The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is proud to present its first official poster art for TCAF 2016, from the incredibly talented KATE BEATON!

Kate has created something really special here, showcasing the many different ways that readers and fans enter and interact with the medium of comics. This poster will also be produced on a slightly thicker and more rigid paper stock, so that any of you our there that want to actually cut up and play with your poster will be able to do so. Look for it this spring!

Our thanks to Kate Beaton for turning in a phenomenal poster that embodies a lot of what we love about comics.


Kate Beaton is a Canadian cartoonist who appeared in the comics scene in 2007 with her online comics strip Hark! A Vagrant! Since then, she has become a fan favourite and has garnered a significant following, with comics & illustrations appearing in places like the New Yorker, Harper’s, and Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology. Her collection,Never Learn Anything from History, is published by Topatoco, and her next title, Hark! A Vagrant published by Drawn & Quarterly, spent five months on the New York Times bestseller list, and topped best of the year lists from Time, E!, Amazon, and Publishers Weekly. Beaton’s cartoons often display a wonderfully light touch on historical and literary topics. The jokes are a knowing look at history through a very modern perspective, and a campaign against anyone with the idea that history is boring. In 2015, Kate released Step Aside, Pops with D+Q, as well as her first children’s book, The Princess and the Pony, with Scholastic.

Papercraft commission for cranialaccessory of Elliot Blue from gogglesque’s Starling, illustrated by theyoungdoyley! (And it’s SO GOOD, you guys, OH MAN, REEEAD IT.)

So many pretty blue patterns! The paper for his torso is actually a constellation map; I hunted around until I found Apus, the bird of paradise constellation, and cut it out (snickering to myself the whole time because PUNS).
Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge - ScienceAlert

For anyone wondering, this is how I get all my scientific articles for research. I do not tolerate corporations trying to limit the spread of scientific information that was done by researchers that will never see a penny of those subscription fees.

When you pirate things from these huge companies, the creator already got paid a long time ago, they don’t receive any of the cash made off the paywalls, a lot of music makers would leak their music secretly because they got paid to make it and won’t earn anything off what the greedy corporations do with it.

Scientific knowledge is free, educational info may be researched and found and authored by someone, but they don’t get to choose who can receive that information. In order to progress in technology and science we need to be open and pool our information and research. Not charging huge fees.

I send this site to my professors and they use it, and they tell students about it if there’s a paper on a certain site the college doesn’t have a subscription to.

Thought of the day.

Reference from #sktchy

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