trouble getting along? Are your parents just not patient with you anymore? Do your kids miscommunicate? Does you S.O. not understand you sometimes? Does everyone just need to take a giant chill pill?

Then, this is the spell for you!

(This is a modified Honey Jar Spell + Peaceful Home Spell)

You will Need:


  • 1 Blue Candle (Patience, Calm, Tranquility, Devotion)
  • 1 Brown Candle (Peace in the Home, House Blessing, Stability)
  • 1 White Candle (Peace, Healing, Unity)
  • 1 Orange Candle (Joy, Happiness, Warmth)
  • 1 Pink Candle (Love, Caring, Nurturing, Affection)


  • Something sharp to carve words onto the candles (I used a bamboo skewer.)
  • Paper and Writing Utensil
  • Jar or Bottle
  • *Optional- Photograph of the persons involved needing this spell
  • *Optional- Ribbon(s) in any of the candle colors you’ll be using


  • Sugar  (to sweeten the relationship & attract the true intention of this spell)
  • Rose Petals  (pink preferably for Love)
  • Basil  (fresh or dried for Home Blessings)
  • Lavender  (fresh or dried for Patience, Happiness, Love, and Peace)
  • Honey  (to sweeten the relationship and bind the spell)
  • *Optional- Dried Orange Slice (for Happiness, Love, and Angelic Blessings)

*OILS* (These are entirely Optional.  Essential Oils can be very expensive, I understand.  I incorporated them into my own spell because I have them in abundance and I use them frequently in my craft.)

  • >Lavender Oil (Happiness, Love, Peace, Patience)
  • >Myrtle Oil (Love, Peace)
  • >Orange Oil (Love)
  • >Rosemary Oil (Healing, Love, Positivity)
  • >Cedarwood Oil (Healing, Purification)


OK!  Let’s get started!

1.) Using your sharp object, begin to carve words into your candles correspondent with their intended purpose, (Ex: On the blue candle carve the words PATIENCE, CALM, TRANQUILITY, and DEVOTION.)

2.) (If you’re using the oils in this spell, this step is for you, if you’re not, skip to Step 3.)  Now, dress each candle with one of the 5 oils, (For example, you could dress the blue candle with lavender oil and the brown candle with myrtle, the white candle with orange oil, etc.  One oil for one candle.)  As you rub a drop of oil onto each candle, (careful not to use too much.  A little goes a long way.  I only use one drop each,) -say out loud the oil’s intended purpose. (Ex: As you use the rosemary oil, chant, “Healing, Love, Positivity.”)  I like to say everything 3x, but you do what you feel comfortable with.

3.) Draw a large STAR on your paper and lay it flat on your work surface.  (I actually used a star made of twigs instead.  Use what you have… just make a star.)

4.) Place a candle at each one of the star’s points, then light.  (Be sure to use fire safety and secure candles into proper containers before lighting.  I used little tiny crystal bowls filled with sea salt.)

5.) Now place your jar or bottle in the center of your star.  (I cleansed my jar ahead of time with incense.)

6.) Time to add in the Sugar, Rose Petals, Basil, & Lavender.  As you add each ingredient, state aloud its purpose, (Ex: When adding the rose petals, say, “For Love.”)  Layer these ingredients 3 times.  I use a teaspoon of each three times, so you’ll need at least 3 tsps. of each ingredient, or 3 leaves/petals, etc.

7.) Now time to make this spell personal.  You can either roll up the photo of the people -OR- write their names on paper, crossing the names over one another, then roll up the paper and add to the jar.  Settle the photo or paper down into the dry ingredients as much as you can.

8.) If you’re adding an orange slice, add now on top of everything else.  As you place it in, say, “Happiness, Love, and Blessed by Angels.”

9.) Now, top the whole thing off with Honey, repeating these words until it’s full, “Sweeten this relationship.  Bind this spell.”  (Leave a little room for air.  And, make sure you wait and see how it settles before sealing, you may need to add more honey a couple times.  I learned this the hard way in another spell.)

10.) Before sealing, feel the energy and heat from the surrounding candles with the palms of your hands, then bring your hands together just over the jar and chant these words 3x:

Patience and Understanding

Will surely come to these

Like a bee to this sweet honey.

11.) Close the jar or bottle

12.) Seal it now with wax from all 5 of your candles.

13.) Now fix the BLUE candle to the top.  Light this candle whenever this spell needs recharged.

14.) *Optional- Tie ribbon(s) around top of bottle or jar.  (I used a blue ribbon with brown polka dots.)


I wrote this spell for my husband and daughter.  It works.  

I hope you enjoy casting this spell as much I enjoyed creating it.  Good luck and be magical, dears.


I don’t post enough witchy stuff, so here’s a photo of my altar. Sorry for the bad photo quality! 

  • A little clay sculpture I made of a raven/crow sitting on a skull, an offering to Morrigan.
  • The Black and white print I made in the back is also an offering to Morrigan.
  • The little red, heart-shaped bottle on the right is an old perfume bottle that I made into an ‘offering potion’ of sorts. Guess for who.
  • Black and red candles. The black one is scented, I think it’s sandalwood.
  • The little red box on the right side is an old earring box that I decorated with Washi tape, I keep my pendulum in there.
  • My tarot cards, as of yet they don’t have a box to keep them safe in, so I keep them on my altar instead.
  • On top of my tarot cards is a black onyx stone,  I put it on there to soak up any negative energy on my cards.
  • A little glass bowl as an offering dish, until I find or buy something better.
  • A wooden dagger as my Athame. I actually picked this up a while back at the viking tour up in Dublin, and I thought I might as well use it, once again, until I find something better suited.
  • My beautiful Celtic raven pendant given to me by @satimentyet … she was trying to help me connect more with Morrigan. There’s also an Anubis pendant she gave me hiding somewhere behind my tarot cards, She works with Anubis and through her I sort of have a ‘friendship’ with him I guess? I give him an offering now and then.
  • A tiger’s eye bracelet, which you probably can’t see due to the crappy photo. It was given to me by my mother a looooong time ago, before I became a witch-ling. Once I learned about stones/crystals and their powers, I researched tiger’s eye and found it had magical properties. Was pretty excited about it! I wear it whenever I need to be brave and confident.
  • And smack in the middle is my little BOS/Grimoire, whatever you would call it. A beautiful (and EXPENSIVE) leather-bound book with bamboo-paper. I’m not so sure about the little stone on the front of it. I’ve always wanted to know what it is but I can’t tell with these things. I blew like 50 euro on that little book because I can’t handle money and I like pretty things.
  • Some little arts ‘n’ craft roses I had lying around, I decided to put them on there for a bit of decoration.
  • Last but not least is an old skull-pattern scarf I use as a table-cloth.(Shelf-cloth??? Whatever.) 
  • And that’s my altar folks. Nothing special but I love it all the same.